October 14th, 2009

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Forgive me if this isn't as bad as some of the most recent posts, but my mouth tastes like Pinesol ass and my jaw is hurting like a mofo, thus it is time to complain! 

Last Friday, I got my bottom wisdom teeth removed. No big deal. I'm a little young for the procedure (fifteen) but I've had braces on for years and the bottoms are becoming impacted, so it's time to pop them out. My original surgeon sadly wasn't available so I had no choice but to go to another. Surgery goes well, yadda yadda. The doctor is horridly insincere and the nurses are air-headed, but I let it pass. 8AM on a Friday morning, I'm sure they probably hadn't had their coffee yet. That isn't one hundredth of the bad service.

It's Tuesday and I feel awful. The meds I have been prescribed are making me vomit like no other, the swelling still hasn't gone down, I'm still on a liquid diet, and my face is permanently drawn into a grimace, since I couldn't do much other than sob. I called the doctors and they schedule me in first thing today. Okay, that's fine. Anything to make the pain go away. 

I get there this morning and I'm put in the surgical room. Cue the doctor. He asks me my symptoms. I tell him the medicine I have been prescribed is making me vomit, how it hurts to lay my head on pillows, talk, and how my face is still swollen. He kinda stares at me blankly before going, "K, dry socket. I'll put in the meds nao." This put me off a little bit. I ask if he's going to check to make sure, but he just goes, "Nah, you can't really tell. So.. I'll just put the meds in." .. Okay? That's kinda weird but I let it pass. He's a doctor, and even though I could probably have some horrendous infection where octopi of the deep south are mutating and growing through my tender gums, he's seen it a million times before and knows his facts. So I open as wide as I can, muttering quiet "Sorry.."s before he YANKS my jaw open and literally SHOVES the medicine down into the sockets of my teeth. D: I really couldn't open my mouth that much, obviously, and yanking it didn't feel nice at all, especially without a soft warning or a nice reminder to try and open wider.

I know it's not supposed to feel good, but I swear he was imagining that I was one of his ex-wives or something, because it was SO careless and SO painful that I began to cry, and complain about my stomach being upset. He just sneered and goes, "Yeah. It tastes bad. Sorry. I'll take it out if your weak stomach can't handle it." .. WTF? It says clearly on his chart that I've got anxiety issues and I specifically TOLD him that the MEDICATION was hurting my stomach. Pinesol-tasting cotton has NOTHING to do with it. He then turns to my dad and says, "Give her advil three times a day, even if she isn't hurting."

My dad pipes in with, "Well, she's been taking ibuprofen an-"
"Advil and Ibuprofen are the same thing."

.. Wtf? At least let him finish his sentence. He's not a stupid person. I'm not a stupid person. Just because I'm only fifteen doesn't mean that you are above me, because clearly your personable manners are not very well-kept at all.

He then scooted me out of the room and made the secretary fix me another appointment for tomorrow to remove and replace the dressings tomorrow afternoon. :/ What do you think I should do then? I'm kind of scared of going back now. Advice? D:

But there was some good service. As I left the building I collapsed in the hallway half from my anxiety and half from nausea, and one of the nurses who was running an errand or two came out to make sure I was okay and offered me a bed or a wheelchair if I needed it, and kinda petted my hair all maternal-like. <3 She was really sweet. I hope I see her tomorrow.

On a funny side note, the other nurse who ushered me in gave me a paper containing details about dry socket, and I told her, "Well, I'm taking an oral contraceptive for my severe menstrual cramps.. Aren't users of birth control more susceptible to the condition?" (Google for the win? 8D) and she just kinda blankly stares at me and goes, "... I don't... think so?"

Turns out it's in bold in the little pamphlet. Lol~ She can at least read the shit before handing it out. >__>;
Pride &amp; Prejudice

A conversation with my school's receptionist

Me: Hi! I'm here for the senior staff/student rep meeting about the Tanzanian school partnership project. It's meant to be with the Headmaster- is he in?
Receptionist: Yes, he is, but you can't see him right now because he's in some kind of meeting about the African school thing... can you leave your details?

Cue several minutes of me trying to explain that this was in fact the meeting I was meant to go to, her refusing to go and confirm with the people in the meeting that I was indeed meant to be there, and my eventually being asked to leave as I was holding up the queue (that consisted of about two people).

I mean, wtf?
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My fiance was driving my car yesterday, so I wasn't able to leave the office to get lunch. I decided to order from Pizza Hut since they're the only place around here that delivers.

I placed my order online at 12:34, and my confirmation said my estimated delivary time was 1:04. At 1:00 exactly the delivery man pulls into the parking lot. I go downstairs to meet him, but when I get down there he's nowhere to be found. I go back upstairs and call Pizza Hut to make sure that he didn't get confused, thinking that he was at the wrong place (we lease our office, so the building is shared with other businesses and I thought that might've thrown him off,) and left.

The man that answers the phone at Pizza Hut calls the delivery guy and asks where he is. He says that he forgot my side of ranch dressing, so he had to go back and get it. No big deal. Pizza Hut is literally less than a half mile from my office (I probably could've walked if it hadn't been raining,) so I figured I wouldn't be waiting long.

