July 9th, 2009

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Joy!...for now.

So. I posted just yesterday about how I wasn't able to get through the massive amount of fail that is my pcp's office staff.

Since then I have:

-Called my insurance and was able to lodge a complaint against it (anonymously) and told them specifically what happened.

-Ended up in the ER with a migraine that WOULD NOT GO AWAY.

-Was actually ABLE To get ahold of the doc! And wouldn't you know?? I ask for backup meds, while this is working out? He agrees it's the right choice and BAM! I get them. Amazing how that works. Since it was taking DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS to have the staff talk to the doc. I talk to him in five minutes over the phone and it works! *facepalm*

-Now everything is WORKING OUT...and suddenly the staff is SUPERNICE to me. Gee. Wonder why.

So score one for me!

I am still looking for a Pain Management Doc around here, and the ER doc told me to not tell them I had a diagnosis, because it can screw your chances??? Which is wierd. But I'm going to give the PM place a call I want to get into...hope that goes well.

I also SHOULD have the meds I need by Fri/Saturday...hopefully.

That child is surely me...

Poisoned by the hospital.

I <3 the staff at one of the three hospitals in town. And by <3, I mean HATE.

It's bad enough that we have a severe shortage of English-speaking/reading nurses in our hospitals locally- these non-English speakers are allowed to administer powerful medicines to potentially unconscious or otherwise incapable people without being able to read the ENGLISH WARNING LABELS. First big mistake.

My lovely ex landed me in the ICU. With kidney failure. I was unconscious- I had thought it was the flu. When I woke up, I immediately told every staff member I could get ahold of, including the ones that were holding my charts, that I am diabetic. This is important because so many medicines can cause horrible side effects and even DEATH if they are administered to a diabetic.

No one made note of this. Second big mistake.

They put me on Levaquin. Third TOTALLY HUGE MISTAKE. The stuff is LETHAL to a diabetic! It says so RIGHT ON THE PACKAGE- the package that the nurse couldn't read, and the doctor didn't bother to look at twice... considering that no one paid attention when I said that I was diabetic. It causes, amongst other things, blood sugar instability, seizures, renal failure, and death. I was ALREADY THERE for renal failure. Guess what happened next?

Oh, no, not yet. The tension headaches set in. See, when you go through kidney failure, the body leeches all the water out of your muscular tissue in effort to preserve itself. Which causes all kinds of horrible pain. So they gave me butalbital, elavil, and a few other drugs- all on the same day within hours of each other, because they weren't freaking working. They weren't working because of the Levaquin. Still, no one would simply switch it out with Cipro, which would have been totally safe! FOURTH mistake- too much migraine medicine into someone whose kidneys are not working. Brilliant! FIFTH mistake, if the non-English speaking nurse had been able to read ANY of the labels on those medications, she would have known that they can be toxic when mixed with Levaquin!

Can it get any worse? Oh yes. Intense, horrible, terrible pain- and I've had a lifetime of it. It's like the worse fibromyalgia you could experience. For days. Until finally I started having seizures. They billed me about $20,000 for the subsequent MRIs. The doctor came in- "I can't understand what's wrong! You were doing so WELL yesterday!" I explain AGAIN that the medications are fucking POISON to me, but he airheadedly brushes me off. I'm not a doctor- what the hell do I know?

He sends me home with the toxic combos plus a third medicine that's supposed to prevent nausea, but it causes vomiting. Because when you're recovering from kidney failure and poisoning, you totally don't need the ability to keep food down or anything.

When I'm able to get out of bed, I go to the hospitals' financial department I have no health insurance. And I have a nice $75,000 bill. They take off $25,000 for their hospital fees. Everyone else is a third party working with the hospital, they say, so I have to take it up with them. No luck there. I wouldn't have had to contact HALF of the people I did to begin with if that hospital hadn't ALMOST KILLED ME. But nope, it's MY responsibility now! ARRRRGH.
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If Silverleaf calls you, just say nay!

nothing can be done about this now. but i think i would like people to be aware. My husband and his ex entered into an agreement for a $10,000 timeshare with Silverleaf Resorts in April of 1999. Silverleaf told my husband that he could use the purchase as equity and could be used for an equity loan and it was real property. at the time he bought it he thought he was building equity (being young and with hardly any credit he thought it would be a good deal). We know that this is untrue because when we went to buy a condo 2 years ago, the bank nearly laughed at us saying that there was absolutely no equity in the time share and it cannot be used for anything.

they stated they were in a deal with American airlines and avis so that he could get deals when he traveled. they lured him there telling him that he had a chance to win a car.

it's paid off now and we pay fees monthly that rise every year with no reason why. if you try to sell it, forget it, it's like an albatross around your neck. And if you succeed in a sale, it will be for hundreds not the thousands you paid for it.

ETA: They also told him the timeshare would increase in value and of course that is not true either.

ETA2: For everyone who said that it was pretty common knowledge about this being a scam, i quite agree. I think my hubby was naive to think that this would be a great way to build up his equity without any solid proof. You're right, he did learn a very valuable and expensive lesson.

Metro Access

My doctor suggested, given my problems in walking, that I was eligible for Metro Access in DC. I didn't think I'd qualify, but was surprised to get a letter, back in April, that I was temporarily qualified for the program, pending a physical at one of their offices. I'm still waiting to get that physical, as well as my ID card.

I was told the para-transit service was bad; you have to experience it to discover just HOW bad it is.

I booked trips TO work this week using their online booking but since it takes a long time to get them to update the addresses you can use, I've been taking the commuter bus home since it picks up right near work, and then I can get a ride home in the evening from the bus stop.

