September 10th, 2009


a letter to the lovely ladies at sephora.

Dear Sephora Sales Associates,

I appreciate that you took the time to come over and talk to me and see if I needed anything, but I would like it if you didn't try to guess what I'm in for. Walking up to me, making a pained face and going "oooh, honey, you need some skin help don't you? You should try [brand]" may have seemed helpful in your mind, but actually hurt my feelings and was, in my opinion, rude and inappropriate. I know you're supposed to suggestively sell, but come on!

And I wanted mascara anyway, so lah-di-dah.

No love,
Logan/Veronica keys pretty

Trying to get fraudulent accounts closed isn't as easy as one may think

Not massively bad service, but still quite annoying. Basically someone has been opening accounts with our address and surname, but the person doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a very common surname, so I know there is no one by that name in the town I live. So far he has opened a mobile phone contract with Orange, ordered something from the Carphone Warehouse and opened an account with Geek Squad (not the US Best Buy one, but an insurance company in the UK).

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From the tech Shop not in the past....

Dear  Commission-Blinded Lady in the Diggy Cam Dept,

When you asked if I wanted a bag for my digital camera, I thought you meant a plastic carry-out bag.  Disappearing rapidly, then rather eagerly adding in $14.99 onto my total just befuddledme.  Buh?  Oh, you meant a CAMERA CASE. 

Yeah, that's not a bag.  A bag is 6 cents, thank you .

Even if you had said "case", not showing me where they were or asking which one I wanted and just grabbing one was rather presumtuous.  Also, shielding it from my view as I tried to see what you had grabbed was odd.

When I laughed and tried to make a "paper or plastic" joke, you seemed offended.  This perhaps confirms you were in fact just plain ol' stupid?  I thought maybe you were trying to scam me thinking I was the stupid one...

I guess all's well that ends well. 

PS: I WAS thinking of getting a camera case, but I'd probably end up with something entirely different (and more pricey) if I purchased it from you.

Digital Regards,


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