August 12th, 2009

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An older story..

 So this really didn't happen to me, but my dad a while back. Anyways. :P

[This story comes in later, I promise! :D.. ] My dad had to take a trip up to Oregon because his father had just died. Once he got there and he was discussing the details with his siblings, he got a sharp pain in his side. The pain got worse and worse, and eventually, he couldn't take it anymore. At about 3 in the morning, his brother rushed him to the hospital. Now, they live in a pretty small town, and the nearest hospital was a pretty small facility. They diagnosed him with appendicitis and told him that his appendix would have to be removed, but there was only one doctor on duty. He said the nurse looked kinda worried, and expressed her concern because the doctor was getting on in his years and was on the road to retirement. She asked him if he'd like to reschedule his appointment when they had a better doctor on duty. He refused because he was in so much pain. So, they put him under and removed his appendix. 

He woke up in pretty bad pain and had a HUGE scar on his abdomen. But the cramps were gone and he was relieved. Because he had just gone through surgery and still had not healed, he had to be wheeled out of the hospital in a wheelchair, and was instructed that he'd have to use one until he healed up. 

He had to make an urgent flight back down to California because him and my mother were in the process of buying our house. She couldn't move very well [she was 9 months pregnant with me. :3] and he needed to be present for some reason to sign the papers. So he got on the next plane to California. At this point, he was still in a wheelchair. He was wheeled into the plane, took a seat, and began to mind his own business. An elderly lady had boarded the plane and was having trouble putting her stuff up in the luggage bin. A stewardess came over, glared down at my dad and said, "Excuse me sir, but would you PLEASE help us out?"

Now that's understandable - she might not have known that he was wheeled in. He calmly told her he couldn't. What really floored me was her reaction.

"Oh yeah, right. Another handicap case. Being handicap is no reason to be so INCONSIDERATE."

What the hell?! Okay guys, if you ever become handicap, DON'T use the handicap parking spots because it's INCONSIDERATE to us ABLED people. GAWSH. [/sarcasm]

So he says nothing.

At the doctor's check-up the next week, the doctor flipped the fuck out when he saw his scar. He still has about a 8-9 inch scar across his abdomen. He was told most patient's scars are only about an inch long. O__o Wtf?! Jeez.. I mean, why make a bigger scar if you don't have to ? I don't know, maybe his appendix was giant and had to be removed with less subtle efforts. haha.

Anyways, kinda long but I thought I would share, lol. 

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There were two registers and two workers, but only one worker was checking people out. The other was hanging behind the second register talking to her. Ok, whatever. So I get in line. There are two women in front of me, one who is being checked out and another waiting in front of me. Then there is one girl behind me that obviously knew the second worker, because they had been talking. As I am waiting, and the girl in front of me puts her stuff on the counter to get rung up, the second worker moves behind the second register and looks as if she is opening up. Then she turns to look at the line, so I ask "oh, are you open?" and she goes "oh..I, no," points at her coworker (who is still ringing up the woman in front of me) and continues, "she'll help you." So ok whatever, I turn back ahead. Then the woman starts obnoxiously motioning towards her friend and loud-whispering her name. Her friend finally looks up, sees her, and moves towards her register. At this point I was like O__o but I figured that maybe she was doing returns or something? But nope, she then proceeds to ring up her friend's purchases and loudly gossip about people I'm assuming they mutually knew.

I'm generally pretty passive and I guess this wouldn't be a huge deal if it weren't for the fact that I STILL HAD TO WAIT for a while, since the woman in front of me had a lot of items. It wasn't like she was just finishing up and leaving or anything. The woman was obviously open, but she just skipped over me to check out her friend. I tried to catch her eye a couple of times while I waited to give her a look because seriously? Seriously?

Ugh, malls.

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So, my family switched all our plans to T-Mobile to save money. I pay for my own phone, but keep it joint to my family's account for ease of communication.

Three days ago, I applied for a job that I was really desperate for. The interview went swimmingly, my resume was more than adequate, and it looked like the job was in the bag, which was nice given that I've been self-employed (a.k.a. broke) for the past few months. Fast forward to today, and I haven't heard back. I call the employer and ask what's going on, and they say that they needed someone to start immediately, and that after they tried calling me and found the phone number disconnected, they went on and offered the job to someone else.


My first reaction was to check my account online. Everything's fine, I'm all paid up, I have plenty of minutes. Following this, I call my cell using a friend's land line, and discover that the phone not only does not ring, but that the caller hears over a minute and a half of dead air before my voicemail cuts in, making people think that the phone does not work. Furthermore, calling back to a bunch of potential employers that I applied to revealed that I had missed at least one other job offer, as well as several interviews.

