July 14th, 2009

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I posted here about recieving a DVD I didn't order.

Well, I called again this week (once, today actually). Got through the automated service and spoke to a woman, explained everything, blah blah blah. I say that this started two weeks ago, and I would like to speak to a manager, please.

She puts me on hold. Comes back on the line after about three minutes and says she can't get through. Puts me on hold again, then I get disconnected.

I call back, get through to the same woman, who says 'Oh, I wasn't expecting you to call back!' and then connects me to a man in the Box Office. Neither of us is entirely sure why, since he can't do anything to help me. He says 'err...right well I'm in the Box Office.' I say, 'I know, someone in enquiries connected me to you...' He says, 'well I'll give it a go, what's the problem.'

I explain the whole situation to him and we talk about it for a good couple of minutes as he logs on to the computer and looks up my details. He verifies orders I have placed in the past, checking the name of the show I recieved against them to make sure it wasn't just a misplaced thing (like I ordered it last year or something and it only just got released...it didn't).

So we're both a bit struck by how utterly useless this conversation is, and we close the conversation and go to hang up. I say 'Okay, well thank you anyway."
He says, 'Sorry about that, I'll send it out to you today and it'll be with you within seven to ten days!' and hangs up before I can get my brain and mouth working at the same time.

So I have one DVD I didn't order, and potentially another one on the way.

I really don't know what to do at this point, so I'm just going to leave it. They've not taken any money and I'll get back to them if they do but I've tried everything and they just don't seem to want to listen. I am bemused.

Glasgow Taxis made me scream for my taxi.

This post reminded me of some stupid experiences with Glasgow Taxis.

I lived on my university campus in Glasgow City Central from 2002-2004. The campus boundaries were quite clearly defined from the surrounding city, but the streets inside were clearly marked by city standards.

The first time I called Glasgow Taxis, I was served by a bitchy female operator who had apparently never heard of customer service.

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Conclusion: Most tiring argument ever + if Glasgow Taxis is still like this, be prepared to scream them into submission, or just have spare taxi companies to call in the first place D: