November 2nd, 2009



My cellphone snapped in half yesterday. I stupidly didn't purchase insurance for it and I only qualified for a partial upgrade but, I needed a new phone immediatley so I figured "what the hey?" and decided to go all out for an upgrade to a spankin' new Blackberry. I called my mobile company's customer service and they informed me that I would have an extra 30$ slapped onto my phone bill and all the Blackberry bells and whistles and I agreed to it all. Then she told me the best news. I could go into a store, drop 100$ towards the purchase of the phone and pay off the rest little by little on my next couple of bills. This sounded fantastic so I ran to the store to get it and that's where things started getting ugly.

I went in, told him what I wanted to do and he was like "OK! Let's get you going!"
I was ready to swipe my card when he told me that there was a problem. We both talked to customer service and they said I just needed to pay 200$ in store and they would bill me the rest. NO PROBLEM! I'm getting ready to swipe AGAIN when he stops me.

"These phones aren't that great and I don't think you should buy it here. A loaner phone is just a 50$ deposit and you can use it for 2 weeks or, until you get a new phone. I recommend Craigslist or Ebay. I mean I wouldn't have a problem selling the phone to you, I just don't like ripping people off with crappy phones."

Umm what? I'm sorry. I appreciate that he wanted to save me some cash but I don't really feel comfortable with "Loaner" phones. I had one once and it saved all the texts I got and then some asshole used that info to harass my friends. I tried to explain this and that I just wanted the new phone but he kept telling me to check the internet first. I gave up and left and ended up using an old phone one of my friends found and ordering the phone I wanted from the companies website. Am I over reacting or am I justified in being a bit angry about this? He basically wasted a half an hour of my time arguing with me over making a purchase with him.
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I need some help

I've posted here before in comments about this problem, and if it's not appropriate, I'll delete. You all are the most knowledgeable people that I know to help with this issue.

I bought a house almost a year ago. When we moved in, we ported over our phone number from our prevous residence. We had that number only from April 2008, when we moved here from the east coast.

In the last couple of months, we've gotten several calls from someone looking for the previous owner of this house. The phone number has never been for her. I tell them every time they call that the person that they're trying to reach is the previous owner of this house, and the phone number they have for her is not, nor has ever been for her. They're usually pretty rude, assuming that I'm her and that I'm ducking them. I've had one of them accuse me of lying for her.

This morning was the last straw. I got a call:

RR: Rude representative
Me: *waves*

RR: I'd like to speak to KS.
Me: I'm sorry, but you have the wrong phone number for her. She is the previous owner of this house, which I bought from her and her ex-husband in January.
RR: I'm calling to speak to (speaking very slowly, enunciating each syllable of her name)
Me: She doesn't live here, and has not lived here since January. I don't know her, and this is my phone number, which I've had since before I moved into this house.
RR: Do you have a new phone number for her?
Me: No. I don't personally know her, I just bought the house from her. I have no idea where she lives now. I've been getting these calls for a few months now, and I'd like to speak to a supervisor so that I can get this mess straightened out.
RR: *click*

They call at least 3 times a week. I have no idea who it is, because they won't tell me their company name. I go through this rigamarole every single time, and they just keep calling. I'm unable to block their number from calling, since it's comes up on our caller ID
as a private number. I'm sure they have multiple numbers, so blocking wouldn't help anyway.

Now what to do?

(Go ahead and hit me with the "I know this isn't bad_service tag. I can take it. I just need advice.)

EDIT: I did a white pages search on her, and found someone that looks like it may be her. (I recall from our closing that she was the assistant to a school administrator.) The listing showed that name with that job, but there is no address or phone number listed.

Thanks for all the advice. With any luck, I'll get this mess stopped. The corresponding by mail thing hopefully will work for them, since I know she has an order in and it's still in effect until January.
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So my friend Judy and I were eating at the Golden Grill Mongolian Grill in Bremerton, WA.

After an underwhelming and lackluster dining experience, we paid and visited for a few minutes when Judy screamed becase she saw a HUGE FREAKING RAT!!!

We called the waitress over and told her we saw a rat. She said it was ok, because the health department already knows about it.

She was very dismissive. We said it was NOT ok, it was disgusting, and we wanted a refund for the food we ate. She said no can do, call back tomorrow. I explained we lived about an hour away and wouldn't be in Bremerton again any time soon. So she called over the bartender.

The three of us stood around talking about this.

Judy and I took the position that rats were gross, and we wanted a refund, and we didn't care what the health department already knew.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION#1: We did not want money back for the drinks, only the food.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION#2: We did ask for an owner/manager and were told to call back tomorrow. We don't live nearby, so we given the bartender.

The rats (now plural, one was bigger and darker) took the position of running back and forth and around the restaurant.

The waitress tried to hug us and give us 5$.

The bartender alternately denied the rats, accused us of being wasted because she poured us some super strong, 10$ Bahama Mamas that we didn't even drink, they were so nasty.

Then she said they were her pets and she played with them before making our drinks. (glad we only took a sip)

All in all, the rats weren't my major concern. It was the attitude, the lack of empathy and being treated like we were trying to scam them.
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Dear Lovely McDonald's Drive-Thru Girl,

You were so polite. Thanks. I just got off work and people who don't hate their life and everyone around them is nice to see sometimes! However, we have some minor issues that will be addressed tomorrow afternoon. I hope the service in the future improves!

Firstly, when you tell me first window.. I will pull up to the first window. I am sure this was a mistake. Either that or your accent simply made it hard to understand 'first' versus 'second'. I do not know.

Secondly, you have to ask me after I've ordered, what kind of cheese? Why did you not remember this first? Not a BIG issue, but I believe it to tie into the one we will soon have below!

I do not expect, after all this, to drive away and to my house (all of 3 blocks away, MAYBE a 5 minute drive with a traffic light wait!), and have a fully-cooked box of cold, super-salted fries. Not only that, but my burger has no cheese. Wtf? Thanks for at least taking off the tomato. :(

I love this McDonald's, they hardly disappoint ever so I'm sure I'll be back.. I was expecting good service though, since, you know, she was.. friendly and nice?

Ff. >/