July 6th, 2009

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Doctor Suck?

This isn't first-hand but it's very personal.

It may just be a story, but it's from my mother so I trust her.

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tldr; Doctor tells my mother it is not possible for her to have children.

Another suck from the same doctor, and also my mother.

This one is sort of gross.

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tldr; Doctor refuses to give test for ailment because it is too uncommon.

I hope this counts as 'Bad Service'. I mean, for the first one, clearly he was wrong. For the second, why not just test someone if they ask for it?

We're Closed!

So I'm unsure whether to post this or not seeing as part of it was caused by my own (unknowing) customer suckiness, plus I have a tendency to be overly idealistic about things like this, so I also tend to get overly irked, but here goes:

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Your bedside manner sucks.

This entry reminded me of a similar doctor and my own mother.

This happened a few years ago, but it was so astoundingly callous that it stuck in my memory to this day.

My mother has had a congenital heart condition her entire life. As a child, she had to take medicine for it. Once she married (later than was usual), the doctors told her that her heart would never take the strain of a pregnancy. So they "took precautions".

She really wanted children, though, so I'm adopted.

A few years ago, well after she had gone through menopause, one of her doctors said offhandedly, "Oh, by the way, you would have been able to have children anyway."

....bwah? What is the &*@! point of telling her at this late date?

The unable-to-have-children issue has shaped her life and mine and had a significant impact on her marriage--why the hell tell her it was all pointless NOW?

Rubbing salt in the wound=bad service.

It still makes me angry.

Old hospital suck

The recent medical posts reminded me of a hospital suck from a few years back, when I was acting as guardian of my younger sister while our mom was in India for a few weeks. Collapse )

tl;dr -- I took my sister to a very un-busy emergency room late at night and we were ignored for two hours, then told that the staff thought we had left without being treated.
the song that never ends! :O

In Which O'Hare Loses Its Luster

New person, first post, wee?

This suck took place last month at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. My family and I had flown out there for my grandparents' 50th anniversary. Fun was had, shirts were bought, hot dogs were eaten, and we were in the security line at checkout.

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Teel deer: security lady gets miffed at me and my scrawny Arizona self and gives me grief for no discernable reason. Day is ruined.

Bad Mexican resteraunt

This is my first post here, so hello. :) I haven't really had bad service in the past but I loved reading other's posts...but tonight...ugh. Bad service. Might be karma.

My boyfriend (B) and I were go to go to my favorite Mexican place for dinner (I got a major Mexican craving while grocery shopping earlier). We arrived at said resteraunt and low and behold its closed for repairs. Im a little crestfallen, but like I said, I had gone grocery shopping so we had for at the house. B called his mother though and asked her if there were any other good places, she recommened this place only a few blocks away. Off we go! We arrive at new Mexican resteraunt and it looks like the first, so Im appeased. B and I go inside and wait to be seated, a waiter looks at us and sighs as if we have already caused him trouble. No biggy, whatever, Im okay with that. He grabs two menus and two silverware things and shows us our booth, where he then proceeds to throw our menus and silverware on the table and walk away, without greeting us without looking at us again, without saying a word. I grumble a little and sit, wanting to brush it off and expecting better service soon.
B and I then read our menus for a few moments waiting for the waiter to come back and take drink orders, I look around and see no waiter...two minutes pass...three...four...eight. Still no drinks. No water. No nothing. A nicer busboy brought us chips and salsa. We thank him and he smiles. Yay...nice person. Finally we see our waiter, helping other tables.
After a couple more minutes he comes back and with no smile or any greeting again just asks what we want to drink. I order water and B orders Mr. Pibb. The waiter (to my surprise) comes back fairly quickly, although like the first time, drops our drinks and straws on the table and walks away without looking at us at all...in fact, his eyes are focused on the tables behind us (which he paid close attention to). He comes back again and we put in our order. We didn't wait long, maybe another 8 minutes or so for the food and it came. I was excited, finally my Mexican food!!! Yay! And again...disappointment. The food was horrible. Like, I only ate half my plate cause I was starving. B also ate a little of his food. We weren't pleased and desided to leave. We put our napkins and such on our plates, put our silverware down, pushed the plates away from us and everything, big signs we were finished. The waiter looked in our direction (I caught his eye at least four times), and he knew we were finished. B and I waited 20 minutes for him to bring us our check. In those 20 minutes he helped every table around us, looked at us. In those 20 minutes we pushed the plates around, folded napkins, looked off into space, texted, played footsie, ect. We were obviously done with our food and he wouldn't come clear the table or give us the damn check, everytime I tried to catch him when he walked by he pretended not to hear.
Finally, got the check and had to leave a $2 tip. (B doesn't believe in leaving extremely low tips because its very rude and shallow...in fact, we usually leave, for good servers, a 30% or higher tip.)

