July 21st, 2009

Peggy Blink

Minor Bed and Breakfast fail...

So, the boyfriend and I wanted to get out of the city for a little while, so we headed upstate in to the Hudson River Valley for a weekend at a B&B.
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Okay, maybe I just needed to vent, but the whole reason we went to a B&B was for the personality, attention to detail, and quaintness. I got none of that for the last half of our trip, just bitterness. Jesus.
{stock} windy

Chai Latte Hell

My local Panera Bread is usually great. The people are nice, friendly and helpful, and the food is always wonderful. I am starting to realize that after 8pm, this service deteriorates. Seriously, it's like they have a few people that they put on for the last two hours who have never even worked anywhere before.

I was on break from work at 8pm, and I decided to stop into Panera to get a sandwich, some soup and a chai latte.

This is what happened next.

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FFXIV - Nixa Glasses


So. I'm really confused about this, hope people can give me some advice on it.

Here's what went down:

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This really sucks because I'm going down to the shore for a few days and we're out some extra money...

Basically: What is going on, is this usual, and can I expect the money to come back or will I be in for a fight??