July 27th, 2009

Mana stares

Sonic horror...

So, I was on my lunch break (which is like 30 minutes..) I forgot to bring my lunch so I run by the closest fast food joint, which turns out to be Sonic. I put in my order, get my food and drive back to work to eat my food. Get into the breakroom and unwrap my burger, there is no meat in it. Frustrated because I spent time going down there to get it I knew I wouldn't have enough time to go back up and get them to change it. Luckly.. my assistant manager was in the break room with me, understood what was going on and let me leave. I call them up before going back....

Me: Hey, I just got 'blah blah' from you guys and there is no meat on it...

Phone lady: *Cracks up laughing for it seems like five minutes though it was only about thirty seconds* Bring it back and we'll replace it *Still laughing in the backround*

I'm annoyed at this time, wasn't hungry anymore, but went back anyway. Pressed the little red button and let them know I was the one who called and needed to get a 'actual' cheeseburger. They tell me it will be right out.

Five minutes go by.....

Ten minutes... I ring back.

Me: Did you guys forget about me?

Other person: Did you ring in? *with a bit of a additude*

Me: I rang as soon as I got here and someone told me it would be right out, that was ten minutes ago!

Other person: Whatever, it'll be right out.

Two minutes later I get it, drive back to work and throw it away. I was too scared they spit in it or something to eat it.