October 10th, 2009

peacefully ever after

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Dear Starbucks barrista,

I know how annoying it is to wash your hands a lot. I do! When I was a server, I hated how washing my hands each time I took something to the dishtank would dry them out. Still... don't be surprised when I ask you to remake my drink because I saw you start my drink, go throw something away, push the trash down to keep it from overflowing, and then continue making my drink.

The proper response to my, "uh, you aren't going to wash your hands after pushing down the trash?" is not an insistence that you did no such thing. I saw you. My boyfriend saw you. We gave each other looks of shock when you went straight back to my drink. Go wash your hands. Start my drink again. You are lucky I didn't insist on you washing the equipment, too. Ew.

Also, WTF on running out of chocolate. Half the drinks on your menu require chocolate. How do you run out?

No love,

PS, I don't get the pumpkin spice latte love. Just not tasty to me at all.