July 16th, 2009

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Jeweler Suck

My fiance and I are getting married in a month and decided to purchase wedding rings. We went to the jewelry store closest to our place and found a set of rings we liked, a 2mm and 4mm in yellow gold. The place also does engraving for a fee, so we paid for the rings and sent them to be engraved and the 4mm one to be resized and were told it would take about a week.

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tl;dr: Jewelery store forgets to engrave our rings, then sends us back the wrong rings (correctly engraved), can't seem to figure out how to properly fix their error.
Batman L&O

Wal-Mart, why you so crazy?

The post about the under-21 vertical ID reminded me of a shopping trip I took with my brother once. This is more "WTF" than bad, per se, but it was amusing.

Now, my brother does not have a driver's license. If he needs to go somewhere, he asks me or walks. However, he DOES have a passport.

Note: My brother was around 29 years old when this happened.

So, we went to Wal-Mart, and for some reason (this was a few years ago, I think he was buying alcohol or something), the cashier asked to see his ID, and he pulled out his passport.

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So, yes, not the worst service in the world, but it was really, really funny. We still tease him about it.

EDIT: *laughing at the tags* Sorry, guys. I just thought it was funny, wanted to share. :-)

A running tally of bad service at Dunkin Donuts

My local Dunkin Donuts has been a regular stop of mine for a couple of years now - through working nights, working there, and my current job. I know the prices, I know the cup sizes, I know how long products take to make. The store itself is on its second new manager since I worked there, and the level of competency has gone way down with the newest manager.

Summary: Burnt food, employees unwilling to read sizes on cups, manager clueless or doesn't care.

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South Park

Donut story reminded me of my pastry story

I tried out a new place (Wescafe in Alameda, CA), just yesterday. I had to tell the employee several times that I wanted an iced large latte
"A latte? What size?"
"Large please, iced."
"OK, a large latte,"
"Iced, please."
"Yes, please, a large, iced latte."

It was like "Who's on first" without the wordplay.

Then I decided to get a pastry. Stupid me. They were all in a display case, no particular order, not like, a row of blueberry muffins, a row of chocolate croissants, but tumbled together. I saw something I thought was called a "morning bun." Had one before, liked it, so I asked "May I have a morning bun?"

"A what?"
"A morning bun...? This one up front, here."
"The chocolate croissant?"
"No, the morning bun, this one up front, here." (The chocolate croissant nearest the front was behind the morning bun.).
"That croissant?"
"Is it a croissant?" (I tend to doubt myself, unfortunately, and the flaky pastry is somewhat croissant-like.) "This one here, right here, right up front and center."

After a minute or two, she handed me a plate with a chocolate croissant.

"Excuse me, I wanted the...morn...ing...bun?" (By now I was certain that I had the name wrong, and was starting to wonder if English was actually coming out of my mouth.)

"Oh, you SAID chocolate!"


But on the outside, I said: "This. one. up. front. Please."
"You said chocolate," she muttered.
"Well, I do want the morning bun. Please."
"Then don't ask for chocolate." OK, I can hear you!

"Bitch, I didn't!" No, I didn't say that, I said thank you, then made sure she didn't spit in my latte.

Later, I watched someone get an omelette when she had ordered a salad, and a similar fight.

Look, mistakes happen, but admit it. Even if I DID ask for a chocolate croissant, did I need to get agita if I had changed my mind (which I didn't, because--allergic! I've also had waiters swear that I ordered raspberry iced tea (I hate the flavor of raspberries with all my being. I'm not mad at them for not knowing that, but I just want some regular tea, OK? But if I get to the point where I say "I wouldn't have ordered that, I really don't like raspberries," and my friends back me up, the waiters say "Well, how could I know?" or "Why don't you like raspberries?" and, ummm, please, I'm too thirsty to explain!), or that I ordered extra green peppers or mayo or other things that I said "Hold the..." about. I can see how "May I have the Happy Fun Salad with chicken?" sounds (very slightly) like "May I have a chicken salad sandwich?" but I don't order chicken salad sandwiches because they often include things I don't like and can't pick out!

I know I'm slightly picky, so I avoid ordering things that will make me picky, I promise! And are there actually bad customers who go around mockingly changing orders just to watch workers squirm? OK, maybe there are, but I promise, I'm not one. So please stop treating me as though I'm messing with you when all I want is the thing I ordered!

I don't think I'll be going there again, unless I hear glowing reviews from a trustworthy source.

BTW, I checked, it is a morning bun. Also, the one I had at Wescafe sucked--it was almost raw in the middle, and stale on the outside, definitely not from Semifreddi's!

ETA: I went back over a year later, and Arguing Cashier was gone, and they have great quiche and a nice place to sit, so I will keep going back.

i can has donut?

Minor bad service, but sucky nevertheless. Outside the train station is a small Krispy Kreme booth. I went to get a creme filled glazed donut - paid for it, thanked the guy, walked away. When I bit into it however (after the few bites it takes to get to the filling,) I realised it was lemon. Bleurgh. So, I went back to the booth - and this dialogue ensued.

Me: Hi, I ordered a creme filled and you gave me a lemon filled?
Krispy guy: No I didn't.
Me: Well...yes you did *shows him - filling clearly yellow*
Krispy guy: Well you must have ordered it.
Me: I definitely ordered creme filled, it's all I like.
Krispy guy: Well you should have checked it before walking away.

-(Those of you who don't know, it's pretty impossible to check what the filling is inside without biting it, and I walked away from the booth before I started eating it).

Me: That's impossible? Look, I really just want a creme filled one.
Krispy guy: I can't exchange it. You'll have to buy a new one.

- (By this time, I gave up as I had to get to class and figured my thighs would thank me anyway - I just threw the donut in the bin)

There was no manager as it was a tiny booth with one worker, so I couldn't do anything. i know it's only minor but gah. I just wanted a donut :[