August 7th, 2009


WTF or Suck?

So, last night we decided to order from this small mom and pop pizza place called Little Italy. Their stuff is super expensive, for some reason, but their ham and cheese sandwiches are to die for. We ordered an XL pizza and a few ham and cheese subs. We also got a chicken parmesan sandwich for my brother with NO cheese.

I go pick it up and check to make sure they got our special order subs right and what do you know? There's cheese on it. I go back in, and this is the conversation that took place:

Old Hag: OH
Me: :D

OH: Did you forget something?
Me: *Obviously holding a sandwich box* Yeah, this was supposed to be no cheese.
OH: No one told me.
Me: I told the girl on the phone when I placed the order.
OH: It wasn't on the ticket.
Me: Well, I had...Okay.

I was going to tell her I had the girl on the phone repeat the order because of the special stuff I needed done to the sandwiches, and she read it back perfectly, so I don't know where the confusion was. She didn't even go grab the ticket to make *sure* it wasn't on there, just got defensive right away. She walked off with the sandwich before I had a chance to tell her I had the girl read it back to me. I'm standing there expecting her to make me a new one, and she comes right back over to me and says:

OH: Here you go.
Me: *Just looks at her.*
OH: I just picked it off.
Me: You just..picked the cheese off? My brother is allergic. (He's not really allergic, but he can't eat cheese, he has stomach issues. I didn't feel it was necessary to lay it all out like that. I hope this doesn't make me a customers_suck)
OH: That's okay, it didn't melt enough to stick to the bread or anything. I picked it off and put a bit more marinara on it to cover it up.
Me: Um..Okay..

I left and went home and told my mom about it, she said she was going to call back and complain but I don't know if she did. The owner/manager is never there, so I don't know what good it would have done. I don't know if you guys found it bad service, but I thought it was kind of crappy. ;[
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I saw a post about best buy and I have a doozy of a best buy story. 

My mom is a professional writer and she wanted someone professional to back up her computer. My mom had thousands of pictures and all of her different drafts for his writing on there. She decided to go to best buy to get it done since it's so close to home. She made sure to tell them that she wanted a back up and they let her know that the wireless card was faulty and needed to be fixed, so she said that she would like them to fix that too. Meanwhile my mom who travels more than stays home goes to Japan and England and Florida for two months and when she gets home, she goes to pick up the computer. They let her know that the computer is not ready yet and it has not been sent back yet. She says sure and just to call her when it's ready, and do they think it will be ready by December. (This is October and she brought it in originally in August) they say yes  and she makes sure that they did a back up and they say yes and that it's with the computer, and she goes on her merry way. 

In December we are about to leave for Florida for Christmas and my mom asked if I can go pick up the computer, She had called earlier to let them know that her daughter was picking up the computer, and when I get there they refuse to even talk to me because I am not my mother. They were really rude and talked to me like I was an idiot. She had told them previously that she couldn't get up there and would it be ok if I come to pick it up and the manager said that it wasn't a problem. So I called her from the store and she said come home and she would get my older sister (Who tends to be listened to more) go and get it. She goes and they say that they need to talk to my Mom and she calls my mom yet again. Explains what they said and my mom grudginly comes. When she gets there, they explain that they cannot release the computer unless she is there, blah blah blah, and she at this point is annoyed and says fine. They explain that the wireless card had corrupted the motherboard of the computer and that they couldn't do anything. I forgot to mention that it took me almost an hour to get to the store because of the snow and traffic, and it took my sister and my mom equally as long. 

Now they had never told her this when she talked to the manager earlier in the day, and so she asked why was she not told before and they hmmed and haaaaed and they said that they did and my mom did not want to argue with them. It was 8 by this time and we were leaving the next day and so she just asked if she could have the back up and the ''geek'' looked confused and said there was no back up done. My mom pointed to the receipt that she had initially gone for the back up and so of course there was one, because she had asked several times during this little journey if the back up was done. The manager then came to tlk to her, and explained that no a back up was not done. 

