September 11th, 2009

Apartment Manager Suck

My husband and I moved into our new apartment at the end of May of this year. We signed the lease a few days before we moved in. Right after signing, we asked if we could go look at the apartment (the previous owners had left already) because we were so excited to see it. We get the keys and go look, expecting that the apartment may be in disrepair since they still had three days or so to fix everything.

We opened the door and noticed a ton of things: doorknobs missing, cigarette burns on the linoleum in the bathroom, no cover on the kitchen lights (they were just fluorescent bulbs), various spots that needed to be painted, missing weather stripping on the doors, bent screens on the windows, leaking pipes under the kitchen sink, etc etc etc. I'll spare you the rest of the long list. We made sure to call the front office and say there were a lot of repairs to be done, and we were assured everything would be complete when we moved in.

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We want to get out of our lease and MOVE far, far away. What do you guys think about all this?
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More rental nightmare stories...

The most recent post prompted me to throw down one of my own... This is a bit old, as I've been out of there for 9.5 years now, because I bought a house then (now I'm my own crappy landlord).

I lived in a moderately cruddy apartment building in Palms, CA for about two years. When I moved in, it was privately owned, and the landlords were helpful and had sense (like I told them I didn't trust the 1950's stove that was in there and they replaced it with a new one). About a year in, it was sold to a property management company. Collapse )

Amazingly, after basically sitting my butt in their office and refusing to leave until they cut me a check, I got most of my deposit back. I really should've pursued extra money, but it wasn't worth my time, which was much happier spent setting up my own place...
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Geek Squad communication suck

I'm gonna emphasize before I post this that it's the communication problems, not the actual computer service, that are the suck here. I don't blame anyone for the problems with my computer, but I've been kept completely in the dark throughout the entire process.

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tl;dr - computer repairs turn out to be far more complicated and time-consuming than expected, but I get no information on this unless I call and nag them about it.

On a lighter note, I've got an update on this earlier entry about being forced to give up our seats at the movie theatre. I'm happy to report that our cast performed again this past summer, and not only was there absolutely no mention of giving up our seats, but the manager also agreed to keep the house lights partway on during the show so that people could see us.
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Bad service from a benefits agency >.

In France, we're rumored to be professional strikers.

Thing is, there are also jokes going around that people working in government-type jobs are lazy arses who go to work at 10 AM and are done by 10:01 AM. Or something.

Anyway. I recently started a part-time job. Heh, a job is a job, right XD ? This entitles me, in France, to receive a kind of benefit that is made for people like me (basically, lol) since I make way below minimum wage.

I went online and looked up a number I could call, since I never got any other kind of benefits before. I found one for my area, and the lady told me I had to go to the office in person, since I was a "new customer" . Problem ? The actual offices are far from where I live, but no worries, there is a "branch" that is opened... on Fridays... until 4:30 PM. Huh, okies. I get off work at 3:45 PM and thankfully my mother is on a break from work and can drive me there. It's not even 4:10 PM when we finally find the door to the office. There are people there, and one lady working tells us... that the people from the benefits agency actually distribute twenty tickets (!!!) from 1:30 PM, and work through the line of 20 people until 4:30 PM. Except they were not there at all when I came in.

Called the regional number again, and told them I think it's unacceptable. Sure, things like that may take time, but nothing on the website indicates their method... and there's nothing on the door either. And given the attitude of the one woman who was still working in the building, the agency people had been gone for a little while.

But it ends on a positive note : the lady I had on the phone the second time around... actually told me she can send me the forms to complete and I'll be fine :D ! 

(Oh, and yes, I'm French, and I'm theoretically fluent, but if there's anything remotely incoherent in here, don't hesitate to tell me. Bwahahahaha. I'll be happy to clarify/edit/explain my posts *_* )