August 5th, 2009


Witnessed/Involved Bad Service

So as I was waiting for my car to get serviced, I got thirsty so I walked to the Starbucks across the street. The store was pretty empty, yet there were 5-6 baristas just standing there talking among themselves. There was only one other person in front of me, an Asian lady. She had already received her drink and wasn't satisfied with it.

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TL;D - Lady orders drink and baristas give her grief when she wants it remade/refund. They made the wrong drink in the first place!


I'm gonna kill someone

I am allergic to nickel.
Whenever you go into pretty much any even vaguely reputable doctor's office, no matter what type of office it is, they ask for allergy information. I always tell them I'm allergic to nickel because a lot of medical instruments are nickel-plated.
I know for a fact that my optometrist has my nickel allergy written on my chart because I remember joking with him that if any of the equipment had nickel on it, I'd have two big raccoon eye marks around my face for the next week.

So I posted my b_s on here in January from when I went there and they tried to give me a "year's supply" of solution that all expired in July. July came and about two weeks ago I went to get the other half of my year's supply of solution. They were out of the brand I like so they gave me their sort of favored brand, Aquify. I explained that when they gave me Aquify when I first got my contacts, it really hurt my eyes. They brushed it off as just being an adjustment to contacts and not an actual problem with the solution. Sounds reasonable, so I took my Aquify home.
Nope, still burns like hell. I called and told them this. After asking the required idiot-proof questions ("are you sure you're washing your hands?") they said I should just get a new lens case, throw out that pair of contacts in case I got something on them, and continue to try and use the Aquify, it's probably just an adjustment thing.
Nope, still burns like hell. I've been too busy to go there this past week so I've just been wearing glasses. This morning, while brushing my teeth, I glance up at the bottle of Aquify.

CONTRAINDICATIONS (Reasons not to Use): If you are allergic to silver or other metals such as nickel, or to any ingredient in this solution, do not use.

THANKS, BUDDY. I would say this is partially my fault for not checking but who the hell would think to check a liquid -- a liquid you put on your eyeballs of all things -- for nickel? I've been allergic to nickel my entire life and this is the first time I've had a problem with a liquid because of it. Apparently the doc and the people behind the counter didn't think to check, either. COOL.
Reason #2937592837589 I'm never going back to that fucking office (after, of course, I go back today and get new solution).
Bad Kitty

Wrong Size Wood

My wife wants to enclose part of the back yard and fill it with river stone for a cheap, easy patio. I took some measurements last fall and ordered (6) 8’ 6x6 landscaping timbers from a local lumberyard. A few things came up and I was unable to start the project until this spring. Due to the grading in the back and the fact that my wife doesn’t want to step up the timber to follow the grade (like I had planned to do) I wound up having to double up some of the timber and was therefore short by three pieces.

No problem, I go and order three more pieces. It all went downhill from there.

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Tl;dr: Lumber company unloads odd non-stocked wood sizes on unsuspecting customers and then want the customers to pay almost four times as much to match the size of the stuff they got rid of.
Neil and his bride

Are you hearing different words than what I'm saying?

Mkay, a little background information here...

For about one year, I was under two different insurance company providers - my father's (as I am still of age), Aetna, and my own insurance, United Healthcare, through the job that I had. I recently left said job, which just about coincided with getting some hefty bills from various health care providers I'd gone to recently. We realized that the bills were so large because only one insurance was taking out a portion of the costs - my father's.

I called United Healthcare, which I had through my job, and they told me that no bill had ever come to them in the duration of their service with me. As I go into the hospital frequently for chronic migraines, I knew that they certainly should have reached them.

Easy enough - they said to call the two hospitals and one health care physician I'd gone to in that time and request two things - all bills that had accumulated from treatment both paid and unpaid, and a reason why these bills weren't sent to them within 90 days. This was likely just because Aetna was listed as the primary insurance.

Sounds easy enough, right?

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After this, we went through the address and phone number for United Healthcare three different times as she threw random extra numbers into the zip code and phone number. I know it was a confusing situation, but I laid it out as simply as I could and the two hospitals had no problem with it.

I just hope everything went through correctly and that it isn't messed up. Grah!

TL;DR: Woman thinks that when I say one thing, I must obviously mean another, and won't give up until I admit it. Even though she's wrong.

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I lurk here, I know I know nobody cares it's my first time :P (In the UK if it matters)

My sister, mother and I decided to go shopping and we went to stop for lunch. My mother had seen somewhere advertising 'healthy fresh food' so we decided to check it out.

We sit down and they explain their unconventional ordering system (you have a pad with all the menu items on it, you mark how many you want of what item, hand it to the kitchen and pay, they bring the food out to you)

We mark three lemonades and two pork wraps, I ordered two side dishes-wasn't hungry.

The lemonades come and they taste...weird. Like it's lemon with ginger. All three of them. We check the menu, there is a different lemon and ginger drink. We tell the waitress, she apologises and exchanges the two of them for the lemonade we ordered. (I had finished mine already, we told her mine was wrong too, and she offered to bring me one even though I had finished which I thought was nice)

Mine comes out (hummus and flatbread, both completely fine) and so do the two pork wraps.

We're a little confused as they are supposed to be the same thing, but both look completely different. One has a red-ish filling the other green. We call the waitress over and she says she does not know why they look different, they only have one pork wrap on the menu. They are both pork, and she assures us they are what we ordered and she doesn't know why they look different.

Mum and sister start eating, the red filled one is too spicy too eat. The green filled one is kind of bland. The wrap is supposed to have sweet chilli sauce on it. We guess that one wrap got the chilli sauce serving for both. Mum goes up to the counter to explain what she thinks is wrong. They offer a new one, with no chilli sauce. She says no she'll have a normal one with the normal amount.

We wait a while- much longer than it took for the first wraps to come out. It comes out and again has no chilli sauce.

She decides to give up, eat it and leave.

TL;DR Restaurant can't get orders right, waitress is nice and tries to be helpful to no avail.