September 9th, 2009

I Hate Walgreens with a passion

This isn't a huge suck but its annoying as all heck. I hate Walgreen's pharmacy. They have a talent for screwing up only rivaled by their competitor Rite Aid. The service at this particular Walgreen's has always been questionable but today was more annoying than most. I have one prescription for my dog's heart disease that the vet can't fill (its a human medication) so I have to take it to a local pharmacy. When I first submited the prescription 18mo ago we only had two choices locally Walgreens or Rite Aid so I chose Walgreens because though their service is crappy they at least can put the correct pills in the bottle (my rant at Rite Aid and their inability in that department is a whole nother book). So back to the bad service.

Now it takes about 6 months to go thru a bottle of the pills since she only takes 1/4 of a pill a day. This is my third refill for it. As the other times I call in to the automated machine and request a refill to be picked up in about 4 hours. No problem. I get in line at the drive thru and there are about a dozen cars backed up. This is not unusual for this store and going inside just gets you ignored because they have one person staffing both the window and the walk up window most of the time. So I sit in line for about 25 min. Get up to the window and ask for my pills. The gal asks for my insurance card. Sorry I don't have one the patient is a dog. Now I know this has been noted in the file since she also has no birthdate recorded and they can only do this if its a veterinary prescription. Well it turns out they didn't bother to fill the prescription because there was no insurance card on file. Um since when is it required to have insurance to get medication refilled. Put the damn pills in the bottle and then ask for the card or get payment when the customer picks up the pills. I don't think it requires a genius to figure that part out. The gal tells me to go away and come back in 30min when they can fill it. That would basically have meant driving back around the building and getting back into the line again. I seriously thought about shutting of my engine and telling her I wasn't moving until the put 50 pills in a bottle but I didn't. I did it once many years ago when I needed anti nausea meds for my chemo and they were jerking me around but this time I wasn't quite so sick so I gave in and drove around the building and got in line for another 25min wait.

In the morning I'm going to call my online prescription company (that handles all my insurance paid refills) and see if I can get the stuff refilled thru then even though the "patient" is not an insured dependent.
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Direct TV

Ok last month my husband called AT&T to set up internet and cable in our new house. Apparently our house doesn't get Uverse so they offer a bundle with Direct TV, which is fine. Since we don't have great credit we have to put down $200 to set up service which was fine, after taxes it came to 225 something. The agent at Direct TV said there was a $100 one time fee for DVR which my husband asked her to put on the first bill, she said that was fine then ran our card. When she comes back on the line she informs my husband that she just charged our card $425. She included the $100 DVR fee that was supposed to be on the first bill, and she changed the 200 payment to 300. We had $225 in account for this...not $425 which we obviously did not plan for our budget because that is not the price we were told we'd be charged and agreed to. So my husband tells her forget it cancel the account and then calls AT&T back to cancel service and tell them what happened. However since she ran our card the $425 was pending on our bank account for 5 business days as Direct TV claimed they couldn't do anything about it. Since the charges were pending it casued all the bills we paid to bounce and cause overdraft fees, $125 in total. We went to our bank who said we had to deal with this first before they could do anything and they gave us print outs that proved the unauthorized charges Direct TV made caused overdrafts to our account and we faxed this information to their financial department. Finally today we heard back from them (all this started August 15th) and they say there is nothing they can do and they won't refund our money. So basically they told us they'd charge $225 but ran our card for $200 more without telling us, therefore the charges were unauthorized and they refuse to take care of the problems they caused. I'm not sure what else to do beyond this point, I've filed a complaint with the BBB and we'll be seeing my bank tomorrow to see if they can do anything but I'd really like my $125 back and never have to deal with this company again. They did the same thing to one of my husband's co-workers.
Pride & Prejudice

To the bus driver that I've now encountered twice in the last two days... did you get that job? No, seriously. You're almost deaf, you're incredibly stubborn and you can't communicate in anything other than loud grunts and pointing reminiscent of caveman impressions. These facets of your being combined to hold up me, my friend and about thirty other people for at least half an hour, and made no-one happy.