Bah. Wanted to kick this guy.
Thanks for listening...reading...the rant. :)

Bad service from my own company

I'm a hairstylist, and though I don't work at a Regis salon, my salon is owned by their company. They allow us to order tools (shears, flatirons, combs, etc. etc.) through them at a discounted price through a program called Tools For The Pro. If we meet sales goals for the month, we get bonus points that can be used towards that stuff.

Back in April, for my birthday, my parents decided to give me $250 towards new shears. I pick out a pair I like from the TFTP catalog. They are $350, so I fill out a form for $250 to be taken out of my check and the rest, like 10,000 points, from my accumulated points. It's supposed to take 6-8 weeks. Fine. Everything is taken out of my April paycheck, so I figure early June at the latest.

Seven weeks go by. I hear nothing, I know nothing. My flatiron up and dies, so I order a new one. About a week later, it shows up. So a week for a flatiron, eight for the shears, no news? Seems odd to me, so I have my manager call.

"Oh, your shears are backordered. They're going to call within the next three days to let me know what's going on with them and when you'll get them."

That was about two weeks ago. Turns out I won't be getting them at all: today I got a slip simply saying the shears have been discontinued and I'll get a refund.

I am pissed. I heard NOTHING from them about the status of my order until I called them - if I hadn't, I'm not sure they would have even sent me anything. They sure didn't seem worried about it before I called. And they've had my money for almost three months. Three months! They couldn't check to make sure they could fill my order before taking my money? Gah. The whole situation pisses me off.

"Hey, it's an old person. They must be mentally handicapped."

My grandmother is eighty-five years old. Though her mind is as sharp as a tack, she has macular degeneration, which causes severe blindness. This means that if she needs to go somewhere like the bank, grocery store, etc. I need to take her. Today was one of those days.

We went to the bank first to renew a CD. My grandmother always introduces me as, "Katie, my granddaughter. I have macular degeneration so she is my driver." Not, "Hi, I'm Virginia, and I'm mentally retarded." Just because my grandma is legally blind DOES NOT mean she's slow in the head. The lady at the bank was nice and everything, but she started using baby talk with my grandmother. "Now Virginia, you can't renew this now. You have to wait another week, okay?" I wish I could orally express how slow she was talking to my grandmother in a voice that you would use to a toddler. The bank woman would look at me and smile in a way that signalled she was amused by my grandmother. You know what I'm talking about... one of those smiles people give you when they're secretly laughing at the other person.  It was rude, and I don't think people realize how rude it is.

After that, we went to the grocery store. As we were checking out, my grandmother gets out her money. The cashier looks directly at ME and says the total. Listen, lady. I'm no more than a driver. My grandmother didn't even tell this woman she was blind. I hate the fact that customer service employees think, "Old person = slow = talk to the other person." My grandmother has often complained to me that she wishes people would talk to her instead of the other person. This isn't one of those "you gotta speak up" situations because no matter how many times you tell the person, they and other people will continue to talk to the "more competent looking" person.

Point of the story-- not all elderly have mental handicaps. They're just as competent as you and me, maybe even more. Talk to them. They're more likely to know what's going on than us.

ETA My grandma is eighty-five, not eight to five years old. haha.

WTF... the words were actually said

So I went to Walmart to pick up two things when the absolute Bizarro mirror-image of the usual customers_suck "OMG THE CUSTOMER CAME INTO MY SPACE" post happened.

First, I was carrying my items -- wallet, phone (iPhone, pretty non-descript, black case, nothing colorful or shiny that would attract goofy humans), keys, and the two things I was buying.

I went through the usual bit at the register, and I sat my phone and keys down to get my plastic out of the wallet to pay.

The cashier, a young male, picked up my phone, pressed the button and pulled up the wallpaper that comes on. Then he starts asking me about who the picture is, etc... I'm not real talkative, but I did get out "what the fuck are you doing?"

That got the phone returned to the little shelf by the credit card machine. I finished the transaction and told a person from the cash office what happened (she was doing pickups two registers away). I got the usual "I'll see that someone in management hears about it, he was wrong to have done that" line.