August 10th, 2009

Bad gallery service?

I'm sort of not really sure if this counts as bad service or not, but it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth, so:

My dad recently visited the city I live in, which was also the city hosting an art exhibition that he particularly wanted to see. So, on his last day here he decided to take me and my boyfriend to the gallery to see it. We went through and at about 10 minutes to 5 (the exhibition closes at 5) we were standing in the last room of the exhibition, having already viewed everything, waiting for my dad to finish looking at the last paintings. One of the gallery employees, standing next to us, started talking to us and complaining about how she hadn't had a lunch break yet and wished everyone would get out so she could have a break. I thought that in itself was unprofessional, but I wasn't really bugged at that point, so I just made some sympathetic noises re: the no break thing. Then she made a little flicking motion with her hand to indicate that we should leave. I was quite stunned, so I didn't move, at which point she gave me a "COME ON!" look and made the motion again, more vigorously.
Me: "Uh, we just have to wait for my dad".
Her: "Which one is he?"
My boyfriend told her which one he was (I don't know why, really) and she went over to him and, apparently, told him to leave. Which we did...but...what? We paid our $20-something apiece to get in just like everyone else, and it's not like she was going to get out any faster with us gone, given that there were still hundreds of people behind us in the earlier rooms, and we would have been gone in a couple of minutes anyway, and it was still 10 minutes before the exhibition closed, and...seriously, what?

We weren't misbehaving in any way, by the way. We were just standing quietly by the exit. I really don't know what she was thinking.
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Passed-On Bad Service

Reading through some of the entries here reminded me of something my grandmother told me one of the last times I talked to her on the phone. A small bit of bad service, but still.

My grandmother had gone to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and didn't have a problem until she was ready to pay at the checkout. She was paying with her debit card, and either she was having issues with the card machine reading her card, or was being too slow by the cashier's standards, because after a moment, the cashier literally snatched the card out of her hand, turned the card machine around, and slid it through.

Now, I'll be the first to admit my grandmother isn't exactly the speediest of people. And being a grocery cashier myself, I've sometimes had customers who have repeated "card read errors" from sliding their cards too fast/slow, or who have some sort of disability preventing them from sliding their card or something, and if they happen to have repeated trouble, I'll ask if they'd like me to try and slide it, so long as they're okay with it. Oftentimes, they'll happily agree, other times, they'll decline, whatever, I move on with my life.

But in what universe is is acceptable to outright grab someone's debit/credit card out of their hand, without so much as asking if it's alright, and run it yourself? Unfortunately, my grandmother didn't do anything about it, as far as I know, though I really wish she had. I wish I'd been there, because I most definitely would have asked to speak to a supervisor about that. I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable.