September 3rd, 2009


Fuck you, border guards. Fuck you.

I was stopped at the border while walking across, as my SO* dropped me off and drove across separately. He had a package of electronics, which we bought on E-Bay and sold on E-Bay in his name. I thought, okay, he'll go mail that and pick me up when he's done, then we'll go shopping. It's not my package, and it's not travelling with me, and I did not buy or sell it, so I did not declare it. We usually go separately because they give us such a hard time about him being CanadiEn and American, whereas I'm just Canadian with a slight accent.

Um, no. "Why are you going to the States?" "Shopping." "We don't believe you."

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I have been filling my prescriptions at Walgreens pretty consistently for about the past two years. Baltimore had a bunch of 24 hour ones, which I always found very convenient, and generally they were pretty helpful about any issues with my prescriptions. However, I just moved back home with my parents to finish my last few college courses, and in the process of moving my wallet was lost at a relatives house. I've been having trouble getting a new insurance card, but my doctor wrote me a new prescription yesterday so I figured "hey, Walgreens has my card on file...I'll fill it there."

I walk in, hand it to the person at drop-off, and she asks me my birth date. I know Walgreens usually identifies by that, so I gave it to her, but she didn't ask me any additional information...she just told me it'd be ready in about 15 minutes. The location I usually frequent in Baltimore typically does an address confirmation and looks up everything in the computer right when you drop off, but they're also generally a lot busier than this one so I figured since my name, address, and birthday were on the prescription sheet it would be ok. I had dropped off a different prescription a month prior and it had been the same - just a birthday, and even though when I came back it wasn't ready because there was some confusion with my prescription, I figured the last one worked out and this one would too. I had somewhere to go, so I told her I'd be back today to pick it up, and I figured that wouldn't be a problem.

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waaay tl;dr - pharmacy thinks prescription is lost, turns out its under the wrong name, then can't get the insurance to be applied due to wrong profile, so I held up the pharmacy line for the better part of an hour.
Bicycle touring in Paris

Since when does the mailman screen mail for us?!

In May, I applied to a college and anxiously awaited my acceptance letter. I knew I was accepted because the university database showed me being accepted online, however I couldn't proceed with anything else until I received my physical letter with my student ID number in it. So, I waited. And waited, and waited...

Classes were scheduled to start August 17th, and I believe it was the last week of July before I actually received my letter. What had happened, you ask?

I was currently living in FL with my s/o and had registered for school with my mom's address since I'm technically still an AL resident and didn't want any issues with the school (which is also in AL). The package was shown as delivered and returned to the school with a question mark on the front of it and a note from the postman saying he didn't think I lived there anymore...

I'll just take a minute to say that a) my mom and I still have the same last name and b) what right does he have to opt not to deliver it just because he thinks I don't live there anymore?! What the crap!

My letter ended up coming so late that I wasn't even able to register for orientation without being charged a fee. I've got a good mind to bill him for it, the jerk.

We're all mad here

going over my to-do list today reminded me of an incident about a year back that still amazes and perplexes me to this day.

i take mild anti-anxiety medication. nothing flashy, but i do have to take a trip into a psychiatrists office every few months to renew the prescription. it usually takes 5 minutes tops.
one day, i noticed i was getting really low on my little blue friends. oops, my bad. time got away from me. so i called Dr. HeadGuy and asked how soon i could get an appointment.
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Cricket Wireless

Okay. So, I made a huge mistake.

I decided to get a phone with Cricket Wireless to save myself some money. I received the phone YESTERDAY.

This, apparently, was a terrible idea.

I got the phone with a plan that included international texting. What the thing that told me about the plan did NOT say, however, was that international texting was not guaranteed. At all. So, when my boyfriend in England received text messages from me and tried to text me back, I got NOTHING. Since this was the entire purpose of the waste of money, I was a little irked when I discovered this.

So, I decided I'd return it and go back to my prepaid AT&T phone, which is expensive, but the texts ALWAYS arrive where they're supposed to, both directions.

I pulled up the return policy page, called the customer service number, and first asked them WHY I wasn't receiving texts from my boyfriend, who lives in England. The rep told me that international texting was not guaranteed - wha? But my prepaid, twice as expensive phone always sends and receives texts from my boyfriend! I've never missed one! So I told him that if it was not guaranteed, then I'd like to get a Return Authorization number. Ten seconds later, he tells me his system is locked up and that I'll have to call back in order to get it.

So I call back, and get this girl who, upon hearing me say I needed an RA number, asked me why I wanted to return the phone, and then tried to tell me that Cricket does not accept returns except for defective phones. So I lost it. I read her the entire return policy, exactly as written, on the website I still had pulled up in front of me. Unfortunately, I was rather upset at having been blatantly lied to, so the volume of my voice went up significantly, which is my bad, but she LIED to me. So while I was reading the return policy to her, she hung up on me, which just pissed me right off.

So I called back AGAIN, and got someone who was immediately apologetic, and then spent forever trying to convince me to keep the phone. And then she told me HER system had locked up and she couldn't give me an RA number, but told me to write END USER WEB RETURN on the box in several places, and that I was responsible for shipping, which I already knew. (I am not happy about this, but I knew before I paid for the phone in the first place that if I decided I wasn't happy with it, I'd have to pay to return it.)

In short, I will NEVER use Cricket Wireless again. They are absolutely WORTHLESS. Ugh.

Edited to include WHEN I received the phone.
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Calling on help

I have been having a long battle with my leasing office and now want to send a letter to corporate directly. I spent over an hour using my Google Fu to get infomation and I've got phone info and corp office info. What I'm trying to find is the email for any of the higher ups. Below is the info I did find. (I'll be posting what has been goig on once I have it all written out)

Equity Residential
Two North Riverside Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60606
(312) 474-1300

To contact Resident Relations: email or call 1-888-377-7371 (EQR-RES1)

Southern Florida Area Office
6451 N Federal Highway. Suite 1001 . Ft Lauderdale, FL 33308
p. (954) 491-6654 . f. (954) 491-0708

David J. Neithercut Chief Executive Officer
Samuel Zell J.D. Founder, Chairman
Mark J. Parrell Chief Financial Officer and Executive VP
David S. Santee Executive Vice President of Operations
Frederick C. Tuomi President of Property Management
Bruce C. Strohm Executive Vice President and General Counsel

If anyone can find me email addresses for any of the above people I will be very thankful.

ETA: I fully intend to send a certified letter, including the pictures and video I've taken. I'd just like to send an email as well.