September 21st, 2009

ass owning


So this is an update of sorts because I'm still dealing with it and it's starting to piss me off. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

To recap, if you don't want to read this entry, I use Charter as my internet and cable provider. It's the only thing in town, so I'm stuck with it. I had been having issues with my internet connection and talked to a rep on the phone to get a tech out to my place to check the cables. This rep proceeded to cancel one of my services and add on another after I told him NO, I did not want an upgrade. This led to my bill being gigantically less than it should have been (nearly $90 less!) and a big mess for me to handle to get my services straightened out.

I eventually went to the local office and was able to get rid of this extra service, reinstate my original services, and was told my bill would be updated to reflect the correct balance within the next couple of days.

It's been a few weeks and this has not happened. My bill is due, and I needed to get it straightened out so I know what to pay and make sure that I wasn't going to get smacked with fees because my bill has not been updated. (To clarify, I have paperless billing and receive all of my statements online.)
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You know, I can't imagine it's often that a person contacts a company several times because they are being charged too little!!!! I would think they would want to figure it out. But no, this has been ridiculously difficult just to find out how much I owe so I can pay the damn bill.

I'm going to go find this customer survey now on their site and tell them what I really think about their customer services!!
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Bad directions? No, more like no directions.

So I had an appointment for a phootshoot and dear google maps stopped giving me directions on Orange Ave (though it's not google I'm complaining about). So I call the photography place and ask where on Orange Ave were they located. The lady said to me, "Well if you're on Orange Ave I don't know what to tell you, just look for the place."
WTF?! I wasn't expecting that and I was driving lost so I just asked for the address number and looked for it myself.
Honestly, she could of told me that it was on the right hand side and you have to pass three traffic lights and it's in a plaza. I ended up being late for my appointment.
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