July 26th, 2009


McDonald's employee doesn't know prices

I don't know why I expected someone to actually know what the food costs in the restaurant where he works.

My husband, brother-in-law, friend and I went to Philadelphia today to celebrate my husband's birthday. We stopped to go through the McDonald's drive-thru to get breakfast to eat on the way. Egg McMuffins are currently on special, 2 for $3, so my friend and I decided that's what we each wanted -- two Egg McMuffins.

First, the genius inside rang this up as one single Egg McMuffin. My husband, who was giving the order (and is admittedly a bit soft-spoken), corrected him.

The four Egg McMuffins rang up at nearly ten dollars. This is the regular price. Husband opened his mouth and reminded him that they're on sale.

"No, that's the Sausage McMuffin. Egg McMuffins are the regular price."

My husband argued. There was a sign right by the ordering voicebox stating that Egg McMuffins are 2 for $3. The guy inside insisted it was the Sausage McMuffin. We canceled the order and went inside; as we drove around the building to park, my husband saw the guy glaring at us.

Bad service turned good, however: When we got to the counter, I explained what happened to the guy who waited on me. He looked up at the sign, then back at me, and said, "Well, either we can't read or he can't read. Since there's two of us and only one of him, I'm thinking we're right. I'm very sorry that you were inconvenienced like this, and I'm going to let my manager know about it so it doesn't happen again." And as soon as our orders were in the computer and paid for, he went and did exactly that.