August 24th, 2009

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Augh, Valley Metro!

(Inspired by another AZ Bus Rider post)

Hey, buddy, I know you blew a lot of money on a lightrail that isn't quite making up the cost, because passengers keep sneaking on without paying and you can't afford to pay enough security guys to check tickets better. I get it.  You're hurtin', and you had to raise the prices on us, even higher for those of us so unfortunate as to have to pay on board the bus as usual (because we can't make it to a ticket-dispensing locations).

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tl;dr: Valley Metro hates passengers. No, really.

Edit: I actually think that the passengers who sneak on the lightrail are displaying massive customer suck. I can understand why, but it's not fair to anyone.

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Another horrible blood work story. Don't read if you don't like needles/blood.

Reading the previous entry about the shoddy blood work done in the ambulance that resulted in a burst vein reminded me of my very own bad service.

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tl;dr = Needed blood work when I was 7. First nurse stabbed the heck out of my arm claiming she couldn't find the vein. Mother threatened her for making my arm bleed and me scream with her multiple attempts to take my blood. New male nurse came in and found vein on his first try. All in all, HORRIBLE service until the nice nurse came along. NEVER went there again.