August 29th, 2009


Pizza Delivery

Dear Dominos,
Please stop sending your delivery man in a wheel chair to deliver to my apartment on the third floor. Let alone a gentleman who not only is in a wheelchair but someone who can barely lift the order and doesn't even get out of his van to meet me halfway.
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So I'm stumped on this one. I think its bad service but it may be plain annoyance on my part so I figured I would bring it to yall and let public opinion sort it out.

Backstory: I am looking for a costume for a Halloween wedding. It has to be a very particular costume since I am going with my husband's family. We are all going as fairy tale characters, and my character is Little Bo Peep. Problem is that most commercially available Bo Peep costumes are just modified merry widdows and that is not acceptable given the event.

So me being me I go to ebay. Joy of joy I find a 'custom costume maker' who actually makes dresses simmilar to what I am looking for. I have bought cloaks from him in the past, so I know the quality of his fabrics and stitchwork is wonderful. At first he dosent have 'exactly' what I am looking for, so I email him and ask if its possible to mix and match bodices and skirts. He says no, he dosent want to mess with his designs. Alright I can live with that, I keep looking. Earlier in the week he puts up a perfect dress design. The only thing needed to make it complete would be to change the colors. Now I have seen him put the same style dress up in different color schemes before, so I asked him if it were possible or if I had to wait and hope he would come out with the right color-combination/style in time for this wedding.

His answer was to ask me what color(s) I was interested in.
Happily I sent off the reply:
-patterned fabric (the original design has flowers on the main fabric) replaced by a plain blue of the same material.
-navy fabric replaced by white
-and the size.

I just got his answer. "Thanks for your email. The point is that I don't change my item colors or designs even if I custom make item.

If you would like the flower pattern and color as shown in the item pictures, I will list a "Buy It Now" for you to pay. As soon as I get your payment and the size you need, I will start production. My normal turnaround time for custom orders is about 45 workdays.

[redacted for direct link removal]

Today is yesterday and yesterday is today in [redacting].

Happy costuming!"

Im just curious, last I checked being a custom costume maker who takes special orders meant a little more than just "Oh I only change the sizes, otherwise what you see is what you get." Right now I am very disappointed as he had gotten my hopes up. So guys here is the question: Does this fall under bad service?
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Bad Service? Or; Am I Just Defective?

I can't decide if this is Bad Service, or if I'm just being unreasonable.  But here's the background, any rate.

I was working for A Book Distributer for 14 months before being laid off due to lack of work.  Not to worry; we parted on good terms, and I was eligible for unemployment.  Great.  Except, it really wasn't.  Long story short; the UE website claims that if you've lived in the state for 18 months, you qualify.  Good in theory--except if you've worked out of state in the last 24 months, the website rejects your claim.  At this point, you have to perform a certain amount of run-around with Real People... most of whom consistently tell you that this really should be taken care of online.  (You know, the site that rejects my claim because I worked in another state 2 years ago.)  Weirdly enough, I only stressed but so much during this time, mostly because of all the horror stories I'd heard from other people about their problems.  (Unemployment has sky-rocketed in this area.  Last I heard, it was up to 25% in a nearby county.)  But!  I finally jump through all of their hoops and start receiving my checks.

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refurb computers

My honey talked me into buying a refurbished desktop computer and I thought about it and decided to get a package. Here are the refurb service that came with it:

* when we signed up the applications and submitted the requirements, we were told the unit will be ready for pick up a week after. Week after, we had to wait for like half the day to get the thing because apparently the papers were not filed so it was not scheduled for the pick up. we had to commute with those heavy pieces of crap all the way home while the rain pours out.

*day after I got the unit, we checked it out and found out the sound card was not properly installed. Honey brought it back.

*One morning after like less than a month or so, my mom had trouble opening the system. We tried fixing it on our own to no avail. Honey brought it in again for reformat.

*It seemed alright for a while. My mom couldn't get it to open - again! It says something about disk boot failure something. Honey brought it back again. They had to replace the hard drive already.

*It's been a week now and it was working alright. We checked the specs and found out that the memory of the hard drive they installed was only half of what it used to. This is ridiculous!

*To make things worse, we noticed there's no sound again while we were playing online games. The speakers were perfectly fine. And this is the same problem we had at the beginning.

Now we have to return it again for rework. I know this is under warranty but warranties are not about fixing it every time it breaks down. There should be a guarantee first that the thing should be in good condition. I guess this is what I get for settling for less. I just hope this isn't a loop or something. I have this feeling everything will happen the same way it did again after the problem with the sound card.
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E-mail I just sent to Dome customer feedback

FYI Dome is a chain of coffee houses here in Western Australia.

