September 26th, 2009

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Minor Sears Suck

Went to Sears a couple weeks ago and bought a new winter coat, everything was fine I go home throw out the bag and put the coat away until it gets cold. Its starting to get chilly up here so I was pulling out the coat to make sure all the tags were off and guess what the clerk left on my coat.
The ink tag.
If anyone knows how to get it off without it exploding please give me some tips, because if not I need to make another trip to sears.
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Finding Nemo

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I just got home from the Texas A&M vs UAB football game at Kyle Field. One of the more frustrating "traditions" from the past couple of years has been to throw the lids from the Lemon Chill cups down from the upper decks. The officials have been trying to combat this for years, with little hope. Mostly the word has spread through students that you shouldn't do it and that pretty much stops all but five or ten a game, usually from freshman trying to prove themselves to other friends around them.

Anyways, I was sitting on the first row of second deck with my Lemon Chill with my lid on the railing, since there's a good six-inch thick cement railing in front of the first row and then the scoreboard, so anything that falls is caught in the back crevice of the scoreboard, which is maybe a three-inch drop. I wasn't planning on eating all of it at the time, since I like them best when they are slightly melted. One of the event staffers runs over to me and starts screaming at me, "GIVE ME YOUR LID!!!" I looked at him puzzedly, as did the rest of my section, and I asked him, "Why?" He screams at me again, "JUST GIVE ME YOUR LID, YOU'RE GOING TO THROW IT."

He takes the lid and marches off. It takes me a few seconds to regain my composure, because frankly, I'm shocked. I can understand if he walked up and said something to the effect of, "Hey, we don't want you to have those in the stands." Or took the lid before I came into the stands, since they have to check your ticket anyways, so it's not like they didn't see me come into the stands with it. I can't understanding SCREAMING at me, where it caused everyone to turn and look, even on the deck below. It's not like I was that embarrassed, but it's not the most fun situation to be in.

I find him and ask him if I could have my lid back, or a replacement, since I wasn't planning on throwing it (which I never have in five and a half years, but I know they don't know that) and I really didn't want the rest of my Chill at the moment. He laughed at me and said that it didn't matter what I planned to use it for, I couldn't have it back. Then I asked him why he screamed at me and he basically said that he could use any means necessary to quell a potential threat and that I was a "potential threat". He never apologized and his body language was completely trying to blow me off.

He asked me if I wanted to speak to his supervisor, but told me that it was a new policy to not allow lids in the stands so I probably wouldn't get anywhere. I declined, figuring that an email to the higher-ups about him and the whole policy will be a better option, since he's probably buddy-buddy with his direct field supervisor anyways. Oh, and probably one to the Lemon Chill company, because I'm pretty certain they don't want their customers harrassed by Event Staff folks who like to abuse the little power they do have.
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