Twenty minutes later, the delivery guy hasn't shown up. I called Pizza Hut to make sure there wasn't a problem with my order. The woman that answers the phone tells me that the delivery guy will be there in 3 minutes. I tell her that I'd been waiting almost an hour at that point, and ask why it'd taken him 20 minutes to go back for ranch dressing. I tried to be as polite as I could because I understand that things happen, but the wait just didn't seem right and I thought I'd ask about it.

She immediately gets annoyed with me and asks, "what I want her to do." I hadn't wanted her to do anything except offer me some sort of explanation, but I was put off by her rude response so I asked if I could get some sort of credit for my wait. She said that she could offer me a $5 credit and asked me to hold for a manager. I waited on hold for about 15 seconds and the call disconnected. I called back and she answered the phone. I started to say that I'd been on hold, but she must've recognized my voice or something because she cut me off and said, "Just hang on, I'm still looking for a manager."

Even though I felt like she was being rude to me, I didn't get too hung up on it. I figured that they could've been busy and she was feeling rushed or something. It was almost 1:30 at this point, so maybe there was still a lunch rush, I don't know. A minute later she gets back on the phone and says that the manager told her to credit my account. I created a login when I ordered from the website, so I assumed that was the account she was talking about. She tries to apply the credit, but then says that it wouldn't let her because I'd ordered from a "business account." I told her that I had the pizza delivered to my office, but I'd paid with my personal debit card. I ask if she can credit my card directly or if she can just alter the amount they charge me. She says that they can, but she needs the driver to call when he gets there because she needs a number on the credit card slip. She tells me to tell the driver call her, so I said that I would when he gets there and we hang up.

I go downstairs to wait for the driver and he shows up a couple of minutes later. When he hands me my pizza and the credit card receipt to sign, I tell him that Kathy wants him to call her because she needs information off the credit card slip in order to give me a credit. He tells me that he'll just talk to her when he gets back. I was a little surprised that he brushed the request off, and I was unsure what I'd have to do to get my credit if he left without trying resolve anything.

I asked him again if he'd call her before he left because I wanted to be sure that I got my credit. He said that they couldn't credit my credit card anyway, so they'd just credit my account when he got back. I was annoyed at this point, and I told him that she'd already tried to credit my account but couldn't because it was a business, so she needed something from him in order to credit my card. He said that she'd need my full credit card number in order to do that. I held up my card, said that wasn't a problem, and asked if he was going to call her. He literally started backing away and shaking his head, saying they were just going to have to credit my account whenever he got back to the store.

I gave up going back and forth with him, so I told him that I didn't have a car at the moment, but when I did I'd go up to the restaurant to sort everything out. I had cash in my hand to give him a tip, but he'd backed up to his car door and got in before I could even think about offering it to him.

I went back inside, still not understanding why he'd put up such resistance about making the phone call. I called Pizza Hut back and this time Barb, the manager, answered. I explained my situation and said that I just wanted her to know that I was unhappy with my experience. She said that she would talk to the driver when he got back, and if I'd come up to the store whenever I could that my credit would be waiting for me. I told her that at that point I wasn't interested in the credit, and thanked her anyway. Honestly, I was starving and just thankful that the transaction was over.
please, Bitch

Lowe's is gonna get hit with a wooden spoon.

Go, my grandparent’s stove died little over a month back. Just went kaput one day, like they do. They had someone out to look at it within a couple days, and decided that the cost of getting parts to repair the old thing wasn’t worth it, so off to Lowes they went to buy a new one.
Picked out new stove. Bought new stove. Was told they’d have new stove installed, ten days to two weeks.
So two weeks go by. Meantime, my 83-year-old grandma is cooking for my grandfather, who is pretty much immobilized after breaking his hip, using a camp stove and an old microwave (and she’s Italian, so this is irking the hell out of her, because one DOES NOT cook REAL FOOD in a microwave!! *brandishes wooden spoon*)

So she calls Lowe’s to inquire about the location of her new stove. Guy on the phone tells her, “Well, here we have a delivery date of October 20th.” Which is two more weeks away.
Grandma grabs her wooden spoon and says: no dice, her paperwork says delivery by the 6th of October and she’s not cooking on a camp stove for two more weeks, and by the WAY young man, would YOU like YOUR wife to cook on a camp stove for a month????
Young Man puts her on hold.
Then says he’ll call her back.
Never does.
Today she called and spoke to a girl who said, well, they MIGHT have her stove in stock. But she didn’t know, she she’d have to ask her supervisor.
Puts grandma on hold, never picks up.
Grandma calls back, they tell her they’ll call her back tomorrow with more information.

Needles to say my mother and I are livid, and we’re going to go in there and help raise a stink if they don’t call her back tomorrow by lunch. We might bring the spoon with us. Someone’s gonna get a whupping.

But I do have so much fun watching my Grandma get feisty with people. The older she gets the more ornery she gets. She’s always telling me, “Sweetie, now that I got old I don’t care HOW much noise I have to make.”
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