July 10th, 2009

Where are my panties?!

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Dear lady working at Hour Eyes,
          Thanks for trying to speed up the process and trying to get my customers_suck mom out of the store as quickly as possible.  But would it hurt you to LOOK at the card and find out what company it's from before turning around and saying that our card is invalid?  Next time, please open your eyes and look for which company the card is issued by before making yourself look like and idiot and complaining to my mother that her card is invalid and asking why we have an invalid card.   AE and Master Card aren't the same company.
 Love me :D

Dear Hour Eyes,
        Is it really that hard to put everything onto on bill?  I know for a fact that my family isn't the only family that comes in with more than one person doing and eye exam and I think that, since Hour Eyes is probably all over our state (if not the country), it'd be much easier for your workers and customers if you would let people put all of their family's total/bill onto one bill so that mama bear cna pay for her and her childrens exams.
Love my mom and me :D