October 13th, 2009

Uh... WTF!!!!!!!

Let me set the scene for you.
It's a Saturday night, I've finished work, and my friends want to go out. So into the city we go and we go to a Bar/Club/Whatever-it's-called called "Barry's" in Brunswick (Melbourne).

So then it get's interesting...

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*sigh* This post got way more attention then I expected.
So I better clarify it a little.
The unisex bathroom was confusing to more people then just myself. And I think in an enviroment where people tend to drink heavily and it's not a single, locking room then it is inappropriate.
Yes there were other bathrooms, But me and my friends were unaware of them till after the incident. There was no signage on the unisex bathroom to indicate there was another bathroom there.
The dodgy and non-existant locks were the bad service.

NEW!! To add to the bad service.
The manager had promised to call my friend on Monday to make sure she was okay. It is now Tuesday afternoon and he has not called her yet. We are waiting for him to call so we can get the details of they guy sent to our local police station so my freind can make a statement.

Suck: No, it's not fine. In fact, it tastes like liquid CRAP!

About forty minutes agoa friend and I drove up to the nearest drive-thur Tim Hortons. It's open 24-hours while the one closest to us closes at 11pm.

We get to the drive-thru lane and pull up quickly- there were only two cars ahead of us. I ordered a large Iced Coffee. The lady at the window was kind of curt with us but we figured it was from having to work the night shift as well as work during the Thanksgiving holiday. My friend got her triple-triple no problem and I took my iced coffee. As we were pulling out of the drive-thru lane I took a sip of my Iced Coffee only to find it had been made wrong.

I asked her to pull over and let me go in adn get it re-made (it's really undrinkable if it's done wrong. The drink tasted like cold coffee with iced cubes when usually it's creamy and a bit sweet. This was just bitter, like day old coffee.) and when the cab light came on we could see it was way too dark. Usually it looks like a melt Ice Cap/tea with milk in it. This looked like caramel-coloured water with ice cubes.

I know the drink was made wrong because I've had this happen to me before- when Tim Hortons first came out with Iced Coffees a few places made them wrong every once and a while. It was a simple mistake and I've always gotten my drink remade. No big deal.

The lobby was empty when I entered and just my luck, crabby window girl came to the counter.

Me: Hi, I just ordered the Iced Coffee. I think it was made wrong by mistake.
CWG: No, its not. I made it right.
Me: No, it's really bitter and I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be this dark. *holds the drink up for her to see*
CWG: *getting angry* It's supposed to look like that. I MADE IT FINE.
Me: I just took a sip of it and it's really not fine. Can I please get another one?
CWG: No. It's alright and- you drank from it! I'm not taking that back.

She gave me this disgusted look and then processed to walk away and go back to the window. I kind of stood there for a moment, speechless until another wonderful lady came up and asked what the problem was. I showed her my drink and she agreed that it wasn't right and fixed it up, free of charge.  

As I was leaving I saw Crabby Window Girl stomp over and knock my old drink into the sink beside the coffee makers along with a nice and clear "Stupid bitch!"

I do hope she knows she had her nametag on and that I'll be going back tomorrow to find a manager/owner to complain to. All's fair in love and war but you do not fuck with me and my coffee.
Lil' Jedi

Precut steak =/= Incompetence

My brother has some problems with fine motor control, it's no big deal he can do most things but it takes him more time and he has trouble with anything too detailed or that requires a steady hand. Yesterday, he and I went to a franchise steak house* - and the sucking began.

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It's funny anyway, I'm always telling him he tips too much. She'd have gotten 30-50% if she'd just let him order my cheesecake.

ETA: We did speak with the manager and he offered to comp the meal. Also, the waitress didn't tell us she thought he was handicapped but we overheard her when she was explaining her side to the manager (she said, "From the way he acted I figured he was too slow to be trusted.")

*(I'm not gonna name them because this suck is a single employee suck not a multiple employee suck or corporate suck.)
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