September 5th, 2009

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Quarters! Quarters! Precious quarters!!! Mwuahahahahahaha!!!!

I came to Charlie's tonight with coworkers. They decided to go there because a former coworker bartends there. Some of my coworkers were already there at the pool tables when I arrived around 6:00PM.

We discovered that our former coworker wasn't tending bar but was there playing pool. Even though it was early in the evening, there was a decent sized crowd and the bartenders were making every effort to be as quick and efficient as possible, keeping the line nice and short. The drinks were cheap (I paid $8.50 for two well drinks that were quite satisfying), the pool tables were cheap as well at $0.50, and the overall vibe wasn't so much a seedy dive bar as it was pool hall and sports bar. The crowd does change a bit as the evening carries on, seems a little bit more rowdy/rough (like a dive bar) and I was told that it's because there's live music at 9:00PM on the weekends. I unfortunately didn't get to stay for the DJ, not that I particularly wanted to, but...well, here's the story.

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Charlie's Tavern & Grill
3315 NE 112th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682
(360) 256-9991

Yes... I do not want meat in it!

As a vegetarian, I am often amazed at the amount of people who think it's a foreign concept that some people just don't like meat. Like me, I don't like it, it tastes gross to me, so  I don't eat it, simple as that.

Well this morning my Mom asked me to run to sonic and get a few breakfast sandwiches which sounded great because I was having a craving for a croissant with cheese. Simple sandwich... just the cheese and croissant. So I get to Sonic and see that their Sonic croissant sandwich typically comes with bacon, egg, and cheese. The sandwich is 2.59 or something like that. I ordered my Mom a sandwich with meat, and two croissants with just cheese. Typically if I go to another place like MickeyD's or Burger King they only charge me the reduced price for just cheese and the bread, not the meat and egg and whatever else they put on it. Well I got 2 sandwiches this morning, and they still charged me 2.59 for just cheese and bread, but oh well, not a huge deal, I was hungry, sick, and really not up to arguing about the stupid price of a sandwich that has no meat or egg.

Well the food gets delivered, I pay, about to pull away and then I thought to check my sandwich. I look at my Moms sandwich, all is good. Look at the other two, and of course, it has meat and eggs on it. I shake my head, a bit ticked off, pressed the buzzer again and the guy comes out to the car. He looks at the sandwich and receipt and says "Oh yeah, you didn't want meat on it, but you got meat!" Um, ya think? He had a surprised look on his face, like it is totally nuts that some people just don't like meat.

Or take last week for example, I go out to dinner with my parents. I ordered a sandwich with the meat on the side, my daughter was going to eat the meat. I get the sandwich, and on one plate is the meat stacked with the lettuce, cheese, mayo, on one plate. On the other plate is bread, with bacon in between the slices. I mean, seriously? I asked them to please just make the sandwich with the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on it... meat on another plate. I then proceeded to wait 30 minutes for this to be made. Because apparently it takes a rocket scientist to make a veggie sandwich like that in any kind of normal timeframe.

Oh and then there was the time my boyfriend and I ordered queso dip at a bar. Queso dip usually has cheese and salsa in it, or cheese and peppers, something to that extent? Right? Oh no. Not this one. After biting into it I found out it had beef in it, and nowhere on the menu did it say that beef was in it. Also, they couldn't make it without meat in it. No idea how one can not make queso without beef in it, but I guess that's their problem.

I run into this problem alllllll the damn time, because people don't understand the concept of not liking meat. It happens often enough that I sometimes wonder why I even attempt to eat out anymore. And what makes this along the lines of bad service is people tend to act like I'm in the wrong for their mistake in getting the order wrong. They also tend to look at me like Im an alien just because I am a vegetarian and don't want meat. Laaaaaaaaaaaame!

Very Epic Tales of Sucky Moving Company

Last November my husband and I moved interstate from one city to another (we’re in Australia).  As I had made the same move in the opposite direction 3 years earlier, we decided to go with the same moving company as I had used without incident then.  This company specialises in backloading i.e. they don’t dedicate an entire truck to your stuff; they move several peoples stuff all at the same time to minimise costs.  This works out at about a quarter of the price ( about $1200 AUS) and works if you don’t own a huge amount of furniture, say if you live in an apartment not a big house.


The company doesn’t require a moving date or payment until as late as 1 week prior to the move.  We booked a date and paid 6 weeks prior.  At this point we did not actually have an apartment rented in the city we were moving to, which was no problem as we were going to put our furniture into storage until such time as we found a place.  Two weeks before the move I emailed the company to say that we had now found a place and needed to change the details on the manifesto, to deliver the furniture to our new address and also to request that the moving date be changed to two days later than I had originally requested.  All of this was fine and they emailed a new manifesto with the changed delivery address and the new date.


