September 18th, 2009


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About a year and a half ago, I got a new phone from AT&T.  Some months later, it started having this problem where the SIM card kept popping out, and the phone would shut down at random and not restart until the battery was removed and replaced.  AT&T replaced it with another phone of hte same model last November. 

This April, that phone started exhibiting the exact same defect.  While I was on a business trip to Las Vegas.  In the middle of phone calls to my fiance.  After several calls and a runaround from the customer service people, I arranged to get a brand new phone as soon as I got home.  And had to replace it a few days later when it became clear that it would not let me dial my phonecard. 

Around the same time, I helped out a friend with a phone piggybacking on my plan.  The first one he got had less memory than they'd advertised, so we replaced it under buyer's remorse just like mine. 

Now, HIS phone is having the same SIM card problem as mine did.  After AT&T had sold me two phones with that exact defect, and been warned not to do it again.  I called customer service, and was told that I could take it in to the store and get it replaced with a working one.  But when I actually got to the store, I found out this was a lie.  I called AT&T from the store, and demanded a replacement under warranty.  They threatened me with a $200 charge if they found it to be damaged, despite the fact that their own store employee had seen the phone and verified that it was not.  The new phone will take five business days to arrive, and I've warned them that if they lie and say the old one is damaged I will press charges for credit card fraud for charging a false bill to my card.  I just do not trust AT&T to behave honestly, because their employees have lied to me and sold me defective merchandise before. 

But the replacement phone has arrived.  It was left on the front porch, in a cardboard box, in the rain, and the faceplate looks scratched. 

To top this all off, my phone is now having its own problems, one of the keys isn't responding properly anymore.  So I have to deal with all this bullshit again.  And when I called them about it, they said they're incapable of doing anything with me talking on the phone in question, and they refused to have an AT&T employee come by and give me a loaner.  They say I need to do a master reset, but disconnected me on the call when I asked how to back up my data.  I've done the reset, but it made no difference, except causing me to lose data, which they aren't interested in reimbursing me for, and they refuse to send me a replacement phone without doing troubleshooting I've already done which would require me to call on a different phone, which I don't have.
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