July 7th, 2009


Car repair fraud

A while ago, I was rear-ended. More scary than anything; I wasn't really hurt and the lady was nice about it. At the time, I was driving a black Explorer Sport, and she had a white sedan. When she hit me, my tail pipe and muffler were bent down, and there was white paint transfer all over the thing.

Safeco and her insurance took care of me, and I was sent to a repair center in Bellevue, WA. My sister had dated the son of the guy who owned the place, and she had taken one of her (many) wrecks there with no problems. Well...

They had my car from about Thursday until Tuesday. I was told that it would be ready Monday, so when I didn't get a call by that night, I was a little "wtf?". I called the next morning to find out where my car was, and they said they had called my number and left a message. Well, my number ends in -1387, and my sister's ends in -1377. Easy mistake, since she had the same address at the time, and they already had her records. I thought it was a smidge weird that when they heard, "this is Mady, please leave me a message" instead of anything that even remotely sounds like "Rachel", my name, they didn't follow up with maybe thinking they had the wrong number. Whatever.

I picked up my car and drove off, thinking everything was hunky-dory. I then stopped by my parent's house to show them my car, and the invoice for the damage repair. My Dad and I looked over everything and noticed... hey, why is there still WHITE PAINT on my tail pipe? Is that the same goddamned tail pipe? Which would have been fine if they had just bent it back and fixed it that way. Except that they charged our insurance $800 for supposedly replacing that whole system down there, including the offending pipe.

My Dad was PISSED and called the repair center, since I didn't have the balls for it. No sooner did the words "INSURANCE FRAUD" leave his mouth did they inform him, "oh yeah, we have that part waiting in the office. Someone forgot to call you".

Oh. Really.

We drove back and they had it -actually- fixed by the next day. I wasn't really expecting an apology or anything (even though driving with a broken undercarriage might be a wee bit dangerous), but they kept playing it off like I had just picked up my car too soon. I'm not a litigious person, though I was definitely tempted to (have my Dad) bring it up with Safeco. Needless to say, I'll be going somewhere else next time someone plows into me.

Y'all, we need to talk.

It's no secret that we can be a pretty snarky community; snarky tags, snarky comments, snarky snark, whatever -  it's all in good fun and, for the most part, we mods let most everything go because the last thing we want is for b_s to turn into one of those overly pc safe-space communities -

BUT (we all knew there was a 'but' coming up, didn't we?)

Lately there seems to be a few people who are taking it a bit far and it's getting a bit old.

You want to disagree with a poster or commenter, fine, disagree, debate, whatever, but:


2) STOP STIRRING SHIT - if you really, really, really insist upon having a "no, you're not" "yes, I am" "no, you're not" "yes, I am" back and forth with another commenter, take it to the private messages and leave the rest of the community out of it. Or, you know, exercise some restraint.

Both public and private warnings have gone out, but none of the mods have the time or inclination to babysit the community full time and we really hate having to ban people.

And in case you need a little refresher, the community rules are located here.

As a sidenote, for the people who want to passive-aggressively whiiiiiiiine about how much this community suuuuuuuucks? This isn't Soviet Russia, no one is forcing you to be here.

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Early Wednesday morning, I got a parcel from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I haven't ordered anything from them lately, and all the things I have ordered in the past have been delivered when they were supposed to. There's no invoice in the package (which there always has been in the past), and it's clearly my name and address on the label.

I check my bank account and they haven't taken any money from me. I think maybe it's a labelling/shipping error, my mum suggests that it's a free promotional DVD. I don't see anything on the back to suggest that so I decide to talk to them anyway - if it is, no big deal - hey, free DVD! If it isn't, then they'll be able to send it to the right person.

(Still on Wednesday morning here) I email them. Give my name, explain the situation, ask them to get back to me.

Two days go by, and nothing. Normally I'd give it a little while longer, but whenever I've had to email them before they've always got back to me in less than a day.