My mom who is normally very soft spoken and always polite and kind was livid at this point and asked why it was not done. Clearly it's on the receipt for the work to be done, and it had been confirmed by more than one people along the way that it was done. She asked why it wasn't done and the manager said he didn't know and then he said he would be right back and he disappears for thirty minutes. Meanwhile my mom is livid and trying to calm down. 

The manager comes back and shows her the motherboard and says he will try to get any information off of the motherboard and that since the computer is unrepairable and it's under warranty they will give her a new computer. We leave with no computer and go on our trip (Which my mom can't write on which was part of it's purpose)

A month later we come back to the store  and they explain that there was confusion along the chain of different people who dealt with her computer. She was informed it was no person's fault and that it was "one of those things" that happen. She was shown to a salesman and she was given a nice laptop with no back up cds. 

In the end she did she got a new computer that was pretty nice, but i bought her a terabite external hard drive and I back up everything. 


deposit / landlord shenanigans? or a-okay?

Hi guys, gals and etc, I know I can't get legal advice here, but I was hoping either somebody else's personal experience might shed some light, or point me in the right direction.

I was living in NYC in an apartment [like ya do...] and ended up needing to leave. June 1st was my move out date, the lease ended in August [this month]. The landlord OKed my moving out and letting my current roommate finish my term. I waited 'til the end of July to contact my landlord, as I figured I wouldn't have the right to my deposit til the lease was up.

There's a pretty severe language barrier between myself and this man, so sometimes communication is just very difficult, and not very clear. So that's when I mean when I say I get the "impression" of what he meant, it could also be me not fully following him, or him not fully following me and giving me a funky answer, or it could just be... you get the idea. I call him up and talk to him, he seems pretty agitated but that wasn't out of the ordinary, and from what I gather my ex roommate would need to put up another deposit before I get mine back. This didn't sound right to me - what if somebody else moved in right after me, and I had no idea who they were? Would I still not get it back? My boyfriend looked up some things, but he only had California law to show me [which is most certainly not where I was, being in New York] and it said, more or less since he moved in the place was never fully vacated and therefore I cannot get my deposit til either that occurs or Ex-roomie provides a new deposit.
The ex roommate has since found somebody else and plans to stay there, which was made clear to the landlord when I moved out, as well, and he was fine with it - in a "we will sign a new lease" sort of way, obviously. My BF's logic was that the law couldn't differ that much, and my logic was... to post here and see if anybody else has ever been in a similar situation. I suppose I just am hoping to be able to get my money back, no matter what's going on with the Ex roommate since essentially, my lease was fulfilled and it was agreed I'd get my money back.

To break it down:
I move out ahead of time on the lease with ex-roommate fulfilling the last two months, landlord OKs it.
Contact landlord at end of lease period to inquire/give new address info for the deposit to be sent.
Landlord says he needs deposit from ex-roommate before I can get mine.

If there's any clarification needed just ask, I did my best to make this as non-confusing and sense-making as I could manage.
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Step 1 to avoiding food requests: Cover it with other food!

Our family was at a Chinatown restaurant in San Francisco where we had a great dinner, save for my wonton soup that I ate as most of my meal. Chicken wontons were requested, but shortly our waiter came out to inform us that they had accidentally made the soup with prawns instead, and would that be okay? Unfortunately I don't eat shrimp (not an allergy; just a textural thing), which I let them know as apologetically as I could. Not a problem; he returns to the kitchen and a little while later out comes the soup. The top of the bowl is completely covered in over an inch of cut chicken... unusual for wonton soup but I passed it off as a style difference and dug in. The soup was great at first - except for when I went to bite into one of the wontons themselves and found it full of shrimp. Yum!! As best as I can figure, rather than remake the mistaken shrimp wontons, they just tossed a bunch of chicken on top and hoped that I somehow wouldn't notice. WTF?

ULTA bad service

So, I got an ULTA card a while ago, just to use in the shop. Then, I decided to use it on the online ULTA store, because it was an 'online only' sale. My card wouldn't work when I tried to log it in, because the name apparently wasn't right.

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TL;DR: ULTA puts the wrong name on my card, acts like it's a huge inconvenience to help me get started on fixing it, openly acknowledges that whoever they have putting names to cards either doesn't care about getting it right or can't read.