July 15th, 2009


I Can Has TV Now? Part 2!

I'm not sure if there are updates on former posts here too much, but I'm making an update to this entry, since it's still bad service.

After everything that happened with this accursed television, my roommate calls back that Friday (7/10/09) to discover our status. Best Buy tells us that the parts have arrived, and that they will come out Wednesday (today, 7/15/09) to put them in the television. If they do not work, we will be credited for a new television on the spot. My roommate is a bit irritated, since he's supposed to be leaving for a two week vacation on that particular Wednesday (today), but he wants to see this thing through before he leaves and so he postpones his trip by a day. I, too, am off from work today.

We call Geek Squad around 10 AM this morning. Upon calling, we are met with confusion. They meant NEXT Wednesday. Now, my roommate has the piece of paper where he wrote down the customer service rep's name from Friday, as well as the date and time to phone Geek Squad. He is usually fairly thorough with this kind of thing. They did not say next Wednesday, they said July 15th. Seeing as how my roommate postponed his trip by a day for this, and I'd be at work on that next Wednesday anyway, he was pissed. He did not explode in any profanity laced phrases, but he definitely raised his voice, asked to talk to the manager, and was told the same thing by three levels of command at Geek Squad: the first available appointment is next Wednesday. So, according to them, TV won't even be LOOKED at until Week 6 of broken television.

To remind you all, this is a 36 inch Dynex LCD TV that we purchased in March 2009 which broke the first week in June 2009 by simply sitting there. It had not moved from our entertainment center since we bought it. I believe we're going to bring the TV over to the Best Buy we brought it from today and attempt to raise hell (in a consumer friendly way). Wish us luck. As if we didn't have anything better to do with our time than yell at Best Buy.
misc - i like this


I was hungry, so I grabbed my friend, and we walked to the nearest Mexican restaurant. Usually, their food is really good - except for this evening.

I ordered spicy pork nachos. Pretty simple, right? Instead, I got BBQ pork. Okay, no big deal. I walked back to the cashier and explained the order mix up.

Me: Hi, I ordered spicy pork nachos, and got BBQ instead.
Her: No, that's spicy pork.
Me: Um, it's not spicy, and it tastes like BBQ sauce.
Her: That's just how it's made.
Me: No, really, try one.
Her: I don't have to try it, I know that it's spicy pork.
Me: Will you just replace it with actual spicy pork, instead of telling me that I'm wrong? It's not that big of a deal, really.
Her: There's no reason to replace it.
Me: Can I talk to your manager?

So, she rolls her eyes, and gets the manager for me.

Manager: Hello, what's the problem?
Me: I ordered spicy pork, and instead, got BBQ pork. Your employee won't have it remade for me, though. She's just arguing with me.
(I was hungry, and pissed by then.)
Manager: Oh, I'm sorry. I'll refund your money and have it remade quickly. I'm very sorry.
He glares at the employee, who's just scowling at me, and walks into the back. He returns in like, three seconds flat, asks for my receipt, plays with the cash register, and gives me my money back.
I returned to my table, and my food is quickly delivered. My friend and I were scarfing, and when I looked up, the girl and another employee were staring at us and laughing.

Yeah, I didn't leave a tip on the table.