October 8th, 2009

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tl;dr: Rude admitting nurse at Baylor Grapevine ER. Other nurse apologizes, so I guess that was good_service.

EDIT: They thought it might be Fibromyalgia but I'm already on 300mg of Lyrica daily, so they assumed it it was Fibromyalgia that the Lyrica would help it. My normal doctor thinks it's a herniated disk, and prescribed me some steroids. And it's not my gallbladder, they've done TWO HIDA scans. They say I have sludge, even when I do the diets they suggest, so I think I'm going to start leaning on the PM doctor to get it removed. I understand any surgery can take it's toll on the body, but this pain has been constand for 7 years, that can do it too.

Thank you all for the advice, and offers of suggestions! I enjoy the group sessions at the PM clinic. Even though we all might have different chronic pain, it can help so much talking to other people who are going through the same thing as you in regards to jobs, families, relations, accusations, and so forth. :)

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lucky for her, I parked my broom and cauldron around the corner

The water in my building was shut off this morning for maintenance, so I decided to go out to breakfast so I could use a restroom before work and not dawdle around. There's a diner near my apartment I've frequented for years, and I've always sat at the front barstool area, usually by my lonesome, and had a pleasant meal. The barstools face the counter, which is right in front of the kitchen, and it's very easy to see into the kitchen from that position. Today I did just that, sat on a stool and waited for a waitress to acknowledge me (it is how it's always been done there). I had just been there two months ago and had a totally normal experience.

Well for whatever reason today, the waitress I usually see on the morning shift was not there (she is amazing and always remembers me and we definitely have pleasant chit chat between us), and someone I recognized from an afternoon shift was there. Still someone I've seen in the past, so I thought nothing of it and picked up a newspaper to read until she was ready to take my order (the place was fairly busy, as it was 7:45ish and the pre-work crowd was in). It was getting on ten or fifteen minutes before she even glanced at me and asked if I wanted coffee. I replied yes and she put an empty cup in front of me and walked off. It was another ten minutes before she poured me any and asked for my order. I wasn't overly concerned as I had ample time before work, but I do emphasize that this level of service was very out of character for the establishment, and during my wait I saw her refresh the coffee of three different customers while offering me none. She took my order and walked off. It came out in a reasonable amount of time, but then this ridiculousness ensued:

Her: *puts my food down, eyes me and kind of chuckles* Little early for a costume? (and I emphasize that her tone was extremely condescending)
Me: Excuse me?
Her: Well it's not Halloween yet honey.
Me: I'm sorry, but I do not follow.
Her: You look like a witch.
Me: Please get me the owner.
Her: He isn't here.
Me: I can see him in the kitchen, I know who he is. (and this is true, as I had spoken to him in the past, and could literally see him in the kitchen from where I was sitting)
Her: Fine.

I don't want to make this about what I was wearing, but for the sake of clarity my wardrobe falls into the gothic/deathrock genre. I was wearing nothing offensive, no words on anything I was wearing, and nothing that would be improper for a dining establishment. While I understand it may be outside societal norms, it should never invite negative or snide comments-- especially from those in the service industry. I am a customer, regardless if I am wearing a business suit or a prom dress and purple feathered hat, if I so chose.

So I talked to the owner and told him exactly what happened. He listened to me and seemed genuinely put off by what I told him, and offered to comp my meal. I thanked him and told him I appreciated it, and that I had been patronizing the diner for several years. He remarked that he did recognize me, and apologized a second time for my treatment. Honestly I was more offended that she'd lie to me about the owner being there than anything else.

I feel good that I am able to share a story with a somewhat nice outcome, though I have no idea if that waitress was reprimanded or not. I would patronize the diner again, but with a little reservation if I saw her there once more. But I guess the only way to see if anything changes is to give them another chance.