August 18th, 2009

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Fat Willy's Rib Shack - Chicago, IL

 August 17, 2009


Fat Willy’s

General Manager

2416 W Schubert Ave

Chicago, IL 60647


To Whom It May Concern:


On August 7, 2009 my girlfriend and I came to Fat Willy’s for lunch. While the food was delicious, I felt the service was sub-par and as a result only left a 10% tip. I would like to explain why I did so as a favor to help you improve your customer service.


1)      Our first waiter’s shift ended while we were deciding on our meal choices. We waited 15 minutes before finally having to flag someone down for service. By this time the item I intended to order was gone for the evening, though it had been available when we arrived.

2)      A couple next to us was overcharged for their drinks and told by management that the clearly posted prices in their menu would not be honored. Wait staff passing by mentioned the menus had been outdated for months. It took protracted argument to get management to agree to bill them the posted amount.

3)      The manager on staff made jokes about the “pettiness” of the couple next to us to my girlfriend and I, regarding their frustration about having to argue to be billed the posted amount for their drinks.

4)      Our waitress charged us $71.95 for one of our sandwiches, which I noticed only because I checked my bill after the issue with the couple next to us.


I was shocked by the attitude and lack of service at Fat Willy’s on this occasion, since I have eaten there on other occasions and had fantastic times there. I hope you can take this letter to improve your service.





david tennant, 10

Burger King

It's not OMGGGG terrible service, but...

I was on my way home last night and stopped at a Burger King to get a small chocolate shake. My husband had to use the bathroom, so he went in and got the shake. He got in the car, handed it to me and on our way home we went. I drank the shake, and was almost done when the straw hit something hard. I thought it was just a super frozen chunk or something so I was stirring it around for a few minutes.

When it didn't go anywhere, I asked my husband to pull over. I put the car light on, Collapse )

I called BK Corporate this morning, since I got home at 10 last night, they asked me what store it had been, what the item looked like, if they sent me an envelope would I send it to them?, did I hurt my teeth (?), and for my address. The lady also asked why I didn't call the store and I told her the number that was listed on BK's site for that store was disconnected. And that I thought something like this probably needed corporate attention.

I got no apology, no surprise at all (I guess their machines are always dropping into drinks?), no "hey, we'll send you the $2.50 you're out since you couldn't drink ALL your shake" or anything. I guess I'll wait and see what comes in the mail with the envelope, but I mean... Really, Burger King?

ETA: I can't get the pictures to go smaller, I fail at resizing today, sorry. They're behind a cut at least lol.

ETA2: Ok, the picture is after I had dumped a good amount out on the side of the road to figure out wtf my straw was hitting. I didn't think it was me being overly entitled to ask for something they had screwed up.

Royal Mail suckage

I live in the UK, my parents live in Belgium and, a little while back, I sent my mum her birthday present via Royal Mail's international delivery service, Parcelforce. I printed out an address label on the package which clearly had BELGIUM written on it. I sent it guaranteed delivery by 1pm on her actual birthday.

I went into a post office to send the package and received a recipt with the delivery guarantee. I made sure the address was right, so there would be no problems.

Mum's birthday arrives, the package doesn't. I went online to check the status. The package was not in Belgium. Neither was it in the UK. It was in Germany. It also said: "Attempted delivery but recipient not at home". Surprising that, what with it being in the wrong country and all.

I called Royal Mail up and spoke to a woman who was very confused and kept telling me I must have written 'Germany' somewhere on the package. After being transferred to someone else, they told me it was back on its way to Belgium.

The next day, I checked the status again online and there was another message up saying that delivery had again been attempted to some random unknown place in Germany but was not successful.

My mum finally got her present five days after her birthday.

I just sent another package to my mum but, this time, I sent it DHL. It got there in two days (I was told it could take up to three) and cost me half the price.

Vet in Texas

So I took my new little toy poodle in today for her second set of shots.  This is her first visit to this vet, though my other dogs have been several times.  The staff there are usually pretty, um, angry ... they act like they can't answer questions or anything.  I understand you have a ton of animals to take care of  and tend too, but geez.  Anyway, so I go in and they ask my name and blah blah blah.  So then they ask who I was bringing in and I told them her name was JUICY and that she was a toy poodle and that she was 9 WEEKS and 3 DAYS old.  So we wait (there was only ONE person in front of us) and then we were called.  My boyfriend and I take Juicy into the room and the vet calls her JUICE - uh, okay - we just figured he was being funny or whatever and then he tells me that he'll see me in two weeks - okay.  I go up to the counter (after handing off Juicy to said boyfriend) to pay the bill and the staff person hands me her flea/tick/heartworm and I ask her why not just a heartworm pill and she coldy tells me that the vet likes puppies to be on this medicine, but when she's older, I'm free to put her on whatever - alright.  Then she tells me that they'll see me in a month - uh wait - the vet just said I would be back in two weeks.  She then tells me YEAH THAT'LL BE A MONTH - since when did two weeks become one month.  So anyway, I go to put Juicy in her kennel for the drive home and I start to go over the paperwork and low and behold the staff woman typed in JUICE for her name?!?  Come on - I coulda spelled it for you, but I figured since a 9 year old could grasp her name, you could to and she also wrote that Juicy was 9 weeks and 2 days old (not a big deal, but really?!?)