July 1st, 2009

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Papa Johns

This is a story my girlfriend told me happened during her childhood and I feel it belongs here:

So my girlfriend is about 9 and her older sister is 15. Mom's at work and kid's left with pizza money. They order up some dinner and wait. An hour goes by and nothing has come. They call and the workers confirm the pizza man has left and should be there any moment. Another 1/2 hour goes by and nothing. They call back, a fresh order is made and sent by another pizza boy. Everyone's happy.

Fast forward, the older sister is awoken by a knock at the door. The clock reads 2 AM. It's the original pizza guy, holding the original pizza. Okay it's winter and the pizza has frost clearly visible on it. He's incredibly drunk. He then says:

Pizza Guy: "Uh... I forgot your pop, want me to got back for it?"

Yeah...that guy's been fired.
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Bad service or stupid, naive Americans? You decide!

I recently was part of a study abroad program with my college, where me and a group of fifty or so students studied in Italy for a month. We stayed in Rome but took weekend trips to other parts of the country.

So we went to Naples during one of these weekend trips, and we went to a restaurant our professor said had some of the best Napolitan pizza around. We had reservations, so all fifty-something of us were set up at tables fairly quickly, and got our food without too much of a wait.

Cultural FYI: normally, at Italian restaurants, the gratuity is included in the bill, so there's no need to tip more than a euro or two for good service. When my table was finished, though, our waiter came up to us and said, "Tip not included. You need to tip me." We were tired and didn't really question it; when the waiter came back, he hovered over our table as we figured out the bill, saying, "You're going to leave money for me, yes? You'll leave money on the table for me?" Ultimately, I think we gave him about eight euro for tip.

When we were walking back to the bus, all of our classmates said that similar behavior had happened at their tables, where the waiter had lingered by them until they'd left money out for him. When word got around to the professor who'd recommended the place, she looked surprised before telling us that the gratuity had been included in the bill all along. Apparently, the waiters had hit up every table (except for the professors') for extra money, and had gotten between 7-10 euro from each one.

Ultimately, they probably got about 45 extra euro out of us. From then on, we were basically told to not give out big tips anymore, though thankfully no one else on the trip tried to squeeze us for more.
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Gas Station Subaway/ Cooking store

On a recent trip home to upstate NY from PA, my family and I stopped at a gas station with a Subway inside as we wanted to make as few stops as possible. We went in to order and eat before filling up the car as we were hungry NOW and the one girl working the counter was surprisingly patient as my mother and brother argued about his order (he didn't waste any time getting a teenage 'attitude' after turning 13 the day before).

After they ordered and the girl was making the subs, another worker showed up and I payed for the order, then went to wander and look for a snack to buy for the rest of the trip. I picked something and went to the other register (not the one in the subway) and didn't see anyone there, then realized I hadn't seen a non-subway employee the entire 10 minutes we'd been in there. I saw a sign that read "Please pay at subway register" and assumed they were on a break or had gone home, then went to pay at the subway.

I handed her my chips and she gave me a look and informed me she couldn't ring me out here. I asked about the other register and she offered to try to find someone, but I didn't want to wait at the moment (I wanted to eat with my family) so I said no thanks and put the chips back and went to eat.

After I finished, I noticed a guy was sitting behind the other register talking on the phone. I got excited about my chips again, and decided to run out to my car and grab my coffee mug to fill that up too. So I grab my mug, fill it, grab the chips, and head to the register. They guy is still on the phone. He is not speaking english, so I can't understand him, but his tone doesn't suggest a business call (even though it is the store phone). I stand for a minute to give him time to wrap it up, but he keeps talking. I say "excuse me" and he rolls his eyes, says something to the person on the phone, and puts it on the counter to ring me out. If I hadn't had coffee in my cup, I think I would have just walked out of there.

