August 25th, 2009


Hobby Lobby

I need corporate info for Hobby Lobby (email or address) that will actually get read by someone high-up in the company (preferably the owner david green but heh). I know this isn't bad service but I know you guys are really good at getting this sort of info. I have a client that isn't being allowed a sanitary place to pump breast milk for her newborn by her managers (I work at WIC) and she was told it was corporate policy.

(if this gets deleted I totally understand and will figure something out)

ETA: Holy comments! O.k., I already had the information (address) that was on their site, I was hoping there was something a little more personal. The email addresses provided are great, thanks so much.

At the moment she's not wanting to go public with this due to being afraid of losing her job, my letter will only be able to mention an employee in TX at her request.

Anyway, thanks for the help everyone (oh, and I wasn't freezing any comments, I was asleep).