July 12th, 2009

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Can I please enter my own apartment?

A small, but irritating, bit of late-night suck that just happened and that I feel the need to vent about because I'm annoyed.

So I live on an upper floor of a building that has an old-fashioned lever elevator, for which we have operators, who also function as doormen of sorts. At night, if you don't have keys to the building (which most tenants in the building don't, for... some reason), the guy on duty has to buzz you in. No big deal, since he has to be there to take you up in the elevator anyway, so even if you have keys you need him there.

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TL;DR: Late-night guy sleeps on the job while I wait longer to get into my building than I did for the subway; in lieu of apologizing, thinks I should have let him nap.

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This happened at 1am this morning and in front of work people which may explain why I'm still stinging about it.

I had work friends over for dinner and the time to call a taxi rolled around. It being a Saturday night I called Glasgow Taxis which is the local (and only) hackney firm. Conversation happened as follows:

Me: Hello, can I get a taxi please?
Horrible Man: Smith (not my surname may I add), 123 Main Street, Mainarea?
Me: Sorry?
HM: (sighs loudly and repeats the above through gritted teeth)
Me: That's not where I'm calling from.
HM: (still very sharp) You are phoning from 12345678?
Me: Yes but that's not the address.
HM: That's the one I have here!
Me: I'm calling from Localarea (which is miles from Mainarea)
HM: *pause* What is the address, then? (would like to point out he still had a very sharp tone)
Me: 456 Local Street, Localarea.
HM: Have you moved house recently?
Me: No, I've never lived in Mainarea.
HM: *sighs again* Is the name still Smith?
Me: No, it's Jones.
HM: Are you sure you didn't previously live at 123 Main Street?
Me: Erm, no it's probably the address this telephone number may have been registered to....
HM: *cuts in* That's your taxi on its way.

So I was a tad annoyed by that. I think I should know where I live! BT recycle telephone numbers. After a line has been disconnected for six months, they release it again so it can be assigned to a new line. It was the attitude of the call handler that really irked me. I had had some glasses of wine but I wasn't exactly slurring my words (I had been cooking dinner and stressing about that). Plus I had just had an extremely strong cup of coffee.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent :)

Amazon Seller Suck

I ordered a CD for my son from a seller by the name of Bargains At Bywoods on Amazon.  I waited several weeks and the CD didn't show up.

I contacted the seller and they told me that they had a problem with the postal service being slow on delivery.  I ordered things from other sellers the same day and received them quickly.  The seller told me to be patient and since they shipped it via USPS, there was no way of tracking it.

A month goes by and I am getting frustrated and my son is driving me batty wondering where the CD is.  So, I contact the seller again.  This time no reply. 

No CD as of yet.  I placed this order in May.  I asked the seller for a refund, yet still no reply.  I feel like I have been scammed.

I love Amazon and have had a great experience with the other sellers.  I definitely will not buy from this seller again!

Ravens, helmet

Gas station suck

There have been a lot of posts on customers_suck and other groups about customers who can't seem to detach themselves from his/her cell phone and are very rude to the cashier or CSR. What do you do as a customer when a cashier does the same thing to you?

I went to the gas station around the corner from my house to get some soda, lotto tickets, etc. When I walked through the door, the woman was on the phone. So I waited for a little while. She never said anything to me, just kind of put her fingers through the money slot. So I gave her my tickets to cash. All this time she's talking. She cashes the tickets and then I look at her. And she looks at me. WTF? She's still on the phone. She then starts to gesture to me. I really didn't know what she wanted. So I said, "Would you get off the phone, please?" I wasn't going to wait all day until she could, you know, use her words (which she obviously knew how to do because she had been on the phone all this time.) She talks for a few more seconds and then puts the phone down. It turns out, she wanted to know if I wanted to buy more tickets or take my meager winnings. She also, of course, got really evil when I asked her to get off the phone. She kind of threw the cash back into the slot. I asked if there was a manager available then and she said, "I'M the manager." Just. Wow. There were also a couple of other people behind me when I left. She could have served all three of us in that time but I guess her time was more important. I was going to leave once it was clear she was attached to the phone but I've been a customer of this place for probably 15 years and the other people have always been really nice.

tl;dr: Cashier on phone. WTFery ensues.