July 29th, 2009

Micro by me

WTF-ish service for a good laugh

So last week I forgot my lunch and went to McDonald's. I work in a busy area so during the lunch hours all the fast food places are slammed. I pulled into the drive thru line and waited and waited. Cars in line before me and behind me got angry and left. I noticed this one big green landscaping truck was at the speaker and had not moved the entire time. So I pulled out of line, parked and went inside to order. Walking across the parking lot I saw the truck was still there but no cars were at either window. As I got my food I asked the cashier if something was wrong with the drive thru line. She asked "no why" So I told her it had not moved at all and explained how that same truck had not moved. And at this another woman spoke up that this was why she has also parked and come inside. Then the trucked pulled up to the window. So I said "oh there he is". The cashier then told us that trucks that big don't set off their drive thru alarm so they don't know that they are there.

So I just had to wonder. Its their busiest time of the day...the time when the drive thru is always busy. But they did not notice that for who know how long there was no activity at all on the drive thru. LOL

I got my food, the employees were helpful, so again not bad service. But odd enough that I hope its acceptable.
Bad Kitty

Nepotism Much?

The district manager post jostled this out of my memory.

Many years ago I worked for a company that rep’d another companies products. We were assigned a certain engineer at the company who was supposed to do all the engineering for the bids that we won.

This guy was absolutely useless. I would send in the project information, get the engineering back, correct all the mistakes, send it back to have the mistakes fixed and then get the corrected engineering back. I think it took me about a month before I just started doing the engineering myself and cc’ing the company so they would know what needed to be released when the customer was ready for the product.

About six months later I was chatting on the phone with one of the secretaries at this company and I finally found out the background on this dumb guy (DG). It seems the vice president of the company’s daughter was engaged to DG and she begged Daddy to give him a job. They started him out in sales but he kept screwing up. He has a degree in mechanical engineering so they transferred him into the engineering department (gee…thanks!).

After I had decided just to do the work myself and not deal with him anymore DG was assigned a large oversees project that he royally fucked up (big surprise). No one had caught his mistakes, wrong product had been shipped and installed, product was failing…basically about as bad as it can get.

The project manager (PM) started calling as soon as it became apparent that there was a problem but DG didn’t want to deal with it so he would tell the receptionist to tell the PM he was not in and to leave a message. He would then delete the message without returning the call. PM was across an ocean on another continent so it’s not like there was any danger of PM just dropping by the office.

This went on for almost a month with the PM calls coming more and more often as the magnitude of the problem started to become apparent. The receptionist was getting really pissed at DG because he was putting her in the awkward position of lying to PM about DG not being there plus she was aware of the fact that DG had screwed up and was basically sticking his head in the sand instead of trying to fix the problem.

It all came to a head one day when DG was standing in the reception area goofing off and PM called:

Receptionist: DG, PM is on the line. You really have to talk to her.
DG: Tell her I’m not in and have her leave a message.
Rec: She’s already left dozens of messages for you; you have to talk to her.
DG: Just TELL her I’m not here and let her leave a message!
Rec: (Picks up line) Hello PM. Yes. Yes. He’s standing right in front of my desk and he is asking me to tell you he isn’t in the building and to have you leave another message. Yes. Yes of course I can connect you to his superior.

I’m not sure if the receptionist got into any trouble but a month later the receptionist was still working there and DG had been fired. Guess nepotism only goes so far.
Trinity Knot

So yeah: Related to the just deleted post.


Like I had said in the comments, I live in/near Chinatown brooklyn. Its a mile and a half length of 8th avenue extending up 2-3 blocks on each side of the avenue. Ive been here my entire life and the neighborhood changed right around me, which personally I find to be awesome since I love the culture and of course the food.

Like queenie_z I have noticed listings of what appears to be menu items written only in chinese. I know they are menu items because they have prices next to them, and there are no equivalents because the characters of the entries on these usually neon colored papers posted to the wall have no equavalent in the menu. I tend to shrug it off because I tend to stick to resturants where the people know me, or places I have previously gone with friends who introduced me to staff and they know I dont have a problem with anything on offer, aside of an occasional reaction to something like say too much grease, so my 'resturant friends' enjoy introducing me to new things to try. This of course means I find out eventually about the new and interesting things that are listed in the 'chinese chinese' for lack of a better term menus.

The suck I remembered was about 6 months ago. I work for NYC Transit, on the mid shift which means I generally get home sometime between midnight and three am. Now 8th avenue tends to stay open late but there is a limit, so pretty much everything was closed as I was trudging my way home from the local train station. Across the avenue from my block, on the corner formed from my street and the avenue on the base of the hill I was lucky enough to find an open chinese resturant. HOORAY for me right? Well not really, the vast majority of the menu is written in chinese and when I asked the staff for clarification I got a smile and a shrug. Finally after a couple of attempts the lady at the register told me she couldnt understand english, and apparently that was the norm that night.

I dont know if I caught them on a bad night where there was no bilingual person scheduled or what, but I left the resturant fairly unhappy that I couldnt bring home anything special for supper. If I go back I think I should bring one of my friends so they can translate if it happens again.