September 4th, 2009

more wings! want me to WHAT?

I recently had my very own, utterly shitty psychiatrist story. This is the worst service I have ever received from a medical provider. Jaw-droppingly awful.

The backstory:
I have bipolar disorder, that was originally diagnosed as bipolar II. I've been in treatment for it for years, and have a pretty good, stable, medicine routine.

When I got out of school, I got private insurance, and had to find a new psychiatrist. I found someone accepting new patients, and go to see him.

Things go ok for quite a while. His appointments are 10 minutes long, and seem to mostly consist of him writing me new 'scripts, but hey, I'm doing well, I'm stable, and my meds are working.

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Edited: Hey guys, thank you very much for the advice. My husband and I are discussing the reporting process, who to go to and how to go about it. I admit, that regardless of the horribleness, it will be difficult for me to take action. However, I'm also worried about future patients who might not be as lucky as I was. I truly appreciate you pointing me in the right direction, and will definitely follow up as this process goes forward.

Apartment Followup

Hey, I posted here last week wondering about what to do about a broken stove and a (mostly) silent apartment manager. I just wanted to update that yesterday a brand new stove was delivered and it works great. She'll be coming down next week some time to look at the broken cabinet and I might address some of the other issues (like the door) during her visit.

Here's hoping that there are no more problems~
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Fat Willy's Rib Shack - Chicago, IL - FOLLOWUP

Followup to

Yesterday night, I recieved the letter below along with $20.00 in gift coupons.


 August 28, 2009

Dear Thomas,

I received your letter this past week and wanted to apologize for the service and lack of professionalism you received while dining at Fat Willy’s.

I want to thank you for bringing these issues to my attention in such a clear manner. This type of productive criticism allows me to use your unfortunate experience as a teaching tool for my staff and we will be addressing all your issues with the goal of not repeating our mistakes.

Again, my apologies and I hope to see you again at Fat Willy’s.


The Owner


Next up, my return trip! I will let you know how that goes.


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Reminded Internet ordeal ...

Edit x3 because stuff keep going missing!

A few years back we made the switch from 56kbps to ADSL. When signing up I asked when the account will be activated, and the reply was 3 days.

2 weeks later we still couldn't connect. We've reached the end of our patience. Called up their tech support, I was referred to billing, billing claims account is active and it's tech issue. We call back tech support and they again insist that it must be because the account is not activated. I got fed up and wanted to speak to a manager when tech support internally transfered us to billing without me agreeing to that. And finally after 3 hours of spinning around it's verified a tech issue. The manager made sure we could connect by the end of the phonecall (that's nice of him) but when my sister pipped up that she won't pay for the first 2 weeks of non-service, the manager started to say some feeble stuff about the account being active in the system except we couldn't login, really! I can't be bothered really, so I just told him nevermind.

So now we have Internet, but it's sloooow. Call tech support again about 56kbps kind of speed on a $88 a month ADSL deal. The tech support suggests micro filters, so the next day we buy one, connects them correctly (if I can build my own comp, I think I can connect correctly). No difference.

Tech support now says it might be old cables in my apartment, and sends a tech guy down to my place for a quick check. He verified that the problem's got to do with old phone cables. We have a small renovation coming up, so we included the change of phone cables into it.

1 month later, after the renovation, my speed is still crawling. No longer trusting the previous diagnosis, we called up tech support again and this time round they said "oh that's because your apartment block is old.". I'm totally out of patience by now, so I asked them if I have to move in order to actually use my connection properly or should they actually perform some proper maintenance of the cables.

2 weeks later I see roadwork and a signboard of that company. And after that my Internet lived happily ever after.

But $430 wasted on changing cables!
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Today, I received some good service, which reminded me of some bad service.

First, the good.  My boyfriend and I went into an apple store, which was very crowded, to ask a quick question about a specific product.  I asked the question because I grabbed an employee first.  The employee spoke to me, even when my boyfriend clarified something about it.  Just to clarify, the question was about his iPhone, and really had nothing to do with me, but it's nice that the employee didn't assume that was the case.  I asked the question, so I got the answer, just how things should be.

This reminded me of when I bought a bike, and the only attention the employee gave me to was to take my debit card.  All information was given to my boyfriend (who knows very little about bikes, and was only there because he had a car, and I needed a lift).  When we needed a spare spanner-thing (I know what I'm doing, just not what to call it), that was handed to him as well.  There was no indication that he was the customer, but for some reason - and I'm going to go ahead and assume gender - it was assumed that he required the mechanical information, not me.

This is me.

Small fast food bad service

Went to McDonald's the other day.

Not so bad service : giving me Coca Cola and a Royal Cheese sandwich when the receipt clearly indicates I had ordered Sprite and a Royal Bacon sandwich. Not so bad because I noticed the drink first, the guy apologized, and at the table, woops wrong sandwich and I went back, the guy gave me the correct sandwich and let me keep the other one.

The bad part, according to me ? Certain employees can eat there, right ? Well, in my opinion, even if you get a meal for yourself, just don't prepare it like you'd prepare any other customer order..............and eat from the fries box directly in front of said customers. Yuck @_@ ...


Posted in a comment below :


Sorry guys XD .

I was at the counter, and you know that flat thing you use to get your food and carry it to your table ? So the guy prepared my order and put it on one of those "flat things" .

Then another employee prepared her meal, she was in her work clothes with her nametag and all, and she took one of those flat things and the way it was placed, it was as if she was preparing a customer order, putting one drink on it, then a burger, then a fry... but she was eating the fries directly from that box, which didn't really look good because you couldn't tell whether she was "stealing" fries from a customer or just eating what was hers.

(Oh, and yes, English is my second language, thanks for the compliments. Sometimes I think I'm fluent and then woosh I post and I realize (days later XD) that my posts actually don't make any sense :P )

Resturant fail

My friend asked me to post this suck for her. She and her mom went out to this place that they go to a couple times a month. They usually have great service which is what made last night so horrible

H = Host
BO = Bitchy Owner
P = Friend's Mom
S = Friend

P: Table for 2.
H: That'll be a 15 minute wait, I'll put you on the list
20 minutes later, her mom is wondering how much longer the wait is going to be.
P: About how much longer is the wait going to be?
H: Oh, sorry, I forgot to put your name on the list, it shouldn't be too much longer, 5 minutes tops.
15 minutes later, they still haven't been seated, and others who came in after them had
P: Excuse me, we've been waiting for 35 minutes and haven't been seated, while people who came in after us have been seated
BO: I don't know what you want me to do.
P: We just want to be seated.
BO: I can't right now.
P: Can I speak with your husband, we're friends
BO: That won't do any good. You have to wait.
S: Why are we being penalized for your host's mistake? What are you going to do to fix this situation?
BO: I don't know what you want me to do. I have to seat these other people.
S: Wrong answer.

At this point, a woman who had been waiting 45 minutes came over, gave the owner the pager and said she was never going to come back.
My friend and her mom were seated a few minutes later, but she was fuming for awhile after. It takes alot for her to get worked up, but she was livid when I talked to her after they had been seated.
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