September 28th, 2009

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Witnessed bad service at Best Buy

Before dropping my friend off at work, we decided to spend some of the extra time at Best Buy (since it was in the neighborhood). We were in the computer department looking at the DVD burners when we overheard a salesperson with two people, obviously interested in purchasing a computer.

He was going through one of his spiels, then said he'd take them over to look at a few models. Just before they walked out of earshot, he told them "The best way to tell if you're getting a high quality machine is to see if the keyboard and mouse feel good underneath your hands."

My friend and I looked at each other in horror. My regret is that neither of us stopped them and told them the sales person was giving them a line of bunk.
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Minor Bad Service x Occurrences = Major Annoyance

I realize this is a very minor kind of bad service. But the repetition is slowly driving me crazy.

Every single time I go grocery shopping I ask the bagger to use as few bags as possible. Or I ask them to fill the bags all the way. Sometimes I tell them both.

Every single time they try to give me half-full bags. Sometimes they even put so little in each bag that they use up all my re-usable bags (and I have a fair number of them), and then start using plastic.

Seriously, why is this so hard for them to understand and/or get right?

Edited to Add:
Several people have asked why I don't just bag stuff myself. Without thinking to add it directly here, I answered that below.
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Bad Service Turned Good (Taco Bell)

This was a pain, but made me not-too-upset in the end thanks to Manager of Win.

My boyfriend and I had just gotten back from a town 1.5 hrs away after picking up our new Golden Retriever puppy, Ruby. We were huuunnnnnngry and still had to go to petsmart etc, so we decided on the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut (Taco Hut ftw!). He then decided he'd rather wait in the car and get Wendy's. Fine, I run in and order a Cheese Pizza combo. Guy takes my order, I pay, I get my baja blast and sit down to slurp it in peace after being warned of a 7 minute wait on the pizza. No problem! I have a book, puppy is asleep in the car with boyfriend, fresh pizza... win/win/win!

... Twenty minutes later (I got engrossed in the book) I went to the counter and said, "Um, excuse me, is my pizza done yet?" The manager looks at my receipt, frowns, and yells back, "Hey, where's that cheese that was dropped in the oven forever ago???!?" The guy who took my order comes from somewhere in the lobby trailed by about seven random dudes and says, "Oh, I never made it". WTF?!? Twenty minutes you've been effing off and didn't make my dang pizza? The manager looks mortified, apologizes profusely, and offers me a refund and free meal, and says she can start the pizza now. At this point boyfriend comes in and looks at the car meaningfully, and I tell the manager no, I have a baby dog and can't wait any longer. She refunds my money, gives me a card for a free pizza hut combo, AND offers to make fresh food for both boyfriend and I. We smile and say no thank you, leave the Baja Blast, and go to Wendy's (mm, nuggets).

Overall, mostly just a bit frustrating but thankfully there are kind managers who obviously realize that some employees might be just a bit idiotic.

Edited for potential wank.
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Why you little...

This happened to my coworker (she was telling me about it today), but it still bothered me, especially since I frequent the location she was in and know who she is talking about.

My coworker went into the local JCPenney and was shopping around and saw a sweater she thought was cute.  To give you the facts without sounding rude, my coworker is about the same size as me and I am a size 12 or 13.  (Good Lord, never thought I'd put THAT on the internet..)
Anyway, while wandering the store she sees a sales lady who is wearing the same style sweater she had seen, and liked, earlier.  She points out the sweater and says she really likes it and had seen it on the racks.  The sales lady's reply?  "Yes, but mine came from the petite section."

Well good for you lady!  That piece of information was a tad unprofessional and insulting - not the worst deal but enough to make me want to find her a give her a nice little slap in the face ;)
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