August 14th, 2009

Out tax dollars at work

Short 'nd "sweet".

My friend and I went to the local police station regarding a sexual assault that I experienced, looking to make an appointment tomorrow to speak with a female constable about filing a report, pressing charges etc.

The doors were locked and no one was there.

Now, if I was being chased or stalked or what-have-you at that moment, and I was anywhere near the police station, guess where I would have ran? And no one's there. Just... wow. I get that maybe there wouldn't be a full team running the place, but you'd think there'd be someone there just incase.


I consider that to be beyond bad service.

EDIT: I didn't realize, until after reading some comments, that this was a common occurance. I live in a small town and I tend to attribute poor service to the lack of funding for these areas. But for the record, the reason I didn't call 911 at the time of the assault was that I was extremely upset, very confused, and frightened; the assailtant was a dear friend of 8 years and I couldn't believe that he had done something like this to me. That was my fault and I accept responsibility for it. That still doesn't absolve him of blame.

Seriously, you guys

This community is not a safe space, nor would we like to turn it into one, but... holy shit, guys

judging pregnant women on what they eat?

blaming victims for not reacting as you think they should have?

suggesting that someone deserves bad service because of his or her username or icon?


This is a community for people to vent about bad service, not a community for unsolicited judgments.

You are free to disagree and debate with other members, but be an adult about it, would you, please?

If you have a problem with another community member, please don't turn it into a wankapalooza in the threads, take it up with that person via PMs, contact one of the mods or drop a comment here.

And, just one last reminder that personal attacks and name-calling are frowned upon.

Now, get out there and enjoy your weekend!