September 1st, 2009

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24 hours of dickery

I'm 5'5 and have gone from 240 to 190 so far. I need to get down to 160 ( but I'm going for 145) to join the Air Force( their max for my height) so as a gift my dad got me a 4 month gym membership. You get one free training session, when I had a pass back in 06 it went really well , she taught me some useful moves, tips and how to use the machines then told me about the package and went to train another, groovy. funtimes here The trainer I got this time around is a dickbag.

Some choice moments from him:
"You know just having a gym pass wont magically make you skinny , you have to come in and spend time doing things, you know working out" when I told him I couldn't afford training sessions.
"You don't have to lie to me" When I told him I play tennis and bike everywhere.
I don't have a license and love to bike , and I've been playing from age 7 because it involved hitting things.
Plus he was a sleeze because he would lean in close to my ear and ask " how's that feel , good isn't it?" "god that feels good doesn't it?" sneak his hand to my ass and was generally overly touchy and gave off a creep vibe. I know "sex sells" and that attentions like that could work on a woman with low self esteem but come on.
He then spent near an hour trying to get me to sign up for more training and was very pushy and insulting the worst being the magic comment a close second was that my mom ( in a care home!) could do without her sweets and groceries for my bodies sake.
He would say " that's my girl , knew you'd come back" when he saw me until a month ago when walking by the office bit of the gym I shot him a death glare and replied "not for you".

He's done the sleaze routine with every woman I see him training and they all look uncomphy, kinda glad they're closing in november.
It's the smaller of the two In Buena Park CA , you know the one by the hometown buffet (hee, that still gives me joy)

EDIT : I would have totally reported him had he done the ass slide more than once but it was once and the rest were "safe touches" on areas we were working on. He didn't play grabass but had he I would've told the woman at the counter more than " he made me kind've uncomphy, is there another trainer I can get help from?"
Sorry if it sounded as if he was pushing me along via ass, but it was still awful.

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This bad service is not totally the store's fault, I definitely admit some fault on this one. I went to Burlington Coat Factory in the Sawgrass mall which is about a 45 minute drive for me, there's one a little closer to me but I wanted to visit some other stores and I like the one in the mall better as it's bigger and has a better selection. I'm going on a cruise this Sunday and found some shoes that were perfect for a dress I planned to wear on one of the "Gala nights" or whatever. I picked up a couple other things and went to the counter to pay. Apparently there wasn't a price sticker on the shoe so the girl looked at both of them and found the product number and manually keyed it in. She rang me out and I went home, happy with my purchase.

It wasn't until I got home and decided to try on the shoes with the dress to see how it looked that I realized that I'd gotten 2 left shoes! I'm pretty peeved because I don't recall seeing these at the Burlington near me so of course I will probably have to make the 45 minute drive back to Sawgrass. I'm hoping they'll magically find the shoes in the one near me and let me do the exchange there or they'll give me a discount for having to make the drive back. I called them yesterday around 1pm and spoke to a manager who then referred me to the shoe manager. I explained the problem to her and gave her the sku from the receipt and she said she would give that info to the shoe manager so he could check if they were in the other store. She said that he would contact me back. How long do you think is a reasonable time to wait before I should call about this again? I'm worried they'll sell out my size and I won't be able to get anything, but I do realize that they are a busy store and I'm not their only special snowflake customer lol

Old one but it still pisses me off

When I was 14 I got my second set of ear piercings done at a Claire's...this bimbo kept marking on the bottom EDGE of my ear! She just kept saying she was trying to get it "lined up with the other ones" but unless she was trying to make a horizontal line, she failed. The result, believe it or not, was after me telling her to move it up about 4 times.
And yes, it was with a piercing gun. I didn't know any better at 14 and my stepmom sure as hell didn't either. Nevar again!
I actually get comments from people on a regular basis, asking if they were supposed to look like that, and I recount this story. Posting about it makes me want to take them out finally and have a professional do it. It's been almost 10 years and I still get pissed when I think about it.

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I wish I had kept pushing her to move the location even more, but she was making me feel stupid and that she knew what she was doing. I just really hope she didn't screw up a lot of other people's piercings like that. So glad I have enough piercings and tattoos now that I know when to walk away before I regret giving in to pressure.

Oh, and it took almost a year to heal because they kept getting infected. Shocker.
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Bad d2 service

This happened a few months ago but the memory still pisses me off to no end.

I rarely buy clothing or shoes but thought as it was my birthday and payday I should treat myself, and headed up to d2 in Belfast. Picked out a nice shoe, tried them on and all was well. I asked for a size 8. The girl went into the back and came out with another box. I didn't think anything of it at the time.

When I got back to my friend's house about an hour away I decided to put them on, only to find that instead of the size 8 shoes I'd requested and tried on, I'd been given one size 6 and one size 4. There was no way I was getting these on. Fine, I'll go return them.

I went back the week after to return them and the girl at the desk examined them. She said "They do seem to be different sizes, but they've been worn outside so we can't return them." This of course was bullshit because there wasn't a chance in hell of me even putting on the size 6, and the only time they'd left the box was in my friend's very clean house. She calls over a manager, who says the same thing, and shoes me a tiny splodge of dirt on the bottom of the size 4 shoe. I tell them "I haven't put these on outside, I haven't put them on AT ALL, look at the size of them and look at the size of my feet!" The manager takes my details and says she SUPPOSES she can do an exchange and they'll call me when they get the correct size in.

A week goes by, no call. I decide to call up myself, and once I start explaining the reason for my call, I am hung up on. Okay, maybe it was an accident. So I call again. Someone else answers. Same thing.

I tried again a few weeks later and they claimed they had no record of me or my problem. At this point I gave up and wrote it off as loss. I know it was only £55 but it felt like a huge waste of money and time, and still does. Argh.

EDIT: by "only" £55, I meant in comparision to the amount other people in this community seem to get screwed over by :)