October 2nd, 2009

Maybe It's Just Me

It's possible that I am just out of synch with current waitressing practice but this one kind of shocked me.

I went to the cinema with my dad and my brother and we arrived with an hour or so to spare so went next door to the Pizza Hut for a quick bite.

The place was relatively busy but by no means full. There were proabably 10 tables and 2 waitresses with a 'manager' (a 15 year old with a star from teacher) manning the cash register.

Anyway we sat down and waited about 5 minutes and the waitress came over, told us she was too busy to take a full order and could she just take our drink order. Unconventional I thought but we had time so not a problem. She took the order and another 5 minutes passed and the 'manager' brought the drinks over with the standard fuck you attitude of someone who is doing something that is 'not their job'. Still not bothered. I have low standards when it come to service.

Anyway another 5 or so minutes later the waitress finally comes back to take our food order. Here's where it got odd. She started off with the line:

'Budge up'. Which I did because I assumed she was trying to create aisle space or something. What she was actually doing was sitting down, at the table with us to take the order. Apparently I had this frozen look of surprise on my face that my Brother found hillarious. He said I looked exactly like a rabbit in the headlights...

I just kept thinking over and over in my head 'what the hell are you doing?' You don't shuffle a customer along in his booth so you can plant yourself down in his seat to take his order. Do you? Anyone else ever encountered this?

I don't know. Do you think this is over the line?

Call me old fashioned but I don't really want to be shuffled along in my seat for the waitress to sit down. When I wait 15 minutes for her just to take the order I don't really want any sitting down at all but I'm not a monster I know they must get tired feet. Your booth is your personal space though surely. Maybe I'm just a prude. Looking back it's pretty funny but it annoyed me something fierce at the time.

Anyway we eventually got the food in time to catch the film after teaching the 'manager' how to work the register so that he didn't charge us twice for everything. and my brother gave the waitress a huge tip because he thought it was so funny but I'm still profoundly unconvinced. Seemed hugely unprofessional to me.

Blood draw suck

I totally admit to being hormonal and irrational. And those two things combined definitely made the following 2 events much more annoying than they otherwise would have been.

Collapse )

So now I have major hospital anxiety over these people handling my tests. (How do I know I got the right results?) Good times.

Quickie policy-suck

Went to Dunkin' Donuts* today. Is it just the thing now to have people trying to handle the line up front AND the drive through during the breakfast rush? It was maybe 11:15 at the only Dunkin' in town, that just opened recently, and our poor server was struggling to take two orders at once. I hope she was covering for someone's break and she hadn't been doing that all morning >.>

* I'm slow today. Apparently I misspelled it and didn't even notice. Lulz.