August 8th, 2009



my boyfriend & I have had several problems with the McDonalds down the street from his house. each time we go, we're given attitude and/or the wrong order, frozen fries, yada yada. the last time we went, he ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. they charged him for a combo AND an extra chicken sandwich. we didn't realize it until we got home, which yes, was our fault.

anyway.. this being yet another problem we've had with this particular McDonalds, we decide to call their 1-800 customer service number. the woman I spoke to was very nice and professional. she instructed us to go back to the McDonalds with our receipt and get a refund. I asked if we needed to bring the sandwich, to which she replied "no, they'll just throw it away anyway. I'll be calling this particular location so they will be expecting you."

we go to McDonalds as instructed, with receipt but sans sandwich. upon speaking to an employee, we are once again greeted with attitude and it's more than apparent that this particular employee wanted nothing to do with us.

boyfriend: hi I'm J, I called this 1-800 number and spoke to [rep].. we were overcharged and I'd like a refund, please.

employee: *snatches receipt & literally scoffs* oh yeah my manager told me about that. so where's the sandwich?

bf: we were told by [rep] that we didn't need to bring it, so we didn't.

emp: ... bet you ate it though, didn't you?

bf: ... no. I didn't. it's at home. but..

emp: *cuts him off* whatever we need to the sandwich to give you back your money

and then she slams her window.. obviously dismissing us.

alright.. I completely understand that they can't just go issuing refunds so easily to people who say they've been overcharged but don't have the food. but we didn't deserve to be talked to like that, and besides the rep DID call and speak to the manager before hand.. I think that proves that weren't just trying to get a free $4 from McDonalds. needless to say we won't go back to this McDonalds again.. which is a shame because it's so close to his house.

Holy long wait

Dear McDonalds,
It should *NEVER* take 27 minutes to go through the drive through. NEVER! Doubly so when there are only 6 cars in front of me.
Also, after 27 minutes when I pull to the window don't ask me to pull forward because you don't have my SODA ready.

No love,
The grumpy pregnant woman

(And I totally would have backed out if an even longer line hadn't formed behind me moments after pulling in)
Canada!, Oh

A (near) Slip-Up at Logan's Roadhouse

This is certainly not the worst experience I've had (or read), but it seemed like such a common sense sort of thing that I'm still a bit WTF about it.

Yesterday, my dad and I went to lunch at a Logan's Roadhouse here. If you don't know, it's one of those places where they give you a bucket of peanuts, and there can be shells all over the floor. Now my dad is in his 80s, white-haired, and has just finished up with treatments for prostate cancer, so isn't as spry as he might have been, and it shows. I have mobility problems, and use a walker.

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TL-DR= Restaurant seating person sees elderly man and disabled (walker using) woman, ignores request for close seating, walks past many empty booths and tables and sits us about as far away as possible.
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Dunkin Donuts

So my mother and I went to the Dunkin Donuts / Baskin Robbins near my house. I had needed to get up early for work on wonderful tax-free and I really just wanted to get coffee more than anything else. Now, we'd already had some issues with them when they make ice cream. They (meaning teenage boys) often would rather be talking with female customers and co-workers than making our order and they sometimes don't listen to our orders and make them incorrectly.

Surely, you think, they can't mess up donuts right? You just pick them up and put them in a box.


We were first helped by a teenage boy, here after called Employee #1. He was actually helpful. Not longer after we informed that we wanted half a dozen donuts, Employee #2, all so a teenage boy comes over. He asks if we would rather get a dozen. My mother tells him that we didn't pay for the extra cost and he "helpful" informs us that it is only blahblah amount more. My mother said no. He acted annoyed, but Employee #1 was joking around, saying that he holds a grudge so we assumed he was joking.

Wrong again.

Employee #2 was unhelpful. I asked if they had a specific kind and he said no, so I decided on something else. He put the WRONG one supposedly by "accident" into the box. As I was asking another question, he randomly started laughing for no reason whatsoever. I was probably glaring at him by that point since I had been telling with stuff all day and he was not helping. At that point Employee #1 pointed out that Employee #2 had "accidentally" put the wrong donut in the box so he changes it.

So I attempt to ask the same question again, but Employee #3, a teenage girl comes out of the back and starts talking to Employees #1 and #2 about something work related right in the middle of our order. She comes over and offers some of the cake that she was just randomly carrying around to which I said "no" and my mother did as well.

She went back in the back and I was FINALLY able to get my question answered and my mother quickly ordered what the remaining donuts, to which Employee #2 nitpicked about the way she asked for something. After he finished packing the box with the correct donuts and closing the lid, Employee #2 just walked off. Employee #1 asked if we needed anything else and I was able to get my coffee, which he was actually helpful about.

We are not going back to this store.