The guy on the phone reminded me of the time I went into a cooking store with my boyfriend to buy knives. We were looking and saw that some were on sale and had some questions. Nobody had offered to help, but there were only two people, and one was at the register so I didn't expect him to leave. There was another girl, though, and she was standing behind the register area in an apron and name tag (clearly an employee) but was just to busy to help us as she was LICKING AN ICE CREAM CONE. I have been working retail since high school and I have never worked somewhere that allowed you to have food on the sales floor, even a bottle of water. I had thought this unfair then until I realized how disgusting and unprofessional this was, not to mention possibility of ruining merchandise. If she was on break, she should take off her name tag and sit out on the benches outside the store or go to a break room. You don't stay on the floor! If we are too dumb to remove our name tag while on break, its our too bad and we have to help the customer.

I went back to the same store later to buy a present and was at the register being helped when the guy ringing me out had his cell go off. Whoops! I thought he would turn it off, apologize, and continue, but what did he do? "Hey dude whats up?!? Naw, just hangin' at work, you know...." I never go into that store anymore.

Bus Company Mess-up


I’ve been lurking for a little while but this happened to my daughter’s pre-school on Monday and I thought I’d share it with you.

Monday was the pre-school trip, the first school trip for the majority of the children, who were all aged between two and four.

The bus was booked three weeks previously. The Secretary had been in regular contact with them, the money had been paid in advance, and it’s the same bus company that the primary school uses, and who always does the annual pre-school trip. It's also only based 10 minutes away. Everything was set up and the children were bouncing with excitement.

Except the bus wasn’t there at 9:15 as booked. Well, that’s alright, traffic and all that. But when it still wasn’t there at 9:30 we started to panic a little, and rang the bus company. At first they told us that we hadn’t booked anything. Not a good start. But eventually, after another fifteen minutes, they find that we’ve been put in the wrong diary, and they’ll send someone straight out to us. They should be with us by 10am.

We’re all a little peeved by this time. The children are bored and restless, and it’s one of the hottest days of the years so far. The bus doesn’t arrive until 10:15, an hour late. If that’s not bad enough the driver is a novice who doesn’t know where she’s going. The bus company has sent her with a route plan, one that any idiot could see that a bus can’t do.

By the time an alternative route is figured out, and taken, it’s midday before we get there, and the kids only have two hours at the farm, Instead of the 3 and a half they should have had.

What an experience for a first school trip!
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It's a long time since this happened, but it was so monumental a suck (to my sheltered mind) that it's stayed fresh in my mind.

My friends and I decided to go on a daytrip to Camden Town (In London for those that don't know) and I popped in to FOPP, a music shop, to pick up a DVD. I'd gone to the cashpoint and drawn out £20 about ten minutes earlier, and was quite taken with the novelty of owning a new £20 note which had come out the day before. I went downstairs to the DVD section, chose what I wanted, and took it to the counter.

Cashier: 'That's £9.99, please.'

*I hand over note*

Cashier: *in amazingly snobby and frankly disgusted tone*'  What's this?'

Me: 'Um..a 20 pound note?'

Cashier: 'No, it isn't.'

Me: 'Nono, it's the new note -  y'know? Been on the news and everything, you must have heard about it.'

Cashier: 'There's no reason for them to bring out a new note. I don't think so.'

Me: 'Okay...erm, go and get the manager? We'll resolve this. I assure you I'm telling the truth.'

Cashier: 'You want me to go upstairs and get my manager?'

Me: 'If you would.'

Cashier: 'I'm not doing that. You want me to go upstairs and get her? No. No. I'm not doing that.'

Me: *confused beyond all belief* 'All right, I'll go!'

I go upstairs, get hold of a manager and ask her to come downstairs and sort it all out.

Manager: 'It's fine. Honestly, you can take the note, it's the new one.'

Cashier: 'No. I'm not taking it. I don't want it in my till!'

* They banter back and forth and manager is visibly embarrased. She finally gives up*

Manager: (to me, making towards the stairs) 'Do you want to come upstairs and purchase it? I'm so sorry about this. I don't know what's wrong with him! Maybe he's having his period, ahaha!'

Me: '...ahaha. Er, okay then.'

I buy the DVD and go on my merry way, but to this day I don't know what was wrong with that stuck-up idiot.