Tonight I decided to try booking a trip home. When I've called the "where's my ride" line, I had plenty of time to listen to their queue recording, and it said a trip can be booked with as little as two hours notice.

So I called to book at trip. And was told:
*We don't book trips for the same day.
*Oh, it says here you booked a trip to work, so we CAN book you a ride home.
*Oh, your eligibility has expired.

There were numerous waits "on hold" but that's OK, I was at work, have a speakerphone, so I was able to work while I waited.

Finally I was told they booked a ride for me, and got me an override on the eligibility issue, since it was clearly a mistake. We had to do some negotiating about where I was going to be picked up (they wanted me to walk several blocks for a pick-up, but if I could do that, I wouldn't need their service). Ride times are within a half-hour window, so I was told the ride would be coming between 4:30 and 5:00 (I wanted a 6 PM pick up, but OK). All told, I was on the phone about 45 minutes. The employee I dealt with never identified herself.

At 4:30 I was at the appointed waiting area. I watched several commuter buses come and go. At 5:15 I called their "where's my ride" number.

Where I was told:
*We have no ride booked for you.
*You're not eligible because your eligibility expired.
*Your eligibility expired May 28th.

Huh? All my rides have been in June and July. Why was I able to book a ride if I wasn't eligible? And why would my eligibility expire between this morning and this afternoon? I asked the employee I dealt with why I could book a trip in the morning, but not in the afternoon. She didn't have an answer for that, and just repeated what she already said.

So I resigned myself to riding the commuter bus home. And wouldn't you know it, it took another 20 minutes for a bus to show up. Since the 20 minute wait allowed many riders to accumulate at stops, it was packed. And the handicap seats up front were all in use. It is possible all 4 of them were handicapped in such a way it wasn't as visible as me, with my cane. Let's assume that was the case, because it's too depressing to think folks would insist on their right to sit in the handicapped seats just because they didn't want to move.

I have a trip booked tomorrow morning. Let's see if it shows up.

If I get 10 "no shows" I'm bounced from the program. I already have two, one from a driver who never showed up (they're supposed to call you when they arrive and you have 5 minutes to meet them), another from a driver who showed up an hour after he was supposed to (he called just as we will pulling into the driveway). I have a request in to have them removed but I don't expect them to do it. I hope I haven't added another one.

Oh, and I PAY for these rides. I put $50 of my own money into their pre-pay system, and when July rolled around, I had the commuter subsidy put into the account instead of into bus tickets. So if I decide this is too annoying and put up with struggling to get from the bus stop to my job, I'm still out my money.

Edited to add: On Friday, my ride arrived as usual, and pretty much on time. He took the most circuitous route I've ever imagined to go the ten miles from my house to work (it's usually a straight shot down US 29 and here's a Google Map of the route he took: http://snurl.com/mv92g [maps_google_com]), and I have no idea if he's adverse to traffic, likes driving by parks, or gets paid by the mile.

So I eligible during the morning only? Whatever, it's just weird.
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In April, I went to Frankie and Bennys for lunch, when I was in town one day with nothing to do, and hungry.

I got there, was seated right away (bonus!) and the waitress took my order. Drinks arrived, salad arrived, garlic bread arrived, all was well. I finished eating and that's when things got dodgy.

I pushed my salad plate away, took a sip of my drink, and a waiter popped up next to me like Spring Heeled Jack (seriously scared me, okay, he was not there a minute ago), grabbed the plate, put a dessert menu on top of my drink (bizarre place for a menu - and also, I was drinking that) and promptly zoomed off again.

I gawped gormlessly for a moment or two and then hesitantly picked it up and put it on the table. I looked around and couldn't see him, so decided to wait until he Spring-Heeled his way back over to me, so I carried on reading (looking up after every three paragraphs or so) and he didn't appear.

Anyway, fast forward, I've read quite a lot of my book at this point and Spring-Heel hasn't made a re-appearance. I'm starting to get a little worried when the original waitress makes a reappearance. She said that she was on a break and Spring-Heel was meant to have taken over. He apparently thought I had finished and was after dessert (which explains the menu, although not the odd placement of said menu, or how I was supposed to get said dessert order to him, unless he is operating on a telepathic network), that she's sorry, and that she'll tell the kitchen to start cooking.

Okay. Not great, but hey - I'm not in a hurry.

So I carry on reading, finish the book, pull out another one, am two chapters in when my calzone arrived.

First thing I noticed, once I'd cut it open, is that it is chock-full of onions. It was pretty much 95 percent onion, with an okay amount of chicken, a couple of slices of pepperoni and maybe a handful or two of cheese. I brush most of the onion aside and carry on eating, but then I got to the middle and - turned out it's cold.

So I caught her eye, she came over, I explain, she whisked it away with apologies.
They cooked me a new pizza, that one was slightly less (although only slightly, I still felt a bit like I was about to be whisked away by the Onion Overlords for offences against Onionkind if I ate it) onion-filled and actually cooked through. The salad that was meant to accompany it has now been reduced to one leaf of lettuce and a wedge of tomato, but since I wasn't actually planning on eating the salad I wasn't so bothered about that.

Didn't opt for dessert in the end, I figured with my luck it probably would turn out to be not defrosted properly or have an icicle stuck through it or one red onion displayed on top like a decoration. So I just paid and left.

Still not entirely sure HOW that waiter was planning on taking my order.

(For reference, I did send a letter in detailing what had happened, with a copy of my recipt fixed to it, but I haven't heard back.)