July 28th, 2009

On not reading signage...

This began as a comment on the below post about McDonald's employee who argued with the customer about an Egg McMuffin sign, but it got a bit long...
Once my boyfriend and I were at a laundromat returning our deposit card (moving out of the area) and the guy hands us $3 (the price of the deposit).
My boyfriend, nice as pie just said, "oh, there was some remaining balance on that".
Laundromat guy: "We don't refund balances, are you sure you wouldn't like to wash some clothes?"
Now I've NEVER been the kind of person that speaks up about mistakes in shops unless they are fairly likely to bankrupt me (Social anxiety type thing, yeah I know it hinders me) but keep in mind this guy is standing right next to a giant sign that states that yes, indeed, they return balances under $10  on cards, in addition to the deposit). So I speak up, and read the exact text of his sign out to him. He looks at it, and sighs heavily, and is like "FINE, WHATEVER, I'll do it THIS TIME." As though he is doing us the biggest favour in the world by doing his job. Then he hands us another $3. We're pretty sure there was more on our card than that, since the balance was $9 at the conclusion of our last visit there, and the chances that magical pixies used our laundry card to wash their magical pixie clothes in the intervening few days seems slim, but because he had the card in his possession at this point, we were unlikely to be able to obtain proof, and he hadn't shown us much inclination towards cooperation with us, so we just decided not to waste any more time on the guy.

tl;dr: Laundromat guy doesn't know the policies of his own workplace, gives customers major attitude when they ask for what they're entitled to.

edited to add chunk of text LJ deleted for some reason :S

REALLY annoying "service"

I don't know if this qualifies as BAD service, but it was annoying enough to make me never want to shop at Lolita's again.

Lolita's is this little sex/costume shop that I go to sometimes to look at the fancy underwear and whatnot.  I can say, though, with confidence, that I will never go there again and it is specifically because of their salespeople.  Lolita's is a very small boutique-type shop; you can see every corner of the shop from the desk (except the "back room" where they keep the very naughty stuff).  That being said, WHY oh WHY, salesladies, do you sit on my ass from the moment I walk into the store?  I went with my friend Shannon and the two saleswomen immediately latched onto us.  They literally followed about two steps behind us, even when I went one way and she went the other.  If we paused to examine an item, the lady would ask if she could get that in our size.  Every SINGLE time we stopped.  This is not an exaggeration.  Two or three times, okay, they were trying to be helpful.  But I couldn't even stop to look at something without being told what sizes it came in, what colors, did I want to buy it, because if I did she would take it up to the register for me.

These women followed us to every rack we went to, stood behind us at every wall display, and tailed us at each shelving unit.  I was getting pretty tense with this lady breathing down my neck, so I finally turned around and said (rather politely) that I was just looking and I'd let her know if I needed any help.  She responded "Okay" and continued following me around.  It was so annoying that we finally just left without buying anything.

If only this were an isolated incident.  I went there alone recently and the SAME thing happened.  The woman followed me EVERYWHERE.  If they were worried about stealing, they could have just watched me from the desk.  As I mentioned, you can literally see the whole store from there.  If they're trying to make commission, annoying people to death is certainly not the way to do it.  When I took out my cell phone to answer a text, the saleslady leapt in front of me, pointed her finger in my face, and shouted, "We DON'T allow cell phones in this store!"  What the fuck?  I left immediately, without saying another word.  God.  I'm never going there again.  I thought about writing a letter to their management to tell them that their aggressive saleswomen were really deterring any business there, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Just, ugh.  Leave me alone, I want to browse in peace.  And eff off my phone.

Minor hospital wtf

Just got this story secondhand from my mother, who took her 81-year-old aunt to the emergency room yesterday.

Mom said she and Aunt Edie sat with the admitting nurse, who asked Aunt Edie to describe her symptoms. She spent a few minutes going into detail about the vomiting, how she hadn't been able to keep anything down since sometime on Sunday and how she tried to eat a little oatmeal but she couldn't even swallow it properly because her gag reflex was already rejecting it and how she threw up three times just walking from her apartment to the car.

Without missing a beat, and in perfect seriousness, the nurse inquired, "Any vomiting?"

Mom said she and Aunt Edie were both shocked into silence, because it was obvious that the nurse hadn't paid a lick of attention to anything Aunt Edie had said.

(They did have a good chuckle later with a different nurse, who asked Aunt Edie if she takes any street drugs. The nurse laughed right along with them and said, "I'm sorry, I have to ask.")