I'm sorry those three passengers were jerks, and that you are so incapacitated, but public services really isn't the job for you.

MAC sales associates.

People who work for MAC cosmetics tend to be a bit pretentious. In my opinion, actually more like what I've witnessed, they act holier-than-thou because they have a brush belt. And feel they're the best at makeup, which is not true for most of them. Look at their own makeup application and you'll understand. I tend to find this trend from store to store, it's not just at one specific location.

So today my sister, her friend & I were in a MAC at Macy's. It wasn't a counter, most Macy's have a mini MAC inside them. So the first sales girl latched onto my sister like a leech, which is so annoying to begin with. My sister already knew what she wanted, we had been looking for a few minutes. She wanted 2 eyeshadows & a blush. She kept trying to tell the girl this, but she wouldn't listen. I'm pretty sure, but correct me if I'm wrong, they work on commission so they really don't give a shit anyway they just want your money. So the lady kept trying to show my sister all this crap she didn't want, and things I already have. I'm a huge MAC fan, but rarely shop in person because of the SA's attitudes. My sister politely declined her suggestions with something like "Oh no that's okay I actually already have those, but thank you..". The sales girl was like "Oh.." and just walked away, and then went and laughed/rolled her eyes to her other co-worker. I told my sister to leave because if they had done that to me I would not give them my sale. I realize sales associates make fun of customers for different reasons, I've done it..I'm sure you've done it too. But to do it IN FRONT of a customer?! Freaking go to the back room for god sakes. My sister didn't do anything to warrant an eye roll. I mean so sorry she didn't want those ugly eyeshadow quads, even I wouldn't want them and I have more MAC makeup than I know what to do with lol!

Then as we walked back through Macy's on our way out I just glared at the girl, and she got kinda flustered in the face. She knew I saw her earlier, dumb bitch.

Sorry it just really irritated me, so I had to vent somewhere.

Ooohh, Valley Metro, you sly dog you

Tempe, Arizona.

Tonight, my friend wanted to tag along with me on my bus ride from ASU back to my apartment so we could go get dinner. Yay dinner! She had never ridden the bus before.. this was a spur-of-the-moment sort of plan, and as such she had no cash on her for her fare. I didn't have cash either, but I have a U-Pass. But never fear! We were at the Tempe Transit Center, and they have those little machines for buying passes on-site, so she could use her debit card. Yay!

So we go and buy a one-way pass for $1.75 (normal fare). Everywhere on the machine it says that these passes are valid for the light rail AND THE BUS. We wait around for a few minutes the 7:30 bus and happily hop on. I scan my U-Pass, and she sticks her pass in the slot. The driver, very rudely, gets on her case. "IS THAT A LIGHT RAIL PASS?? LIGHT RAIL ONLY!!" so.. we were booted.

There we were again, not sure what to do. I was very, very confused and went to check the machine again to make sure that these passes were indeed intended for the light rail and bus. Yup. Nowhere is there any special "bus" option. These passes are supposed to work for both, no question about it. I called and asked my dad about it (he is involved in Maricopa county transportation), and he said it should work on the bus. Distraught, we asked an off-duty bus driver about it, and he tells us you have to buy an all-day pass at those machines for them to work on the buss. The all-day passes cost twice as much as the one-way passes.

What the fuck??
On the upside, my dad says he is going to look into it and bring it up with Valley Metro himself ASAP. Something might actually get done if he does this since he is directly involved in things of this nature. I know a lot of people in this community also use Valley Metro buses, so if you guys have any specific complaints of dire importance, I can forward them to him and MAYBE we will see results. I hope so, anyway. Since they don't seem to care about complaints directly from the customers..

TL;DR Regular one-way bus fare: $1.75. All-day pass: $3.50. If you try to buy a one-way bus pass at the machines that specifically say all the passes work for the bus and light rail, you will get a pass that is ONLY valid on the light rail. GG!
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