September 2nd, 2009

we're trapped, like rats!
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Once upon a time a time this was all farm land. My great grandfahter bought property and built a few houses. Fourty years later there are houses all over the place. The house faces street X so that is the address, but the driveway is on street Y. You can see a break in the stone wall where the original driveway was but the driveway has been on street Y for the last 20 years or so that I can remember. It is a four family house and for some reason there have never been apartments numbers on it. The house is my 99 year old grandmothers and there aren't even leases, but that isn't the issue.

UPS is the issue. Normally I get things delivered to my dad's house which is right around the corner, literally. The driveway leads right into his backyard. But I have been trying to stop doing that because it was annoying my dad and he was giving me crap about ordering too much crap.

In May I ordered my son's birth announcements and they didn't come the day they were supposed to. I check on the tracking and it says there isn't an apartment number indicated. Days pass and I get a card to pick up the package. I paid shipping, why should I pick it up? Not only that but it would cost me at least $5 to cross the bridge and I'd have to pack up two kids, one being  a newborn at the time. I spoke to the guy at the distribution center and he said he'd get it worked out.

The next day we happened to be outside when the UPS driver came. With an attitude. He told me I should take out my crayon and write numbers on the house and put up a sign saying the driveway is on road Y. I told him I haven't had a  problem with the UPSP or FEDEX and they usually leave it on the porch or one of the doors. Even if they had to deliver it to one of the apartments upstairs you can't get up there without a key.

Of course this is happening again. I think UPS is one of the few people who can deliver things such as nail polish because it is flammable but now I know if I order from this company again that dealing with my father is easier then dealing with bitchy delivery drivers.

Virgin Media Fail

So, I'm moving into a new place, and yesterday was the first day on the lease so I arranged a Virgin Media (cable dude) to come over and put in phone, internet and cable TV. The landlord said the last tenants had it, too, and Virgin Media confirmed this on the phone, so I thought it'd be a quick easy thing and I could head back to my mums house after (I'm a massive wimp and in our old house we were burgled twice, so I don't want to live in a city student house alone until my housemates arrive).

I make the appointment by phone, and it's sorted for between 1pm and 5pm. Yesterday we head to the house, get there for about 12:50, go "phew!" as it was a bit tight, check the doorbell works (one of those plug-in ones that's a bit deafening), and sit in the living room and front bedroom and basically chill. I unpacked a bit, but the whole time there was my brother downstairs who could hear for the door, as no TV was on, etc.

At 2:30 I get a call from the supervisor of the cable guy, telling me the guy had just been to the house and no-one answered the door. I said it wasn't possible, they guy said to check for the card through the door that they leave to say they've been. No card. The supervisor then sighs and says the guy will be right there.

Can you see where this is going?

at 16:06 (I have the logs on my phone) I rung them up, was on hold for about 20 mins before an agent told me a supervisor was going to ring the technician and ring me back in 15 mins.

No-one rung me back, so at 17:30 I rung them again and asked what was going on. Was told they'd talked to the technician and he'd be at the house for CERTAIN within 30 mins.

at 18:45 I rung them back again. This time I was on hold a lot longer, and bounced between 4 different people, each one not wanting to tell me anything. In the end I was told it would be another hour.

He finally arrived about an hour later, seemed a nice chap, but went on about needing special permission from a supervisor and it being late and being worried about drilling in the house (I thought it was all installed before?!). He left after hooking up the wrong TV downstairs "just to set that up") and promised to be back in the morning and that his manager was going to come, too, and apologise. He also admitted he arrived at 12:45 to install and just left when we weren't in. We must've missed him by literally a minute - but we were in the house at 12:50.

He was back the next morning, with no manager of course and did everything we asked. But when we asked where our router was for wireless internet (which is included in the cost) he said they didn't have them in stock and it would be posted with my welcome pack. But, I am being charged, of course.

I ring them up today, and told them this, and was told I'd have a manager contact me within 48 hours. I'm not confident.
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