Moving day arrived.  The company doesn’t give you any ETA on the moving day; it allows you to put a preferred window of time but doesn’t guarantee that they won’t turn up at 3PM even if you’ve requested 8AM.  We had asked for pick up to be as early as possible as our entire apartment was packed up and we had to travel 10 hours by car that day.  We had hired a car so we could travel with our cat and take things like our computers and other things we didn’t want to send in the truck.

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Does potential bad service count?

I went to inform my apartments that my fiance's sister was going to stay at our apartment for about 3 weeks. The manager misunderstood and "blocked her off." We didn't understand why she said she was doing this (and marked it on the calendar) but figured it would be because they need to know why there is an extra person on the property.

No fee is mentioned

Later, we were in the office renewing our lease, and we asked for clarification. OH. The manager had meant that she had reserved the guest room**. We told the office lady that his sister is staying with us so that would not be necessary. But wow, our apartment has a guest room? That is awesome.

His family decided they are going to stay two days instead of just dropping her off. They said they wouldbe getting a hotel because his mother has allergies. We said, "Nooo. Our apartment complex has a guest room!"

I went to reserve it for the two nights they would be staying.

No fee is mentioned.

So I got the keys, entered the room to see if I needed to get bedding or whatever. It looks like a mini hotel room! Cool. I then saw a sign on the wall about payment. Hmm. I'm confused. No one mentioned a fee?

So, I went to the office and asked. It's 40 bucks a night. This is NOT a big deal. This is NOT the bad service. I don't mind paying for this. Nothing in life is free, right guys?


They should have mentioned it. Guest room usage is NOWHERE in our lease. It was not mentioned any of the two times we were discussing the guest room or when I picked up the keys. (Even with the apartment manager) I do have a problem with them not mentioning a fee, especially for his sister (We are talking $840 for 3 weeks, not just the $80 for the two nights for his parents. I can deal with $80.)

Seriously. They should have told us. If it had not been for this tiny little sign on the wall, we would have had no idea.

If I am out of line, flame away guys! :)

Edited: **The guestroom is a separate little mini-apartment not connected to any other apartment in any way. It is not an extra room in my apartment. Sorry for the confusion.
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Tim Horton's

I was talking to some friends recently about our old grade school and remembered this suck from a band trip in 8th grade.

Well I don't know what the problem was with this woman but as soon as I walked up to her counter she was pissed off. And I mean I know there were a lot of kids but about 85% of them went over to the other two fast food joints there. So I get up to the counter, and ask for 'A medium Ice cap with a shot of butter caramel and a frosted cinnamon roll' Like I always ordered that then and still do now. She just scowls at me grunts then grabs a bag to get my food. She comes back hands me my drink, I check the bag because sometimes people make mistakes because they're busy trying to serve multiple people all of them (including me) with stupidly complicated long orders at once (So don't get me wrong I don't mind when they mix up the order by mistake they're human). Its a glazed cinnamon roll so I say 'Oh its glazed I actually asked for a frosted sorry.' She growls 'Whatever' throws the bag at the two teenage workers behind her and grabs me a frosted one. I'm just thinking 'wtf' there because the other workers just looked so harassed. And it continues as I was leaving I hear one of the sixth grade girls come back up to the counter and say 'I wanted a plain toasted bagel with butter this one is whole wheat with cream cheese.' The counter lady throws the bagel on the table the two other workers are at and yells 'You heard her, do it right' before stalking off. And not only that the sixth grader is whispering to her friend that this was the second bagel they had screwed up.
The whole occasion was just kind of wtf.
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I know there have been ID posts before, but I want to post this. I have backstory, sorry. In Virginia, we're just getting new licenses, but like most people, I still have the old style. This is the "adult" version, and this is the underage version. Virginia used to issue licenses every five years. Mine expired when I turned 20, so I got a new one and it was still the underage version- vertical design, red line around the photo, and it said "Under 18 until 11-18-2002, Under 21 until 11-18-2005" Since mine doesn't expire until November of this year, I'm 24 and I still have a license that says Under 21 until 11-18-2005. I went to a concert at a 21 & over venue last night and while they sold me a ticket, they warned me that I wouldn't be able to drink because I had a vertical license. I pointed out that it said I was under 21 until 2005, which was four years ago, and was told that it was the policy. Apparently this is common in Maryland, especially because it's an out-of-state license. I don't know how Maryland does their licenses, but this strikes me as an incredibly stupid policy for a popular place in Annapolis, which I'm sure sees Virginia licenses every damn day. I emailed the general manager, not making a formal complaint, but asking if that was really the policy, because I find it odd, considering how many people my age are in a similar situation.