So on Friday, I call. I explain what's going on, give my name and postcode. She reads off the last thing that they are on record as having sent me, which I confirm as having ordered and recieved (about three months ago). I tell her the name of the DVD I recieved, she puts me on hold for a little while and then comes back on the line, telling me that she can't get through because her manager is on the other line, but he will call me back within the hour. I check she's got my number, verify it, thank her and go on my merry way.

The rest of Friday comes and goes, with no call.

Saturday, I call again. Get through to a man this time, explain the situation, give my name and postcode. Tell him the name of the show I got, puts me on hold while he 'finds out what's going on'. He comes back on the line, clearly with no more idea of what's happened than he did before. He says he'll try and track down someone who might have the foggiest (my words, not his) and get back to me later that day. I say okay, check he's got my number, thank him and ring off.

No call.

Then it's Sunday, and I decide to leave it until Monday.

Monday morning, I call again. Explain what's going on, give my name and postcode. She requests the name of the show I recieved, I tell her. She tells me I am definitely not on record as having ordered it which, well, I already knew, but good to have conformation. Puts me on hold for a little while, tells me the manager is not there but should be back in the afternoon and she'll pass my message on. I say okay, I would really appreciate that since this isn't the first time I've tried to get through. Check they've got both my home and mobile numbers, thank her, and ring off.

And, you guessed it, no-one calls back.

Which brings us to today, Tuesday. I call, yet again, at just before midday. Speak to someone, explain what's going on, give my name and postcode (this is starting to be a reflex now, I had to restrain myself from reciting it to my grandmother when she rang earlier!) She puts me on hold for a little while, tells me that the manager is not there at the moment, but will get back to me as soon as he gets back off his lunch break. I say okay, but emphasise that I really do want to speak to someone, now, please (though politely). Check she's got my phone numbers. Thank her, ring off.

It's now seven o'clock at night and still nothing.

I am trying to help you here, people, please give me something to work with. If the person I need to speak to isn't there - tell me! I don't care! I'll call back next week and stop annoying you every five minutes! The constant fobbing off is doing my head in more than what's actually happened.

More Bad Medical

I went to the same doctor as my Mom. My Mom thought she was great, “she'd sit and talks with you.”
Not with me, it was like 2 mins and she was out. I was going every month to get my blood sugar level check, they would poke my finger, which really hurts, but at least they weren't drawing blood, which scares me silly.
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Airport Security Suck and Bonus Hospital Suck

About a year and a half ago my husband flew from Chicago to Seattle. He shattered his heel and has a large metal plate in it now. This, of course, set of airport security's detector. He explained the issue, removed his shoe and sock, pulled up his pant leg, and watched as they passed the wand over the angry red scar left from his surgery. the wand, of course went off. It was obvious at this point that the only thing setting the detector off was inside his foot. Nevertheless, they pulled him into a back room and strip searched him. Luckily, he made his flight...barely!

The hospital suck also happened to my husband during the aforementioned surgery. The doctor had given him a block so he was numb from the knee down. After surgery they hooked him up to a morphine line. For thosse who may not know, a block doesn't wear of gradually. It just stops working. When this happened he immediately knew something was wrong. The pain was intense. (My husband has had a very long list of painful things happen to him as well as multiple surgeries. If he says the pain is so bad he needs meds than it's very, very bad!) 

It quickly became obvious that there was something wrong with the morphine line. So, I go out to the nurse's station (since nobody comes when he hits the call button). A nurse comes in, glances at his arm, and says that the line is fine. It's clearly not and the pain is getting worse. After about half an hour I go out to the nurses station again and am told, again, that there is no problem. Repeat this scene a couple more time. At this point hubby can't handle the pain anymore. So, he starts chucking anything he can reach (EDIT: this meant his pillows and a stuffed dinosaur...he would never have thrown something that could have injured someone...also, he would throw it at the door as it was opening so it would hit the door not the nurse herself) at any nurse who comes in (they were coming in regularly to see if he needed his pillows adjusted or if he was feeling okay, but they kept insisting there was nothing wrong with his line)! Finally, they send an IV tech in. She looks at his morphine line, and immediately tells us that the needle was in his skin, but not in his vein at all. She fixes it, gives him a couple extra pumps to help with the sky-high pain levels, and everything was good after that.