August 22nd, 2009

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On Wednesday, two friends and I went to see Peter Cincotti at the Highline Ballroom in New York. They have per-person minimum, so we didn't eat before going- we just planned to have dinner there. We were seated a bit before 7 and ordered a but after 7- enough time to receive our food and settle our bill before the show started at 8. Plus, my friends wanted dessert. Around 8, we got a little nervous that our food hadn't yet arrived. To this point, our waitress had walked by many times but only checked in once, saying the kitchen was kind of slow tonight, but this was excessive and she'd go check, but the people around us had all gotten their food even though they'd been seated later. We'd all gotten water, which is served in small glasses, and I'd asked for more water twice and my friend had asked twice, but we hadn't gotten any refills. Now, I feel stupid, I should have just taken my glass up to the bar and asked for water, but the mezzanine at Highline is kind of crowded and the people behind us made it hard to get out from our table.

At 8:15, I grabbed the waitress, who said "They still haven't brought your food? I'm going to kill them", which, what? Anyway, our food finally arrived at 8:35. The show ended at 9:10, by the way. My friends' food was fine, but my sandwich was barely lukewarm and my fries were cold. Then she asked for a credit card- we were all paying cash, so she brought the bill and waited for us. We asked for a minute, and she came back twice to bother us. We ordered in plenty of time to pay before the show started, so we didn't really appreciate missing some of the show to be harassed about payment. Anyway, she left and we figured out our payment- Highline adds an automatic 15% gratuity, so we left about $54 on a $52 bill because we thought 15% was pretty generous after all that. Then she waited to come get the bill until the show was over, whereupon she grabbed it off the table in a put-upon manner and ran out into the stairwell, where she counted it out with the audience (including us) passing her. Any guilt I might have felt about not leaving extra money vanished at that point. I'm still surprised by all this, because she started out really well. And we did get more water, but only one glass each. At least Peter was fantastic (not that he's ever not).
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Okay, some backstory is necessary here.

My SO lives at a marina, on his boat. At the marina, though a separate entity, there is a restaurant with a bar (upstairs). Downstairs (in the same building) is the laundromat for the marina, showers, bathrooms, and a meeting/convention room. The manageress for the restaurant is infamous for her Bad Service and nasty attitude in general, and everyone who lives in the marina seems to have their own Bad Service story about her.

Anyway, one week ago, he and I returned from spending the day at my parents' place out in the country to find a class reunion in full swing downstairs in the meeting/convention room (and spreading out onto the docks and sidewalks). I was shocked to find out that it was MINE. (20 years, class of '89!)

We talked about it and he said he'd pay for tickets if I wanted to go. So we went. They had my nametag at the desk with my yearbook photo on it, made out a "guest of" nametag for my boyfriend, gave us wristbands and everything. A fine time was had by all.

The Bad Service arises a few days later when the manageress from upstairs had the nerve to complain (to the manager of the marina) that we had "crashed" the reunion.

Way to be a bitch there. How can I "crash" my own reunion when we paid for tickets (and they had my nametag ready!)?

The eager assumption that we're guilty (rather than, IDK, assuming that we'd paid for entry like everyone else there) really chaps my hide.
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Target, I hate to love thee

Target was near my other errands today so I stopped by for the cheap $1 aisles. I go in, grab a basket and start shopping. I then remember 100 other things that I need and could probably find here so I go wandering.

Walking from the electronics section down to the office/school area I was looking down the aisles to the left of me to see if what I need is there. To my right (though I can not see them yet) there are two employees pushing a flatbed card full of stock on it. Apparently they didn't expect anyone to cross their path because they were pushing it pretty hard and fast. I stopped, a little startled but so did they so I carried on. I got kind of a weird look from them but brushed it off.

I grabbed one more item and headed for the registers. On my way, I passed one of these guys again and he gave me this nasty glare. I gave him a WTF look back and he raised his eyebrows like "What are you gonna do about it?"

The lady ringing me out was an AM so I let her know. It wasn't a huge deal but it did irk me so I mentioned it. I could tell it wasn't the first time she had gotten a complaint about one or both of them but she was professional and didn't start talking trash about them.

If their dollar aisles weren't so awesome I'd probably avoid the bulls-eye more :P

Eta: Yeah I realize it's not omg worst srvc evar...hence why I said "it's not a huge deal". I just think if I had been in their shoes and nearly ran a customer over, I'd probably have handled it differently.