Today (29 August, 1pm) I visited your location inside Morley Galleria with my stepbrother. We ordered a large latte and a large long macchiato with skim milk.

When our order was brought out to us, I asked our server (REDACTED) whether there had been a mix-up while making my coffee, as it is my understanding (as a trained barista) that a long macchiato is a long black with a dash of milk - the coffee I was given was practically a flat white. It had about a half inch to an inch of soft froth and was probably about a fifth milk.

When asked about this, (redacted) became very defensive and argumentative, saying that "that is how that coffee is made", "what we serve is what you get", and "you really need to be careful about what you're ordering and making sure it is correct."

Firstly, I don't feel it is a service person's job to accuse customers of not knowing what they are ordering, and secondly, I certainly thought it was disappointing to be argued with. I accepted the coffee as is because I didn't want to cause a scene in front of my stepbrother, but it has really made me question whether I return to that location, or Dome in general.

Finally, if that is how you make long macchiatos, I would suggest that you somehow make it clear to customers that a Dome macchiato is not made in the traditional way, as never in my 8 years of coffee making (across two states) have I seen a macchiato made with that much milk.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,
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Quest Diagnostics is stupid.

Reading the horror stories about bad bloodwork, I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised at the awful experience my brother had at Quest Diagnostics the other day.

My two-year-old little brother got a weird-looking red lump on his stomach, like an enormous bee sting. We took him to the doctor almost immediately, who told us that it was either Lyme or he was allergic to something that had stung him.

He sent us over to Quest Diagnostics for some bloodwork, which made my mom a little leery since the one near our house always seems to be overcrowded and understaffed, with pretty poor service overall. Since it's the only place our insurance will cover, we made the trip there with my brother, who had calmed down by then.

It was pretty empty when we got there, thankfully, and the secretary was pretty short with us but not extremely unpleasant. I stayed in the front room (I'm petrified of needles, even when they're not directed at me, lol) while my mom went with my brother to the back room.

Now, I'm not really sure what happened next since I wasn't with my mom, but she told me that the lady was very nervous and even dropped the needle while she was trying to draw blood-- my brother wasn't squirming or anything, as my mom was distracting him with toys. My mom was on one side of him and the lady was on the other.

Finally she finished drawing blood and pulled down his sleeve, and we left without any incident. My brother had been surprisingly well-behaved up until now, even with the needles. So we packed him up in the car and headed home, and pretty soon after we pulled out of the lot he started screaming. Blood-curdling, red-faced screams of pain, completely out of the blue. I turned around to try to comfort him from the front seat, seeing that he was clutching his arm and wailing.

So I pushed up his sleeve to see if anything was wrong, and lo and behold:

They had left the tourniquet on my two-year-old brother's arm.

It was an awful shade of blue, and I turned back to my mom to tell her what happened. We got back inside pretty quickly, where my mom raised all kinds of hell with every doctor she could find (the lady who had done his bloodwork was gone, for some reason). They took it off quickly and were totally apologetic, though one incredibly nice doctor told her honestly that he could have lost his arm because of their stupid mistake. He promised her that they'd take action, which didn't really calm any of us down.


ps. He doesn't have Lyme, though they didn't even mention the incident when they left a message yesterday.

Suntrust Suck

Several months ago, I lost my check card. After a thorough search I went to the bank and canceled the card and had them send me another.

Two days later my husband went to use his card to pay for an oil change and it was declined. He panicked because he was sure there was plenty of money in the account. A call to the bank revealed that they had canceled the wrong card. Grrr...

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TLDR-Bank cancels wrong bank card, reinstates it and then randomly cancels it again 5 months later, leaving one stranded across the country with no access to their money.
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bad service from the Pizza Hut in Tomah, Wi

Last night, i placed a delivery order for 2 large 3 topping pizzas (bacon, black olives, Onions *the toppings I like* was planning to reheat the other 1 for lunch the next day), delivery person drops them off, i pay & go back in the house, sit down, open the box, and it's the wrong meat (ham).

Open the other 1 thinking "ok, they fouled up 1, no problem, i'll check the other" well, i do that and it's the same thing on that 1.

I call them back, politely tell them they fouled up my order, the person i spoke to was rather rude when they told me what the order taker had put in the computer, & by their tone of voice i got the impression that they were convinced i was trying to pull a scam when i asked them to remake & redeliver the pizzas.

and before anyone asks, no, i DID NOT take a bite of it