August 26th, 2009

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Judgemental hairdresser

A friend of mine recently went to get her hair done. She's 34 and pregnant. I mention this because I wonder if this was a factor in how the hairdresser and the Manager acted. In the colouring, she asked for a bright red streak to be put in. The hairdresser refused because "she wasn't 18 anymore" and felt she would regret it. They brought in the manager and even she implied that my friend was too old for such things and would regret it.

How is it any of their business and how judgmental of them. If I was in my friends position I would have said they would get no tip for refusing to put in the streak. I am 40 and have three piercings and a tattoo in my cleavage and if anyone told me I was too old for such things I would just walk out.

Student Teaching HELL

Last semester, I was student teaching, and had probably the worst experience ever. I guess this qualifies as bad_service since she's technically performing a service for the college and getting paid. Anyway, my friend told me to post it here so I could get it out of my system.

The cooperating teacher I had was an absolute bitch, and almost cost me my degree.

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Oh, United.

So I get that some people drink a lot with the whole free alcohol on some flights.

But you served my husband four standard drinks on a 12-hour flight from Sydney to San Fran.

You - yourself - served him those drinks.

You then decided "that's enough"

But no water or soft drink?

Bitch, much?
get it together, ADD

Door-to-door fail

So I've just gotten back to my apartment from doing some research for my dissertation in the library, and have decided to sprawl out on my couch, when I hear a curious knock at the door. Thinking it might be someone from a maintenance crew or something, I open the door, and see a 20-something guy with a list of magazines and what looks sort of like some sort of payment receipt pad.

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TL;DR: Guy doing door-to-door magazine fundraiser scam thing at university apartment complex doesn't seem to get that some students may be introverted, shy, low on funds, and not into the typical interests of their age group. Fail ensues, particularly when he's a bit deceptive about what he's doing in the first place. And codeman38 is a nervous, fidgety wreck by the end of it.

Our waiter apparently hated us

I live in Brooklyn and there is an Italian eatery called L&B Spumoni Gardens that is well known for their Sicilian pizzas. When ordering, you order the pizza as a half pie. One half pie is 12 slices. If you want 24 slices, you order two half pies. The orders have mostly been right but there have been a couple of occasions where there were issues. One time in particular, I ordered 2 half pies and the delivery guy showed up with 1. I told him we ordered two and he immediately got an attitude and said we were lucky he had another in the car. Lucky to actually get what I ordered?!?

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