August 1st, 2009

You've got to be kidding me.

So everything about my birthday [Thursday] went great except for this...

I made reservations at my favorite restaurant for 10 people. Our waiter really absent and clueless the entire time. He came back after half an hour and asked us if we were ready to order to which we said, "could we have a look at the menus first?" He wouldn't pop by and ask if we needed anything or if everything was okay. We had to ask for additional utensils, despite having specified how many people would be there, three weeks in advance. We constantly had to catch him before he took off just to get things like water or get him to open the bottles of wine we had.

Everyone at the table tipped at least 15% or more of their bill. He came back with the checkbooks, returned change and we left our tips inside. He collected all the books and left. But he came back and placed the checkbooks back on our table. He seemed to have been hovering around the table because when we opened our books we noticed our tip was still inside. We all placed our check books at the end of the table and he briskily picked up all the check books a second later and interrupting the conversation, rudely said, "oh, if the tip isn't at least 10%, it means the service was bad." And he fluttered off never to be seen again.

This really offended me and everyone else there, and I am tempted to call and complain. He got his 15% or more tip from every bill for being a mediocre waiter? What really set me off was my boyfriend, who felt exceptionally bad for the SOB, tried to leave an additional 10$ but I really wasn't having any of that.
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3 cases of bad service (or wtf service?) in one night?!?!

I just thought this was really, really ridiculous.

Little background: My aunt flew in from FL and her flight was arriving at 1130ish PM. My mom and I left at 1030 to go pick her & her pals up at the airport. My mom didn't wanna drive alone so I go with her, barely being awoke.

Even though it is 1030, it is a Friday night, and all of the places we stopped at were "24 hour" stops. :) Collapse )

steak and shake

I think this is the first instance of bad service that I've ever had in my 22 years that has made me as irritated as I am about the whole situation.

Yesterday evening, I went to the local Steak and Shake with my fiance to grab some burgers. We noticed it was busy on the way in and this place tends to be a little slow, but we didn't mind as we were used to it. After we were seated and our drink orders were placed, everything just went downhill.

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tl;dr- Server gives crappy service and ignores a request due to food allergies twice.
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Pizza delivery issues

My fiance and I live in a cabin off of a little country road in the mountains. We've been here about a year now, during which we've ordered pizza from the local Papa John's about once a month. So, that's about 12 pizzas.

I can count on one hand the number of deliveries that have been successful (that is, the person has delivered the pizza to us without having to call and tell us s/he can't find the house.

To help you better understand the placement of the house (and because I'm bored) I've put together a visual.

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KFC Annoyance

So the other day my girlfriend and I decided we didn't feel like cooking and wanted some good 'ol Colonel's chicken. She had work that night so we pulled up into the drive-thru and after looking at the menu decided on the 14 piece meal (14 pieces, drums & thighs, 2 mashed potatoes w/ gravy, cole slaw and 6 biscuts) so we could eat dinner and have enough leftovers for her to take to work with her. We sat in the drive through for about 5 - 10 minutes in the same spot before we decided to park and go inside. When we walked inside the same truck was sitting at the speaker and the passenger (I think) was standing next to the speaker trying to get their order across. I begin to think this is not a good sign.

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