July 30th, 2009

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Minor WTF service

I just moved, and when I went to the local Gigantic Grocery/Misc. Items Superstore I wasn't planning on buying much: just a shower curtain and liner, so I didn't grab a cart or a basket or anything. However, I'm bad at sticking to plans and ended up grabbing a metric ton of shit that I was struggling to carry around the store. All the carts were kept outside the store, and I didn't see any hand baskets for grabbing so I stood around near the entrance/exit for a minute or two until I saw an employee walk by.

I asked if they would watch my stuff for a second while I ran outside to get a cart while laughing at myself. The girl just looked at me, and said "uh, no actually". I guess she didn't want to be responsible for my stuff, which is fine. But then she just turned around and walked away in the middle of my asking, "Oh, could you possibly...." without letting me finishing "...grab one for me?"

I know it was my fault for planning poorly, but sheesh.

As an end note, though, as I was struggling in the soda aisle to figure out how to hold all my things and grab a 12-pack, I heard a guy behind me say "pardon, aqui!" It was a stocker, pointing at his empty push-cart. I was like "...really?" and he nodded vigorously and put my stuff on the dolly and let me use it to take my stuff up to the registers. I felt silly pushing it around, but really grateful.

Bad Service, WTF, or Just Plain Strange?

Thought I would post this here to get some opinions.

I went to grab a salad for lunch, paid for the salad, then turned around to get a dressing from the refrigerator (this is a sort of mom and pop type place).  As I am getting the dressing, I'm told that the dressing will be 50 cents extra.  Mind you there are no signs posted anywhere saying this and I figure that dressing is automatically included in the price when you order a salad. 

I asked if she was kidding, and she said no the dressing would be 50 cents extra on top of the price of the salad.  Which I thought was kind of weird that it wasn't just included in the price to begin with, since most people who order salads probably put something on it.  Why not just include it in the price in the first place, and raise your overall price?

So, bad service, or just weird service?

(ETA: I think it's worth mentioning I've never had this happen before around here (Northeast), even when I've grabbed a pre-made salad at various places, it's always included in the overall price which was why I was kind of surprised when she told me it was extra.)

Sbarro WTF...a pizza up-sell?

I manged to steal away some time for myself and I was in the local mall today. Naturally I got hungry. I tend to avoid Sbarro because I think their pizza is way overpriced. But whatever; I was in the mood for a slice and resigned myself to pay the piper.

Me: *bows*
UG: Upsell Pizza Girl

Me: Hi, I'll have one slice plain cheese and a diet coke. *goes to pay*
UG: Ok, one combo and a diet coke.
Me: Uh, no. Just the slice. No combo.
UG: It's better if you get a combo.
Me: looks for menu option for combo on the board that lists the food prices, doesn't find it. "Oh? Why is it better?"
UG: It's better if you get a combo. It's better.
Me: *blinks* So, it's more expensive, right?
UG: *looks down* It's 60 cents more.
Me: Uh, no thanks. Just the slice.

Despite the fact that she tried to slip in the combo before I questioned her on it, I kinda felt bad for her just by the look she gave me, which was like a "damn, I really needed this" look. Her boss was watching, and he looked annoyed when I declined. I'm sure he tells them to do that to everyone, so a $3.50 piece of pizza turns into a 6 or 7 dollar meal. Sorry, in this economy, if I decide to get take out from anywhere, no one is slipping "extras" in that I don't want. Who the hell can afford that these days?

I really gotta learn to not eat at that damn mall. =)