September 19th, 2009

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  • cme2694

Sears delivery service

I want to start this on a good note - everyone that I have worked with in the Sears store at Lawrence and Damen has been wonderful. I've got no issue with them, and will go there again for smaller items that do not require delivery.

The delivery service that they use? It is a whole different story.

My dryer broke and we went to Sears to buy a replacement on September 3rd. The set that we wanted was not available for delivery until this past Tuesday, September 15th. My husband took the day off of work to stay home and wait for the delivery. It turns out that they brought a dryer with a back vent, rather than a side vent.

Delivery was rescheduled for Friday, September 18th. Another day that my husband needs to take off work.

Friday comes, and he gets a phone call asking which side the vent needs to be on - all is going well. Two hours later, he gets a phone call that the dryer is damaged and has been unloaded from the truck. There was no option to accept the damaged dryer, but we were told that delivery was rescheduled yet again. This time for Saturday, the 19th.

We were not given any sort of preference when given a delivery time - I called both Sears and their delivery service to see if we could get the earliest appointment. Never mind that this is now the third time to deliver it, and we had plans that we had to cancel when we received the automated call that delivery was set for 2-4pm.

If I had a washer and dryer right now, I wouldn't be writing this.

4pm comes and goes, and no phone call saying that the delivery is going to be late. Around 4:45, my husband and I go to the Sears store, talk to both the MOD and the store manager, and get a full refund (plus $50 for our trouble. Nice gesture, but doesn't cover having to go to the laundromat yet again, nor two full days off work).

Next step is to cancel my Sears card and figure which store can deliver a washer and dryer set the quickest.