Add to this the fact that last month my phone refused to process a 911 call despite having a four-bar connection to a cell tower, and I'm a little pissed.

EDIT: So, I tried calling T-mobile customer service, and all they said was that I wasn't an authorized user on the account. After a fruitless attempt to explain that the fact they were billing me entitled me to tech support, I finally gave up and let them call my mother (the "official" authorized user). She received a 30-second phone call in which I was accused of being a crank caller, after which they explained that what had happened to me was impossible.

I'm calling Verizon in the morning.

Mind what you drink.

Today, when my brother and I decided to imitate the drinks that are served at Starbucks, I remembered something that happened to a friend and me 5 years ago, at a nearby coffee store.

It was the hottest Saturday of the damned summer and we had just left from a final exam. At 4PM they were going to hand us over our grades so we had to wait because, if we passed the exam, they would sign down our grades books (I tried everywhere to find the accurate translation but I couldn't find it. It's just that little notebook where they sign your grades) and we would be able to leave instead of staying for an immediate supplementary oral exam.

Anyways, it was past 2.30PM, it was hot, we were thirsty and the bar downstairs was closed because it was Saturday (despite the fact there were always classes during Saturdays, they always closed), so no bar, no drinks and thus, time to go somewhere else.

Walking towards one of the many avenues we decided to get into a fancy looking coffee house. It would obviously have awfully silly prices for drinks and food but at least the sun was not hitting it, the air conditioner was working full power and it looked amazing, very clean and elegant.

My friend asked for a soda and I, as usual for me to do it, asked for a cold chocolate milk.

It is not rare for such places to make cold chocolate milk with chocolate powder and sometimes, when they don't manage to dissolve the powder well, lumps of chocolate can be found at the bottom of the glass.

So well, we were drinking happily ever after with my friend, enjoying the air conditioner as much as possible, when I spotted a chocolate lump at the bottom. I tried to dissolve it by pressing my straw against it but nothing happened.

I tried it again and nothing happened again.

"Oh well" I told myself  "I will leave the straw on it until it dissolves". It never dissolved though.

When I finished my drink I looked at the bottom of the glass to check what was wrong with the chocolate lump. Suddenly the lump's shape and density made sense when I looked closer to it: at the bottom of my glass there was a small cockroach without two legs and its antennas.

Needless to say I was about to vomit (to top it all, I have a terrible fear for cockroaches, so the possibility of having swallowed parts of it was way to much for my mind right then) when my friend, outraged, took my glass and went straightly forward to the cashier and the waiters to demand an explanation for what I had found, making sure everyone in the coffee house could hear her.

At first the owner said it was but a chocolate lump and then my friend took it out to show it to him, demanding a compensation for having found such thing in such place, saying that SENASA (a national organization of my country dedicated to make sure all food establishments are clean and following the rules, as well as to check food's quality) was just some blocks away, that she would call them, call customer's complaints organization and much more.

To stop my friend's outraged reaction, they gave me a soda and decided to not charge the cold chocolate milk I asked for initially neither the soda. I drank it just because my friend made me drink it (I was still in brain meltdown city).

When we were about to leave the waiters brought us the bill and oh yay, the soda they brought me was listed there.

My friend was going to complain again but I told her not to, we had at least a good half hour to walk back towards the institution and to complain for hours for a drink wouldn't worth it if it meant to lose the supplementary exams if we hadn't had a big mark to pass the exam at once.

At least we passed the tests with big marks, enough to not have the supplementary oral exam, yet, well, I still hope that the cockroach had initially been missing those parts of its anatomy and not to have swallowed them.

(I apologize wholeheartedly for all the grammatical mistakes and odd words I could have used).

Everyone has bad days but still

So my friends and I went to see The Muppets Take Manhattan on the big screen at local independent theater. This sounds like a grand ole' time, amirite? This place also has OMG delicious popcorn made with actual real butter and tasty root beer. So I go to the counter to order some tasty popcorn and root beer because I like food and things happen like this: I walk up to the counter and the girl there gives me a death glare and rolls her eyes before I even say anything.

Me: *smile smile* Hi, how are you?
Her: *glare*
Me: I'd like a small popcorn with butter and a small root beer
Her: *eyeroll and then sigh and gets my food* Nine dollars
Me: *hands over credit card*
Her: *glare eyeroll sigh combo* Do you want your receipt?
Me: No thank you.
Her: Okay *glare*

....did I do something wrong? Maybe I'm overreacting but I just don't like getting the "I hope you die" look when I'm ordering tasty snacks.

In other news the movie theater sells TARDIS t-shirts, go get one now but not from grumpy hipster girl!