October 18th, 2009

WTF at McD's (AKA lazy employees)

My husband just reminded me of this, and I had a chuckle, so I'll share. 

About 9:30 on a weekday morning, I pull into the drive through at the local McD's.  It's fairly empty.  I place my order: A hashbrown (this was a few months before the 2 for $1 hashbrowns) and a medium hot mocha.

At this McD's, they don't put your order on the screen, or repeat it back to you (this is chronic bad service from them), so I ask them to repeat it back:  A hashbrown and a medium hot mocha.  They do. 

I pull around and pay.  

I pull up to the next window.  The lady hands me my hashbrown and says "our hot mocha machine is broken, would you like an iced coffee instead?"
Me:  "No thanks, I'll just take my money back."   (the mocha was more expensive than iced coffee anyway, and I didn't want it that badly.  i could get a coffee at work, and save my $$$ for a day when they had them)
Lady:  "Hold on a minute". 

Then she handed me a hot mocha. 
sailor moon

not-very-nice_service :(

Dear miss attitude-y SEPTA employee,

I'm sorry that I took an extra TWO SECONDS after everyone had boarded the train to stand on the platform and give my lovely boyfriend a rushed goodbye kiss. Really, I am. I apologize if you felt that I was holding you up in any way.
However, it was EXTREMELY rude of you to (very loudly) scream "LET'S GO!" and GRAB MY ARM to get me to board the damn train. I was about to do so.

A polite "Excuse me miss, but we're about to leave now" in a NORMAL tone would have sufficed. You are extremely rude, and there was no excuse for you to grab me like that, especially when my body already aches all over because I'm sick. I was extremely happy when you switched out with another conductor a few stations later.

You've made me very upset, and I wish I had seen your name tag so I could file a complaint. Alas, if we ever run into each other again, I will make sure to look closer and report you for violating my personal space.

No love,
sad, sick, and now very disturbed patron.
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