July 3rd, 2009

Sodexo = the devil

When I was in college, if you lived in the dorms you had to purchase a mandatory meal plan. So considering we had no choice but to buy this meal plan, the expectation that there would be things we'd actually be able to eat isn't exactly unrealistic.

I'm a vegetarian, and the food service had been advertised to me as having an entire vegetarian/vegan station. Awesome! But, alas, apparently it was cut out completely the summer before I started my freshman year. I also couldn't get nutritional information on any of the foods so, for instance, I didn't know if I could eat a bean burrito because I didn't know if the beans had been cooked in a meat-based sauce.

My sophomore year Sodexo decided to hold a meeting at my dorm to supposedly get student input on their offerings, but instead they just used this meeting as a platform to shoot down all of our ideas and attempt to justify why they wouldn't listen to us. For instance, one of the stations had a policy that was really bizarre and that could have been easily changed. It was something like not being allowed to put tomatoes on one food item, even though the station had sliced tomatoes readily available because they used them on other items. When we brought up this simple request, the Sodexo agent simply told us it was not possible for them to do this because Sodexo had decided that it was best for their policy to not allow students to get tomatoes on certain items.

A couple of us also brought up the issue that there was hardly anything vegetarians could eat, and the guy told us he "used to" be a vegetarian (I personally hate when people tell me this because it generally has zero relevance to the conversation at hand), and therefore he knew that the vegetarian selection was adequate. When I told him that I didn't even know what was vegetarian and what wasn't, and that I had combed their Web site looking for further nutritional information, he insisted the information was available online. I told him it wasn't, so he gave me his e-mail address and told me to e-mail him and he would send me a link. When I attempted to e-mail him, the address he had given me turned out to be invalid.

not totally bad service, just a rude comment.

Okay so I've received worse service than this before in my life, but I still feel like bitching about it here :P

I was staying with my mother for a week, and on the drive home to my house we decided to go through the drive through at Red Rooster (It's an Australian fast food franchise)

So we order, no problems. Wait in the line, and we get up to the window where we pay and receive our food. My mother then noticed something, the girl who was preparing our food was preparing other people's food as well.

Naw, that's not the bad service. I've worked in fast food before, I know you do these things to get the food out as quickly as possible. But the way she was doing it was bad, she was slobbering all over her hand to easily open the fries/chip boxes.

Nah, that's part of the bad service, but not the part I want to bitch about.

My mother decided not to make a big deal, because she didn't slobber all over my box of chips. She did feel she had to say something though.

G: Make-up caked on rude girl who worked there
M: My mother

G: *passes out chips* yeah, here's your meal
M: Thanks. Hey not trying to sound rude, I know you're probably doing it subconciously, but you shouldn't be opening the chip boxes like you do. You don't know who could be watching, it could get you into trouble


It's hard to explain and show how rude it was I guess...but she said it in a REALLY rude tone, while doing the 'talk to the hand' motion whilst closing the window.

I know, not the worst service I've received (the food was yummy) but my god, if I did that whilst I worked in fast food, both the customer and my manager would have shot me. Then again, I know not to be rude to people trying to give me advice.

A second hand information Suck

This will resemble Who's on First

My co-worker (G) went to Carl's Jr Friday and asked for a plain bacon cheeseburger.

Drive thru: A plain bacon cheeseburger? What do you want on it.

G: Nothing

DT: Okay a western burger

G: No a plain bacon cheeseburger

DT: A western burger?

This goes on for awhile and finally they get it right. Then it all goes downhill.

G: And an order of onion rings.

She pulls up to the window and guess what she gets? A western burger. The person who took her order is at the window and yells:

'Someone ordered her a western cheeseburger instead of a bacon cheeseburger!" She's then told to pull over and wait. They'll bring her food out.

Ten minutes later guess what she got?

2 Western Burgers. At least they were plain I guess.

A gray area?

So, I went to the dr. 99.9% sure I have strep throat. I tell him this. I give him the reason I'm 99.9% sure. He ok's me and has the nurse/medical assistant come in to take blood.

Collapse )

Point: went to doctor for strep, never got diagnosed, was given lots of unnecessary meds, got told I might die of syphilis and, finally, made the sucker pay.