September 12th, 2009

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Video Store Suck?

I'm the first person to admit that I'm a little bit absent-minded. I really am. I probably shouldn't do things like rent movies or video games, but I do. Mind you, only once or twice a year, but I still do. I pay my late fees, and life goes on.

I currently have a game that is over a week overdue. I know that is extreme customer suck. I was planning on hanging my head low and returning the video game tomorrow and paying my late fees, all while being extremely apologetic and swearing to myself that I will never rent another game because this always ends up happening.

However, a few hours ago, a friend of mine was talking to an employee at the local video store. Said video store employee mentioned to my friend that Unnamed Store "hates" me right now.

Am I wrong for being upset that an employee would discuss the status of my account with someone who is not involved with my account at all? If you were me, would you mention the fact that you don't appreciate them bad mouthing you to other customers when you went in to turn in the video game? Or should I just pay my late fees and never return to their establishment again?
Bad Kitty

Bad Waiter

You never really appreciate the good, or at least adequate, service you get until you run into a situation where the service is exceptionally poor. My wife and I went out to a local Chinese restaurant last night. Usually good service but tonight...not so much.

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It's not like he dumped a bowl of hot and sour on my lap or something like that but I think taking a drink order, checking on drinks and checking at least once after you serve the food are pretty basic to a waiter job. I know it was when I waited tables.

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The letters say if we have any questions to call our insurance agent. So I call him. And I call him again..and again..and again. No answer. I leave messages, but he hasn't gotten back to me.

If this is the shit they are going to pull, I need to come up with new insurance ASAP, so I can let my mortgage company know so we can pay it out of the money in my escrow account, before they pay it to Pekin.